Inula. Homeopathy

(I. Helenium Elecampane)
1 Excessive anxiety and trembling all over, with teeth chattering from cold during menstruation.
2 Worse: at night: Lying, by motion, after dinner.
3 lateral right.
4 Sensation: as if something alive moving inside the body, as if someone poke a finger in several places, especially in the diaphragm.
5 Pain as with pins or knives.
6 Vertigo on stooping. Confusion in the head, with nausea. Headache
right and then left. Throbbing pain in the forehead and vertex
after dinner. Tearing occipital. Burning pain in the left temple. Rush of blood to the head, with insomnia.
7 Shocks in the upper eyelids. Burning in the left eye.
8 points in the left ear, with pinpricks on the right eyebrow in the evening.
9 points in the right half of the nose. Pins and needles in the nose. Hot face, very red on the left.
10 Dry mouth with scraping sensation and tickling the throat, causing coughing. Sore throat when swallowing. Dysphagia.
11 - () Nausea in the morning. Feels like a ball that sways in the stomach. Pinching in the epigastrium. Stomach or pylorus spasm in a pulmonary tuberculosis or chronic bronchitis.
12 movements violent hiponcondrio below right, as if something alive moving during menstruation. Sticking to the right of the navel or stabbing pain between navel and groin. Stitches near his left groin.
13 - () Pain pressure and bearing down toward the rectum and genitals.
14 Intense frequency, dribbling. Urine odor of violets.
15 - () Cash yellowish. Pain in the uterus with back pain so violent, like labor, wanting to move the belly, what you fear, must stay in bed. Menses early and painful. Painful drawing down on the genitals. Chronic metritis.
16 - () Violent laryngeal tickling, causing a dry cough, worse lying down and at night, larynx painful. Cough with copious expectoration thick.
Dry cough and dyspnea with constant tickling in suprasternal notch. Retrosternal and stitches below the 7th and 8th left ribs.
17 Pain in the back and chest, on inspiration. Pain in right shoulder blade.
Violent back pain during menstruation.
18 points and tearing pains in shoulders, scalene left arm and right wrist, left palm (can not bend the fingers), index and little fingers. Arms and elbows asleep. Drawing on hips. Pinching or stitches on thighs, ankle, heel right middle finger of his right foot.
Cramps in calves sleeping.
19 Sleep restless, starts and screams. Dreams.
20 Cold and shivering in bed, cold hands and a cyanotic and cyanotic.
21 Pruritus as fleas, worse in legs during menstruation, with burning after scratching.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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