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Iodum (Iodine)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Iodum

1 - () is constantly agitated and restless but can not stay in one place, needs to move or do anything, which is not allowed to be either sitting or lying down, deprived of sleep. There is an irresistible desire to run, he feels he is going to fall if you walk. Easily exhausted, the anxiety and distress are the result of a state of anxiety that keeps you constantly worried, thinking and fearing that something bad or catastrophic happens. The anxiety is worse at rest, fasting or starvation, and by eating or walking outdoors. Anxiety hypochondriac, or the future, or before coughing. Escape the people, he fears. Aversion to be talked to, wants to be alone.
"The child wants to be carried in the arms of different people" (Cuernsey).
Aversion to the presence of strangers or even intimate friends.

2 - () Irritable, especially when fasting. Access sudden violence, with impulses to commit brutal acts, they may even appear sudden urge to kill, sometimes killing a woman. Irascible, crossed.
Excessive mental excitability with great sensitivity. Loquacious with unbridled joy. Irritabilidd in children. Can not bear jokes. Are easily offended.

3 - () Melancholy, sadness, tendency to mourn. Indolence with great aversion to intellectual labor. Disorders unrequited love, for mental shock, fright, sexual excesses or intellectuals. Suicidal want jump out the window.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Iodum

4 - () Its great feature is the extraordinary and progressive weight loss that occurs in the patient, and can reach the stagnation or atrophy, almost to a skeleton, especially in children and the elderly, and, paradoxically, in stark contrast with an excessive appetite, excessive, continuous, real bulimia, which makes it even hunger is through eating and despite which, increasingly thinner, never satisfied. Often the thinning is accompanied by great weakness and faint to climb stairs. Cachectic states with profound weakness and great emaciation.

5 - () Hypertrophy and induration of glandular tissues, particularly thyroid, breast, testicles, ovaries, salivary glands, liver, pancreas, tonsils, adenoids and lymph nodes (especially cervical, mesenteric, axillary and inguinal). Lymphadenopathy in rosaries. For il contrary, there may be atrophy of breasts (with nodules and tenderness), testes and ovaries.

6 - () Aggravation or appearance of symptoms: heat (Iodum is one of the hottest drugs) by the hot air, by getting hot or keep warm in a warm room, warmth of bed or a heater, damp heat, damp weather, at rest, for the least effort (to speak it makes you sweat), lying, in fasting, lying on painful side; by touch and pressure. Improved: eating (especially ad nauseam), by the cold, to cold air (there is a strong desire for open air, which makes it better), by washing in cold water, walking, sitting up in bed by movement.

7 - () Acute exacerbations of chronic inflammations, especially of the mucous membranes, very irritating discharge or secretions. Exudates plastic. Takes cold constantly.

8 - () is especially useful in very thin, dark eyes and black hair, dark skin amarilo well taken, with a marked erethism and nervousness, often with twitching tendon, shakes and tremors.

9 Dropsy (up anasarca). Hemorrhage. Pulsations over whole body, with orgasm BLOOD, worse from slightest exertion. Poisoning.

10 Vertigo with red face, Tufaro heat, palpitations and anxiety, worse in a warm room and stooping. Chronic congestive headaches in the elderly, with beats pusaiones or any movement. Headache worse from hot air to travel a lot in a vehicle, by walking a lot, by the noise or talking. Pain as from a wound in the brain. Sense of tape or bandage too tight around the head. Hair loss.
11 - () Pain in orbits; excoriating in his eyes. Eyelid edema.
Marked exophthalmos. Dirty yellow sclera. Tearing copious, irritating and corrosive. Nystagmus, twitching in the lower  yelids.
Acute dacryocystitis; coroido iritis. Vision cloudy or weak. Diplopia. See sparks or flashes.

12 - () Ringing in the ears, whispers to chew. Hypersensitivity to noise. Hearing loss or deafness due to adhesions in the middle ear, catarrh of the Eustachian tubes, by hypertrophy of the tonsils or adenoids, with ringing in the ears.

13 - () Violent coryza with much sneezing and watery, heavy, hot and fiery. Dry coryza indoors, with discharge to go outdoors. Pain at the root of the nose and sinuses, especially in chronic coryza. Nasal Obstruction worse in a warm room. Yellow discharge. Acute nasal congestion and obstruction associated with arterial hypertension.

14 face pale or yellowish or greenish or stains easily or sallow.
Cyanotic lips with distended veins. Sunken face with eyes downcast.
Frequent and sudden reddening of the face, with burning in the ears.
Twitching in the muscles of the face. Acne facial, with burning and itching.
Sinchazon of submaxillary glands. Suppurating ulcer on his left cheek, with lymphadenopathy, 15 and Canker sores in the mouth and tongue. Gums swollen, spongy, painful to touch and bleed easily. Foul breath or putrid, worse morning on waking. Sialorrhea. Tongue coated or dry. Taste of soap or bitter or salty. Loose teeth.

16 - () Uvula swollen and elongated. Sore throat, worse when not swallowing, with sensation of burning and scraping. Feeling of constriction and dysphagia. It is the main drug exoftalniico goiter, and mental symptomatology, general and local, almost entirely, is a faithful copy of the symptoms of the disease. It is also an important drug of the simple goiter, especially if it is painful (but during menstruation) or hard. Feeling of constriction in the thyroid or goiter. Lymphadenopathy in the neck, hard node, as in beads. Ulcers in the throat, lymphadenopathy. The neck is swollen to speak.

17 - () Belching tasteless, all day, as if every particle that is again eat gas. Ravenous hunger, insatiable, with intense thirst, hungry, need to eat very often (see 4), this moody or anxious and worried if he does not eat, just feel good while eating or after eating when the stomach is full. Digestion weak or too fast. Acid regurgitation, heartburn. Nausea with gastralgias. Violent vomiting after meals, bilious or yellow mucus. Gastralgias burning, gnawing or cramping, worse after eating. Gastritis. Pulsation in epigastrium.

18 - () abdominal pain, cramping or labor-like cramps or worse after every meal. Flatulence with incarceration worse the left side, in the descending colon, with constipation. Belly very enlarged, with suffocation when lying. Region hepatica painful to pressure, hypertrophy, hardening and swelling of the liver, jaundice. Spleen swollen, hard and painful. Mesenteric glands swollen and inflamed. Paneras hypertrophied, with whitish diarrhea. Throbbing or abdominal aorta.
Trembling in the stomach, with heat. Hard inguinal lymphadenopathy, suppurative.
Swollen in the mothers womb.

19 - () Constipation, with hard, knotty stools, or dark clay, with ineffectual urging, improves cold drinking milk. Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Diarrhea exhausting, very abundant, watery, white or buttermilk, frothy, greasy, worse morning and after taking milk. Chronic morning diarrhea in children thinned. Dysentery mucosanguinolentas fecal or purulent. Rectal bleeding after each deposition. Anal itching and burning at dusk. Hemorrhoids come out and burning, worse from heat.

20 - () Diuresis deleted, or frequent and copious urination. Nocturnal incontinence of urine. The urine is cloudy, dark, or greenish yellow or milky or acrid and corrosive, and is often partially covered by a film or rainbow colored, strong smelling. Diabetes. Incontinence in elderly patients with prostate hypertrophy.

21 - () Impotence testicular atrophy, or increased sexual desire, with crecciones violent and constant. Tearing pain in the front of the penis. Pain in the spermatic cord after intercourse. Swelling and induration of testicles, especially the right. Induration and hypertrophy of the prostate. Sale milky fluid from the urethra after stool.
Hydrocele. Sweats fetid genitals.

22 - () Irregular menses, delayed once and the next steps forward much, abundant. Metrorrhagia, worse during stool. Weakness and palpitations during menstruation, but also before or after. Atrophy of ovaries with infertility. Pain in right ovary, as if a cradle between the ovary and uterus, with great sensitivity during or after menstruation; ovaritis right. Pain in left ovary, the better to eat and move. Thick, yellow, hot, hearty, chronic, which excoriates the skin and corrode, tine and destroying their clothes; worse during menstruation. Breasts weigh as if they were to fall, flaccid and atrophied, with severe pain during menses, atrophy of nipples. Nodes as nuts, hard, with black tips on breasts, especially if they are stunted, bluish-red nodules. Hyperaesthesia breast. Galactorrhea, watery milk, or milk suppression. Cancer of the cervix.

23 - () Hoarseness intense tickling, worse morning, with pain, heat and constriction in the larynx. Acute laryngitis and tracheitis. False croup, diphtheria or croup spread to the trachea, or breathing in saw wheezing, dry cough and hoarse or barking, especially in children morochos, the child grasps the larynx with the hand, sometimes with expectoration mucus or streaked blood, with pale face and cold. Laryngeal tuberculosis. Edema of glottis.
Sounds of mucus in the chest, with pain as raw behind the sternum, and oppression. Whooping cough by intense tingling in the chest, with anguish before the paroxysms, and weight loss. Pulmonary congestion.
Hepatization the top of the right lung or right pneumonia with high fever. Iodum cough is worse from heat, damp weather and inside a room, and better outdoors. Pulmonary tuberculosis caverns and purulent expectoration. Exudative Pleurisy. Great general weakness and chest, and dyspnoea, worse when climbing stairs or during menstruation. Difficulty in expanding the chest on inspiration. Heat in the chest and cold outside.

24 - () Violent palpitation increased by as little effort or walking or climbing stairs. Constricted feeling in the heart, as if he were gripping or squeezing with an iron hand. Heaviness and constant and oppressive precordial pain, very sharp and changing. Great anxiety precordial
that compels him to constantly shift position. Cardiac hypertrophy by overexertion. Fatty degeneration of the heart. Pulse quick, weak, intermittent, thready, but it moves fast.
Tension in the neck

25. Lymphadenopathy hard on the neck, neck and armpits.
Back spasms. Sacrum coccygeal pain.

26 - () Chronic Rheumatism night with violent pains, worse by heat and pressure, especially bone (osteocopos pain) without swelling.
Bone deformities. Acute rheumatism joint stiffness and swelling. Pain in the bones of the arms, worse lying down. Convulsive movements and tremors in arms, hands and fingers. Fingering asleep, with shaking, with tearing pains. Carphology. Felon. Cold hands, cold sweats covered during childbirth. Leg cramps while sitting. Swollen legs, heavy, tremors or paralysis. Kneeling: swollen and inflamed, oozing, or swollen, red, hot, burning, worse from touch or pressure, or edema or synovial effusion, or white swelling of the knee. Blennorrhagica Rheumatism. Foot cramps at night. Dropsy in the feet. Shocks in the tendons of the feet. Cold feet, hot or cold and looking for somewhere to bed. Chilblains. Painful corns. Corrosive sweat on the feet.
Pulsations in the large arteries of the limbs.

27 Sleep restless, with vivid dreams or anxious.

28 Chills even in a warm room. Chills alternating with fever. Internal heat with external cold. Profuse night sweats, sweats acids of tomorrow; stain the clothes of blue sweats for the least effort. Fever in tuberculosis. Malaria, shape or double quartan quartan with constant diarrhea on days without fever. Kala azar.

29 Rough, dry, dirty yellow. Papular eruptions with tendency to suppuration. Itching or itchy bumps in old scars, sometimes open. Anasarca at heart.

Silica Badiaga Lycopodium Tuberculin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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