Iodoformum. Homeopathy

1 - () Excitation and cries that interrupt sleep or drowsiness.
2 - () Fear of dying, anxiety and excessive talkativeness. Answers without hesitation andwith rack. Suicidal ideas thrown out the window.
3 Visual and auditory hallucinations. Think it is very high and growing rapidly.
4 Forgetful; amnesia of recent events sometimes do not recognize people.
5 Worst: heat and humidity at night, by motion, by touch;
traveling in vehicles. Better: Uncovering.
6 Very tired, prostrate, and every movement is done slowly and without energy.
Spasmodic jerks. Kala azar.
7 - () Heaviness cephalic that prevents lift his head from the pillow.
Headache all night or waking up. Frontal pain worse when descending stairs, or stooping. Vertigo by standing in the bed. Meningitis, especially tuberculosis. Headache with excitement and screaming crisis. Itching magnum. Turns head from side to side or sinks into the pillow.
Contracture of the neck.
8 - () or inequality Pupillary Mydriasis, photophobia. Burning and painful eyes. Diplopia. Blurred vision. Go red objects. Vision impaired by retrobulbar neuritis, central scotoma and partial atrophy of the optic nerve.
9 Stitches in right ear, then full. Hearing loss.
10 Dry nasal obstruction.
11 Pain in malar bones and muscles in the area, with rigidity or tremor.
Dry lips.
12 metallic or bitter taste. Teeth feel sore and very long.
13 points in the right side of the throat. Dry throat, pain on swallowing.
14 - () Nausea. Rumbling in the belly. Flatulent colic or cutting. Sharp pain in right groin. Heat in stomach and rectum. Distended belly.
Mesenteric adenopathy.
15 - () Acute or chronic infantile diarrhea (enteritis tuberculous), with green stools, watery, undigested, with irritability, with heat in stomach and rectum, prostration and drowsiness.
16 Urine yellow, saffron scented. Albumin and casts in urine.
17 - () aphonia. Wheezing cough at bedtime. Alternate hard and deep inspiration with apnea. Dyspnea. Hemoptysis. Pain in the vertex of the right lung. Heaviness in the chest. Sharp pains in the chest, worse on deep inspiration. Ulcerative pain in the sinuses, which pass from one to another.
18 Stitches in heart. Rapid, weak pulse.
19 Contracture of the neck muscles, and beaten on the head. Pain in the spine, do not want to be touched. Sharp pain in the shoulder blade.
20 - () Pain in left arm and leg. Shooting pains or as if he had been beaten in the left upper limb, worse when touched. Pain in the left median nerve. Rheumatic pain in right arm. Left crural neuralgia. Pains in left ankle and foot, cire worse by walking free. Weak legs can not stand or walk with your eyes closed. Weakness in the knees when climbing stairs.
21 - () drowsiness very marked, which may reach the colon. Jerking when falling asleep. Restless sleep, worse after 2 hours. Sounds accidents.
22 fever, worse at night, tending to uncover. Sweats in the head.
23 papular or vesicular eruptions followed by desquamation. Red rashes.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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