Ixobola Aranea (spider Cross). Homeopathy

ARANEA IXOBOLA (Arana de la Cruz)
Pathogenesis by J. Mezger.
1 State of euphoria, as if he had drunk wine, with a tendency to joke;
need to talk, followed by melancholy, weariness of life and irritability.
He must make a great effort not to be discourteous or rude.
2 Can not concentrate or pay attention, do not want to do anything, you must make an effort to get to work.
3 Extreme anxiety and trouble, nothing is completed fast enough for him.
4 Worse, the rest, by cold, by the spirit of tomorrow. Better: for moving, for fresh air, leaning backward or stretching; by belching or flatus, from drinking coffee; by cigarette smoking.
and spasmodic contraction of smooth and striated muscles. Cramps,
tremors, spasms Elon. Feeling shaky, he needs to move.
Sense of local and general cool.
Desire and aversion of Aranea IXOBOLA
6 - () Irresistible desire or urge to smoke, for sweets, cold drinks.
7 - () Sensation of heat in the head and vertigo. Headache stabbing
especially the right side, worse when bending forward or alcohol, or after mental effort, better for fresh air or smoke.
The headache disappears after a copious urination.
8 - () Hypersensitive to noise.
9 - () Smell very sharp, but perverted. Seborrhea of the nose.
10 dry mouth and pharynx, sometimes on one side. Gingivitis, bleeding, chapped lips, canker sores. Sticky mouth, tongue white with fur.
11 Itching in the throat with dysphagia and sore; better by warm drinks. Constant need to scratch your throat with blancogrisaceos sputum. Visible swelling in the neck, a goiter, with redness and sweat, palpitations felt in the neck.
12 Gastric improving eating. Vomiting from drinking alcohol.
13 - () Acute pain in the gallbladder, especially when lying on the right side, stooping, by the pressure of clothing, sitting by body movements or to move his right arm, for fatty foods (especially pork ) or drink alcohol, or after dinner (with nausea,
fullness and heaviness hepatica), better rub that area, or by pressure of a clenched fist, standing, walking or lying down leaning back and stretching completely, expelling flatus or of bowel movements. Heaviness
hepatica better eating. Pronounced flatulence, belly like a drum,
best moving or stretching.
14 - () Constipation, diarrhea But more often pale yellow, with repulsive smell. Evacuation explosive, but then feels as if it had not completely emptied your bowels.
15 Urgent need to urinate, urination small or large.
16 - () decreased sexual desire in men with genital cold. Increased desire to insufficient erection.
17 Menses early, preceded by striatal blood flow.
18 - () persistent cough, irritated, aching sensation in the airways, every breath is painful. Sensation of dryness in the windpipe.
19 - () Intense palpitations with feeling of constriction or squeezing chest, with chest pressure and tingling. Acceleration of the pulse from 70 to 90. Feel the pulse at the carotid and abdominal aorta, worse lying down and resting, the better to move and turn brown after.
20 - () Stiffness in the neck, sudden, and extended to the trapezius muscles and shoulders. Sharp pain in lunmbar region.
L21 - () rheumatic pains in all joints, especially elbows, knees and shoulders. Heaviness in arms, especially the right, bloating, and clumsiness in his right hand. Sensation of numbness in the left forearm and hand. Left sciatic after standing too long, moving your legs better. Hand tremors.
22 - () takes to fall asleep, with many inner thoughts and concerns. Sleep disturbed by dreams that frighten or worry him (fighting with a friend, or death of the husband or someone close, etc.).. Sleepless night for several hours.
23 - () Chills constant even in a warm room, cold feet.
Sudden waves of heat, with frontal headache and sweating. Sweating all over, especially after eating soup. Night sweats that awaken.
24 - () Acne on the edge of the scalp. Chapped lips. Chapped fingers. Desquamation of the nose and hands. Generalized itching, worse from scratching or pressure. Erythema like flea bites.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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