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Treatments and Remedies for Bowel

Medicine for the gut with Juice: Carrots, spinach and oranges. Also of grapes.

Medicine for the intestine to the Diet: Eat more vegetables than fruit. Grated beetroot. Other foods: figs, seaweeds, vegetables and yellow fruits, buttermilk, blackberry, cherry concentrate, avocado, beets, brown rice, Horchata, apples, mint, fennel, juniper, turnips, soybeans, yogurt.

Medicine for the gut with Medicinal Plants:
You Flax seed and dandelion (for liver) and the American Elm. You Barberry bark, Cascara sagrada, red clover, and so on.

Medicine for the gut with
Nutritional Supplements: acidophilus culture in the morning and evening. Alfalfa tablets (4 to 8 in each meal). If papaya infection. Vitamin A, D, B3, Kelp, Alfalfa, Clay, Kanne. Oil Biolinosol.

Medicine for the gut with Hydrotherapy:
Enema. Colon hydrotherapy.

Intestines spasmodic
Medicinal Plants for the intestine: Mint. Aloe Vera, Plantago
Homot. Nux vomica-Homaccord (g), Spascupreel (c), Atropinum comp. (sup.) and antispasmodics.

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