Jaborandi. Homeopathy

(Pilocarpus Jaborandi or Pinnatifolius)
1 Great nervous excitement, with the fixed idea that will kill your whole family with an ax. Aversion to talking. Confusion.
2 - () Special glandular hypersecretion (especially the sweat glands, salivary and lacrimal) and mucosal (especially respiratory and intestinal) usually with oliguria. Afterward, there may be an intense dry mouth and skin.
3 Restlessness at night, with anxiety. Tremors in the upper extremities. Tired of morning, on rising, after walking a bit (with palpitations and tachypnea), and his legs fail him walking. Fainting.
Noon to 4 Headache, worse on the left side with tachypnea, oppression and anxiety in the chest, palpitations and chest pain, sore throat, with suffocation. Occipital pain spread to the front on the left side, with heaviness. Sensation of emptiness in the head. Vertigo. Throbbing pain in the forehead and vertex. Baldness. Clear or white hair becomes black.
5 - () The eyes are one of the main area of activity of jaborandi. Profuse lacrimation, which sometimes falls down her cheeks. Miosis or mydriasis, with slow or absent pupillary reaction. Eye strain disorders, eye color, and eye pain for reading, burning with nausea and dizziness. Vision limited by decreased sensitivity of the retina.
Spasm of accommodation with constantly changing vision, and becomes cloudy at times. Blurred vision that suddenly disappears. Pain in the eyeballs to move them. Rigid and heavy eyelids. Blurred vision or loss for distant objects, they also seem to swim. The images on the retina remain long. Go snow-white spots during sweating and salivation. Ciliary spasm. Hyperopia. Crossed eyes. Falls. Photophobia. Choroiditis atrophic. Twitching in the eyelids. Watch stains reading.
6 serous exudation in the middle ear. Buzzing.
7 Copious nasal secretions.
8 - () Red face, as well as ears, neck or whole body with intense sweating, followed by pallor, with heat of face and intense pulses in the temporal arteries.
l9 - () Tongue coated. The word is difficult and little understood. Heat and dryness. Copious salivation, often with profuse sweating. Saliva as egg white, or slimy. Sialorrhea of pregnancy. Constant spitting.
Sialorrhea sleeping, wetting the pillow. Boca hot dry with thirst. Swelling and pain in the salivary glands, particularly the submaxillary. "It is a valuable remedy in limiting the duration of mumps" (Bocricke).
10 Inflammation and dry throat after noon, and scrape the
swallowing, with swollen tonsils and stiffness in the jaw, pain and burning worse on the left.
11 Bon appetite, or anorexia. Vomiting: abrupt in children who do not perspire; of swallowing saliva, food, then bile, and after continuous arches. Be urgent. Belching. Sudden nausea, retching and hiccups. Discomfort in the pylorus. Nausea when looking at moving objects. Gastralgias.
12 Feeling of emptiness or languor in the stomach. Cutting pain in the hypogastric or pubic, with urgent desire to urinate that makes it better.
13 Stools: watery, yellowish, often painless, jet,
debilitating and undigested. Stools: first large size and heavy, followed by dark brown soft stool. Constipation, fecal large and dark. Intestinal parasites. Painless diarrhea by day, looking away and profuse sweating.
Brusco 14 acute pain in the bladder and urethra will, making it scream.
Burning in the urethra, urgent urination. Dark urine.
15 - () mumps orchitis, following mumps.
16 - () Tufaro heat with sweating in the menopause, with red face, red ears and neck warm in the face and pounding on the temporal arteries, followed immediately by a profuse perspiration which begins on face and head and extends throughout the body, usually with marked sialorrhea. Dysmenorrhea. Menses scanty. Edema in pregnancy. Puerperal convulsions. Milk deficient or excessive.
17 - () Great increase in bronchial secretion: frothy, watery. Loose cough.
Dyspnea, tachypnea. Pains in the chest and precordial leads. Pressure in the chest with anxiety and palpitations. Edema. Slow and suspirasa.
Chest pain 18. Palpitations. Rapid pulse, then slow, dicrotic, irregular. Tachycardia with hypotension. Asystole. Cyanosis. Collapse.
19 Drowsiness; falls asleep while sitting reading. Deep sleep by day.
Restlessness that keeps him from sleeping well. It sounds to accidents or fights.
20 - () Chills up and down the back to 19 hours. Fever with red face and body. Heavy sweating, dripping from her forehead, finger pads wrinkle, drips on face, legs and feet, trunk, arms and upper extremities; almost always simultaneous to hypersalivation.
Sweating only on the left side of the body.
Dry skin 21. Eczema dry.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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