Irritable bowel syndrome. Ulcerative colitis. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Irritable colon. Ulcerative colitis

Medicine for the irritable bowel Medicinal Plants: Melisa, Angelica, Yarrow, Chamomile sweet, Cumin, Thyme.
Psychological component: valerian, hawthorn, passionflower.

Natural Medicine for IBS with nutritional supplements:
Artichoke: Indicated in the treatment of disorders of the intestine; facilitates digestion; activity choleretic, and hepatoprotective colagoga.

Ginger: anti-spasmodic effect.

Probiotic supplement with B. bifidum and L. Acidophilus: Restores the intestinal flora.

Fructo-oligosaccharides: Prebiotics; feeds the bifidobacteria that reside in the colon, prevents constipation, keeps the stool moist to facilitate eject.

Complex digestive enzymes improve digestion in general.

Betaine HCI, Pepsin: Help with the digestion of proteins in the stomach.

Mint leaves oil: Relieves intestinal spasms and flatulence, gastrointestinal.

Formula multinutrient: Improves digestion of carbohydrates, preventing constipation.

Vitamin B Complex High Power: Improves digestion of carbohydrates, preventing constipation.

Additional features:
Vitamins: E, A, C, D. Minerals: sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron.

Colitis (ulcers)
Ulcerative colitis: chronic ulceration of the colon, with episodic exacerbations that consistently affects the rectum and may extend along the entire intestine.

Medicine for the colitis with Medicinal Plants: Drink a cup of tea linseed 10 min. before each meal

Natural Medicine with Juice for Ulcerative colitis
: vegetables with a little milk or cream.

Diet for colitis
: Vegetable salads onion, carrot, apple (all cheese). Rice cakes, potatoes, squash, zucchini.

Nature Medicine for colitis: Wash your tea by adding flax seed liquid chlorophyll. Include comfrey juice or ponytail and oak bark.

Remedies with Nutritional Supplements: Using agar-agar as a laxative. Green clay.

Medicine for the colitis homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Nux vomica-Homaccord (ga), Veratrum-Homaccord (ga), Mercurius-Heel (c), Galium-Heel (ga), Podophylium comp. (G.A.), Mucosa comp. (a).

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