Ipomoea stans. Homeopathy

H. Castro Luna, Hom. Record., XI, 1940, pag. 25.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR IPOMOEA pathogenesis of Stans
1 - () muttering delirium with hallucinations and great prostration. Acute mania.
Drowsiness. Mental dullness. Forgetfulness.
2 - () mental depression, melancholia. Tendency to mourn. Wants to be alone.
3 - () Anxiety with palpitation. Restlessness. Hiperserisible to noise.
4 Worse by emotions of any kind; of tomorrow, for noise, for fatty or starchy foods. Better: lying.
Korea 5. Epilepsy.
Desire and aversion of Ipomoea Stans
6 Aversion: milk, meat and fats.
7 - () Vertigo with nausea, better lying down. Vertigo with heaviness in the neck,
worse at night and lying down, better straight. Hemicrania front. Cold sweats in the head on one side. Headache worse at night, which ohliga to get out of bed.
Mydriasis 8.
9 Ringing in the ears.
Face bloated 10. Contractions in the masseter.
11 - () Dry mouth and red. Feeling that they have enlarged tongue and swallowed it. Intense thirst. Bitter taste.
Dry throat 12 which extends to the esophagus, with dysphagia and constant desire to swallow.
13 - () Thirst for cold drinks. Hiccups. Nausea in morning. Vomiting yellow
14 - () Heat and distention in the transverse colon. Urgent desires and painful bowel movements. Stool yellow or dark orange, with tenesmus.
15 - () left kidney pain, lying to the ureter, with nausea. Scanty urine, with sediment. Burning after urination.
16 - () retrosternal oppression. Dyspnea on moving. Constriction in larynx and trachea.
17 tachycardia with extrasystoles or irregular pulse. Palpitation with anxiety.
18 - () Muscle and joint aches. Members cold. Heavy legs.
Cold sweat on palms and soles.
19 Insomnia. Restless sleep.
20 High fever with liver or gastrointestinal disorders, with insomnia and sweats.
21 - () Jaundice. Dry skin, cold sweats during fever.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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