Iodatum Ferrum (iron iodide). Homeopathy

(Iodide of Iron)
1 - () Worse strain; by motion; walking; the morning and at night;
evening; from heat; by touch. Better: open air.
2 tumors. Glandular hypertrophy. Scirrhous.
3 pain sharp and lancinating.
4 Great weakness. Thinning. Anemia. Fainting.
5 Headache with confusion, heaviness and pressure on the right front, worse in a warm room, smoking, coughing, reading, writing and moving;
best outdoors and sitting or standing in a draft. Cutting from the point of the nose to nape.
6 - () purulent conjunctivitis with conjunctival injection, photophobia and lymphadenopathy in the neck. Lancinating or stabbing eye pain.
Exophthalmos; eyes protruding amenorrhea. Trachoma.
7 Roaring in the ears; lancinating pain.
8 - () does not improve nasal obstruction blowing. Ulcers and crusts with nose
swollen. Copious nasal mucus secretion, excoriating, or thick, yellowish or greenish watery. Chronic nasal catarrh. Impetigo on her cheeks. Red face.
9 Taste: metallic, bitter, insipid, pasty, in ink, to mint ugly tomorrow. Yellow or red tongue, sore mouth and tongue. Dry mouth.
10 - () Scrape the throat, as if to drown. Sensation of having a spine. Hawks, starts mucus. Food seems to push the throat, as if it had not been swallowed. Goitre, exophthalmic goiter.
11 - () No appetite or thirsty. Regurgitation acidic or bitter or fatty acres. Belching, nausea and vomiting. Epigastrium tender, with stitches in the back at the same height. Satiety, for the least bit, it feels as if he had eaten much like a pressure upwards, as if he could lean forward. Feel the air-filled stomach. Roll over in bed, palpitation and epigastric pain or xiphoid. Vomiting food, after eating or drinking and coughing.
12 Dull pain in hypochondria. Hypertrophied spleen and liver. Abdomen swollen, distended after eating or drinking, this tense like a rubber ball. Rumbling. Twitching sensation of a rope from the navel to the anus, with cutting to straighten. Abdominal walls asleep. Groin pain that extends to the hypogastric, groin pain when walking; stitches in his right groin.
13 - () Constipation, hard moves first, then loose or liquid stools or * epentinas, preceded by colic. Stool hard, small, constricting pain anal when exiting. Feel compressed the rectum and anus constriction; tingling as parasites. Feel like something that ripple went round in circles or in the rectum, as if a curlicue penetrate up or down in the year, or as if falling drops in the rectum or the anus.
Inefficient urgent desire to defecate. Standing rectal prolapse.
14 - () kidney pain, but left. Feeling that the urine stays in the urethra that can not be expelled. Urine irritant sweetish odor, dark milky with sediment. Albuminuria, with edema of lower limbs in drinkers. Diabetes. Tingling in urethra and rectum.
Gonorrhea 15. Nocturnal erections with burning pains in the urethra and tenesmus of the bladder neck. Tickling urethral and rectal cleseos frequent urination.
16 - () right ovarian cyst. Constant feeling of bearing down,
as if to get something feels like pushing something up when sitting, you can touch the cervix. Uterine prolapse. Retro-uterine pressure in the rectum, which extrudes standing.
Uterine displacements; ante or retroversion. Amenorrhea. Itching, soreness and swelling of vulva and vagina. Flow as cooked starch (Bor.), and stringy.
17 - () Shortness of breath with tightness, worse on movement, needs to breathe deeply, retrosternal pressure. Short cough with chest pain.
Expectoration thick yellowish white or grayish white sticky, stringy, copious green. Hemoptysis. Pulmonary tuberculosis with great weakness and weight loss. Nipple stitches from left arm, worse pressure. Scirrhous tumor near his right nipple, with lancinating pains.
18 - () Violent palpitations: at night, by climbing stairs, for moving, waking him. The vessels are beating strongly, even if this still.
19 The sides of the neck are sore, worse on touch or movement. Feel broken lumbosacral area at night. Pain coming from the lumbar vertebrae and expands to the entire back.
20 - () Pain as if beaten in the limbs, with aversion to move.
Periostitis in fingers and toes. Painful drawing in the back of his right hand and left foot. Rheumatic pains: in the right arm and shoulder, who are paralyzed, worse writing, in whole limb, lower left. Painful right tibia.
21 Sleep restless, very broken. Sound: with ancient events; thieves (and fight with them), that has grown enormously and everything around it is very small. He wakes with a feeling of paralysis.
22 - () You feel cold in a warm room at noon. Chills of tomorrow by the heat of the stove. Shuddering. Fever with chills internal external. Chronic intermittent fever. Sweat from least exertion.
23 Pale, yellowish. Urticaria. Eczema. Brown spots.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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