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Pruritus (itching)

Pruritus is a sensory disorder of the skin which leads to scratching of the same. Itching may be a sign of local or general conditions and can be external or internal causes.

Causes of Itching
Among the most common causes are: scabies, urticaria, jaundice, and intestinal parasitic diseases, eruptive fevers, etc.. Even the cold of winter can cause itching.

Types of Itching
The anal itching
This is most likely cause bleeding, fistulas, ragadias, intestinal worms (roundworms, pinworms and tapeworms, etc.).

The vulvar itching
Its origin may be due to local inflammation (vulvitis), diabetes, syphilis, etc.. Even sometimes vulvar itching may be caused by intestinal parasites (especially pinworms), which rises in the anal opening retreat into their own vulva.

For the treatment of pruritus should always seek the originating cause (dry skin, hemorrhoids, worms, etc.). And fight the cause.

For the symptomatic treatment of sedative bath, application of cream or aloe vera gel can cool the skin. Also a good personal hygiene is essential. However, we must remember that the abuse of the bathrooms can be harmful (especially water with much lime) for itching due to excessive loss of cutaneous fat which causes dryness of the skin that in turn lead to itching.

Natural Medicine Treatments for Itching or itchy
Natural Medicine for itching with Medicinal Plants
: Without any apparent reason taking Horsetail extract.

Medicine for itching homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Mezereum-Homaccord (ga), Sulfur-Heel (pruritus vulvae 1 c. several times a day). Paeonia-Heel (pruritus ani), Hepeel, Lymphomyosot, Aesculus comp.

Thalassotherapy for pruritus:
Quinton Isotonic

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