Ip. Homeopathy

(Cephaelis Ipecac)
1 - () irritable, prone to flare. Moodiness, sour, with a tendency to undervalue or despise the other. Children screaming and howling.
Impatient. Not tolerate any noise. Like many things, and do not know exactly which. Ailments from suppressed anger.
2 - () Anxiety and fear of death. Anxiety during fever.
3 Disorders mortification or vexation with indignation. Morphinomania.
4 - () The key characteristic symptom of Ipecac is for all disorders, usually acute, which is indicated, is always accompanied by violent nausea, constant, persistent and do not bring any relief (see 19), coinciding with a clean tongue .
5 - () copious bleeding bright red blood, bright, active or passive, of any body opening, always nauseated or oppression, almost always go on stream, with little tendency to coagulate and facial pallor, are compounded by the movement or heat the room.
6 - () Seizures: especially on the left side in children, in pregnancy and puerperium; after coughing or rashes by vexatious removed or not shown, for indigestion, with or without consciousness, with tendency to fall, especially towards back; hysterical one-sided, with rites and nausea. Tetanus.
7 - () Effects of suppressed eruptions or rashes; of epistaxis or bleeding.
8 - () Aggravation (or onset of symptoms): in winter, dry weather, hot winds and humidity, cold and heat (which is hypersensitive) lying down, least motion: for eating beef or pork, for vomiting, coughing, by touch, for fat, pastry, ice cream, grapes, candy, salads, for eating. Better: rest and pressure. Periodicity in the onset of symptoms.
9 - () Pain in the bones, as stroke play or if they would break into pieces.
Tingling and numbness in the joints.
10 - () Usage of malaise, with sudden and excessive weakness, and aversion to foods. Excessive weight loss. Anemia. Weakness after menstruation and diarrhea.
Desire and aversion of Ipecac
11 - () Desires sweets.
12 - () Vertigo when walking or turning, with a staggering gait. Pain, especially in the bones of the skull, as though they had been beaten, extending to the root of the tongue or teeth. Headache attacks with nausea and vomiting. Tearing frontal pain, worse when touched. Stitches in vertex or forehead. Occipital pain. Hydrocephalus.
13 - () orbital ocular periodic neuralgia, worse 2 to 3 am, with tearing pains extended to the forehead, nose and mouth and drive him out of bed, copious tearing, photophobia, and which wets the pillow, with nausea , chills and fever. Shaking or trembling of the eyelids, but in the upper left. Cornea opaque corneal ulcer. Mydriasis. Go iridescent rings with the left eye. Tough mucus in the outer eye corner. Eyes red and swollen. You have nausea when looking moving objects.
14 - () Hot on the ears during fever.
15 - () Violent coryza, with sneezing and constant nasal obstruction with nausea. Anosmia. Epistaxis of bright red blood, with clots with cough or pertussis.
16 Face pale, dusky or yellow, bloated, blue with dark circles.
Twitching in the muscles of the face and lips. Lips rashes and sores.
Redness around his mouth. Furfuracea eruption on the face.
Pityriasis. Scalding pain on the lips.
17 - () Language always clean, pink and moist, pale, white or yellowish.
Copious salivation, requires the patient to constantly swallow his saliva. The saliva from the mouth when lying. Burning in the mouth and on the edges of the tongue. Sweetish taste, or a blood bitter morning. Disorders of dentition. Toothache as if you take out the tooth, better eating. The child puts his fingers in his mouth.
18 Sore throat when swallowing, dysphagia as if paralyzed tongue. Spasmodic contraction of the throat. Throat dry, rough; click.
19 - () No thirst. Lack of appetite. Regurgitation. Persistent nausea, persistent, violent, deadly, with vomiting that does not improve or relieve nausea, newspapers, during the worst stomach pains during and after the chills during cough, during fever, for nutritious foods, fruits, ice cream, candy, pork, by the smell of food (he has an aversion to the smell) during headache, during pregnancy and childbirth, before and during menstruation, or suppression of menses, by motion, with pains; after smoking, to defecate, on stooping, with profuse salivation. Arcades, especially after taking cold drinks or smoking. Vomiting food, mucous, bilious or greenish, acids, blood, black as tar, worse when bending over or just to eat. Vomiting with diarrhea. Horrible feeling of malaise, weakness and emptiness in the pit; estamago feels as if he were relaxing and hanging worse by movement, better sleep. Drowsiness after vomiting. Pressure in the stomach with vomiting. Indigestion, worse vexatious.
20 pinching or sharp pains in the stomach, or as if a hand was grabbing the intestines and each finger pressed firmly, worse from motion, better by rest. Sharp pains running through the belly of left to right and around the navel. Stitches in the hypochondria and epigastrium. Dolores excoriating. Colicos with agitation in children. Colicos as cramping, or fatulentos, with diarrhea. Strangulated hernia.
21 - () diarrhea with frequent stools, loose, fermented, foamy, green or grass green or lemon yellow, offensive, or white mucous, or blood, mucous or serous, or black as tar; always nauseated or even vomit . Dysentery with white pieces, followed by tenesmus. Diarrhea summer or autumn, when cold nights follow hot days by eating fruits or green. Diarrhea in children. Hemorrhoids that bleed profusely. Pruritus ani. Asiatic cholera at the beginning, when nausea and vomiting predominate.
Amoebic dysentery.
Urine 22 Sangare (with clotted with back pain), pain or periumbilical bladder, urethral burning and nausea with gastralgias. Dark urine with brick-dust sediment. Urine scanty and red. Purulent urethral discharge, pain.
23 - () Menses too early and copious (with fainting) of bright red blood with clots, blood thickens. During menstruation, pains in the navel radiating the uterus, nausea and vomiting. After menstruation, weakness out of proportion to the amount of blood lost.
Dolores bearing down towards the genitals and the anus.
Active metrorrhagia, copious, gushing constant and uniform, bright red blood, sometimes with clots, or intermittent abortions and during and after childbirth, worse on movement, with oppression of breathing, fainting, great prostration and intense nausea, intermenstrual metrorrhagia.
Threatened abortion with nausea and stomach pains from left to right, from fright. Stitches from navel to uterus.
24 - () Cough, spasmodic, violent, relentless, abrupt onset and suffocating him breath away and reappears at every inspiration, without expectoration, and during the attacks, the child becomes cyanotic and rigid, with numerous fine in bronchial ral and lungs, and persistent nausea, retching and vomiting, with headache and gastralgias; produced by tickling from the larynx to the bronchi, worse at night, motion, lying left side, eating, walking outdoors or on inspiration , better by rest and warmth. Acute bronchitis in children. Pertussis with classical fifth with generalized rigidity, cyanosis and facial pallor, epistaxis and oral blood, with incessant nausea and vomiting mucus, the child seems to drown. Like cough caused by dust or fumes of sulfur. The cough is often accompanied by cold or heat in head and face, and the feeling that the navel breaks or bursts, sometimes with frontal sweat. It is a major cough medicines, as well as breathlessness and asthma, especially in children, spasmodic, suppressed eruptions. Suffocation by a large accumulation of mucus in the bronchi, with chest cold, anxiety, dyspnea and persistent nausea. Asthma with wheezing, worse in the room, better outdoors. Sighing respiration. Hemoptysis active, abundant, bright red blood, with state gagging and vomiting. Dyspnoea on exertion, violent, with wheezing.
Excoriating pain in the chest. And itchy red patches on the chest, with burning after scratching. Palpitations. Hoarseness, especially at the end of a cold, complete aphonia.
25 - () Cramp-like pain between the shoulder blades during the movement.
Opisthotonos or emprostathonos.
26 - () A cold hand and the other hot. Convulsive twitching of legs and feet. Like pain in the joint dislocated hip when sitting. Calmbres night in the muscles of the thighs. Violent itching in the calves. Black base ulcers, leg or foot. Deep bone pain, worse during fever, with nausea. Hands and feet cold and wet.
27 Insomnia. He sleeps with his eyes half open. Restless sleep, with grunts.
Shocks in the members sleeping. Shocks and terror asleep, dreaming.
28 - () followed by fever Chills short. External Chills col internal heat. Chills, worse by external heat, with thirst. Chills that predominate in the upper body, worse in a warm room.
Fever with chills and many low-grade fever, or the opposite, with nausea,
vomiting, tongue clean and chest tightness. Fever in evening, with great concern, burning palms, night sweats, no thirst during fever. Intermittent fever with predominant nausea and vomiting not relieved. Tertian malaria and daily way.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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