Iris versicolor. Homeopathy

IRIS versicolor
(I. Hexagon Gladiolus variegated, or Wild Blue)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of IRIS versicolor
1 Depressed, discouraged, especially with the headaches. Are easily offended. You can not fix the attention in the study.
2 Fear of a nearby disease.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of IRIS versicolor
3 - () is notable as acid or sour in vomiting, watery and very acidic or sour, the sweat smell strongly of vinegar, and all the individual smells sour, all in the stomach becomes like vinegar.
4 - () Worse: Morning, evening and night, by motion or rest.
Better: bending forward, for the move. Right side, or from right to left (painful).
5 - () regular periodicity in the appearance of symptoms: hemicrania, neuralgia, diarrhea, sciatica. Symptoms appear abruptly.
6 Gran weakness, especially in morning.
IRIS versicolor SPECIFIC
7 - () One of the most important drugs for migraines or hemicraneas, usually of hepatic origin, and almost always in the right half of the head or forehead, it is always preceded and accompanied by cloudy or blurry vision, nauseous and bilious vomiting, acid, mucous, severe burning throughout the gastrointestinal tract and drooling, occur or become worse in the morning, after breakfast, and mental strain from cold or rest and, often, there is usually the same time a large liver sensitive, nocturnal diarrhea, burning pain in his right shoulder and left hip.
Headaches can also occur in the evening, cold air, eating something sweet or coughing, and relieved by a moderate movement, often appearing periodically every 7 days, the weekly sescanso day, and often end with a polyuria. Pain in forehead and vertex, as if it would burst. Fullness and heaviness in the head, face and head cold. Constriction in the forehead or scalp. Pustular eruption.
8 - () Conjunctiva red. Burning in the inner corner of right eye with tearing. Blepharitis from cold. Sunken eyes. Violent pains in supraorbital regions. Vision blurred or cloudy before or during headache.
9 Buzzing, roaring and ringing in the ears, with deafness. Vertigo of aural origin, with intense noises in the ears.
Constant sneezing 10.
11 - () right facial neuralgia, supra and infraorbital, upon waking or after breakfast each morning, with irradiation along the maxillary nerve, and it stuns with headache. Pustular rash around the nose, lips and cheeks, with irritating secretion. Lips dry and cracked.
12 - () The whole gut burns or burns intensely, like fire (see 13,
14, 15 and 17).
13 - () intense burning feeling in the mouth and tongue, as if they had been burned or scalded or were raw, something better to drink cold water. Dry mouth tomorrow in bed. Or insipid sweetish taste, with foods like acid. Copious drooling, slimy; jump drops to talk. Raw-Pain on the left side of the tongue. The tongue and gums seem covered by a fatty substance in the morning on rising.
Toothache in a warm room.
14 - () Sore throat, with constriction and dysphagia. Tonsils pain spread to the ears. Intense burning from the throat to the stomach, the better to suck cold air. Throat dry and very red, burning and sensation of enlargement. Spasm pharyngeal swallowing food. Crossed hair feeling on the palate. Taste bitter or putrid. Goiter.
15 - () Intense heartburn, as if fire, which spread to the mouth, all gastric contents seems to turn into vinegar. No appetite. Belching tasteless. Nausea. Crisis gler vomiting of mucus, slimy and stringy. Vomiting acids, bile (with headache), bloodshot, watery and sugary. Vomiting of sour milk in children, habitual vomiting in infants. "The most effective and important remedy in vomiting of all classes" (Kitchen). Gastralgia before breakfast and drinking water. Cancer of pylorus with sour vomiting and great prostration.
16 - () Pain in the right upper quadrant or in the liver, or the worst roads
movement. Biliary colic, and vomiting with hemicrania acres. Terrible burning deep in the pancreatic region. Best flatulent colic flatus or bending forward, especially in constipated children.
Cutting pains in the hypogastric.
17 - () frequent diarrhea, watery, with intense burning in the anus, as by fire, after a bowel movement. Diarrhea with cramps and rumbling, or painless, or chronic pain in the umbilicus and anal burning. Yellow and soft stools; mucosanguinolentas, bilious, dark, low-grade fever and weight loss. Ano sore in the morning, with punctures. Constipation followed by diarrhea, or hemicraneas or hemorrhoids. Diarrhea that comes back every night, 2 to 3 am, in spring and autumn.
18 Pain in right kidney. Cutting in the urethra while urinating,
with cold itching in the genitals. Glycosuria; diabetes. Polyuria. Urine thick, dark, strong, unpleasant odor. Weak stream of urine.
19 Glande swollen, red, inflamed. Pollutions with erotic dreams. Cold and itching in the genitals.
20 menorrhagia. Flow. Upset morning in pregnancy, with protracted nausea, vomiting, acid or sour, drooling profusely and gastralgia. Metritis with cramping, pain and umbilical great tenderness, nausea, bilious vomiting, belching, and sometimes bilious diarrhea. Abortion.
21 pains in the chest muscles with indigestion and heartburn.
22 - () Acute Rheumatic pain in right shoulder, worse from motion;
especially when raising the arm. Sharp pains in the joints of the hands. Pain in the fingers when writing. You can abort felons. Left sciatica with drawing pains from the greater trochanter to the popliteal fossa, worse from motion. Left hip pain. Blennorrhagica Rheumatism.
23 Major insomnia. Suddenly awakened. Dreams.
Chills all nozh 24. Fever followed by chills, cold hands and feet. Sweats widespread, but in hypochondria and English, with the smell of vinegar. Typhoid. Bilious fevers.
25 - () or impetigo pustular eruptions, crusty burning in face (see * 1) and scalp worse hot weather; in children with vomiting of sour milk or hepatic hemicraneas. Herpes zoster in the right chest with a burning sensation. Tina. Psoriasis on elbows and knees. Eczema with itching at night.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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