Iodatum Sulfur (sulfur iodide). Homeopathy

(Sulfur Iodide)

1 Fear of effort. Apathy and inability to work.

2 - () Anxious. Doubtful. Ideas unstable. Depression. Fear of insanity.

3 - () Worse in the morning to Despret; bent forward, stooping, rising, climbing stairs, for the heat strain or exercises; damp weather, before the storms. Better: for fresh air or, for the expectoration.

4 - () at TB skin asthenia (worst morning), easy fatigue, weight loss and lack of appetite with depression, cold hands and feet, acne and lymphadenopathy. Hyperthyroidism.

Desire and aversion OF SULFUR IODATUM
5 - () Desire for acids, pickles, lemonade.

6 - () Persistent headache with feeling of having a tight band around the forehead, worse when stooping; throbbing in the temples. Pain in temples, as if grasped in a vise. Feel the hair erect.

7 bleary eyes, but he left. Tendency to ignore. Eyelids heavy. Abundant tearing. Vision cloudy.

8 Itching, tingling and buzzing in the ears, hear songs.

9 - () coryza, with green mucous secretion, thick and excoriating. Burning and tingling in the left nostril when blowing. Excoriation of the nostrils.
Hyperosmia. You smell of iodine.

10 - () Cara dry, warm and yellowish. Herpes on the lips. Erythema on the upper lip with yellow pustules, painful, which are converted rapidly in dry scabs. Erythema on the chin. Sycosis barbae (one of the important medicines). Acne on face and back. Parotid hypertrophy after mumps.

Cle covered 11 teeth dark mucus. Tongue dry and hard, coated in the root, red at the tip. Bitter taste, fetid breath.

12 - () Throat dry and sore, it feels as if swollen, worse tomorrow.
Chronic enlargement of the tonsils with redness and neck lymphadenopathy. Tingling sensation in the pharynx. Uvula red and enlarged. Constant tendency to swallow, but does not improve the dryness you feel.

13 No appetite. Thirsty. Sensation of heat in the pit; of aching and empty.

Constipation 14. Itching in the rectum.

15 Itching in the urethra. Urinary frequency, worse tomorrow. Burning with urination.
Urethral 1strechez blennorrhagic post. Pain in the kidneys, which travels down the ureters. Urine thick, whitish, creamy scented raspberries.

Painful erections with 16 yellow urethral discharge.

17 - () Accumulation of abundant thick purulent tracheal mucus,
dark, difficult to start, causing tingling and irritation of the larynx and consecutive spasmodic cough, violent, exhausting, relieved by expectoration. Sensation of dryness in the windpipe. Cough worse in the first half of the night, or waking up, or talking or smoking, the better outdoors.
Tendency to breathe deeply. Dyspnea worse when climbing stairs. Asthma with sneezing. Sense of constriction in the chest, with difficulty to expand the chest. Pleuritis, pleurisy, chest pain on the affected side, worse on movement.

Terebrante chest pain 18, with dyspnea. Precordial heat sensation.
Palpitations with heat Tufaro.
Weakness in column 19, with back pain, bruised.

20 Weakness articular knees. Pain and weakness in the legs.
Tingling in the legs and feet. Trembling and pain in the ankles. Burning pain in the sole, even worse.

Sleepy by day 21, with insomnia at night. Sleeps with open mouth. He wakes up scared. The dream did not rest.

Chills 22. Mouth dry.

23 - () eruptions with intense itching and persistent dark red skin around the elements of the eruption. Eczema damp, dark red and swollen, and itches terribly, sometimes associated with varicose veins in the legs. Aching of old tripe, with redness around it.
Hard, red scars. Lichen planus.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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