Jacaranda jacaranda. Homeopathy

(Bignonia Caroba. Jacaranda Braziliensis)
1 The symptoms appear or are aggravated by motion, walking, sitting or lifting the head.
2 headache with dull pain and feeling of fullness between the forehead and right temple, then jump left and sometimes to the neck. Pressing pain in right front. Lancinating pains in the head.
3 Hear the sound of flapping. Heat and obstruction in the left ear, with burning and pain extended to the left nostril.
4 sneezing with fluent coryza, with heavy crown, forehead and eyes.
Dry mouth 5 of tomorrow in bed. Raw-Pain on the left side of the tongue. Sticky mouth. Food has no taste, or acid.
6 Sore throat, with constriction and dysphagia.
7 - () Nausea while eating. Fullness and pressure in the epigastric hollow, with tachypnea. Epigastrium tender points.
8 stitches painful to the sides of the navel. Swelling in right groin, painful to touch. Sharp pain in hypogastric when pressed.
Constipation 9. Sat anal itching. Sharp pains in anus, punctures around. Excrescences in the anus.
10 - () Heat and pain in the penis. Inflammation of the urethral meatus, stinging when touched. Phimosis, with great swelling of the foreskin, which can not be pulled back, the attempt, leaving a copious discharge of greenish yellow pus.
Yellow-white discharge from the prepuce, it hurts and itches on the edge. Itchy chancre on the glans penis, with tearing pains that affect the entire body when the urine touches chancre. Gonorrhea with mucopurulent discharge, often with painful erections both urethritis blennorrhagic as balanoposthitis. Sharp pain in left testicle when walking. Heat and swelling in the scrotum. Syphilis.
11 Dull retrosternal raising the head and inspire. Punctures retrosternal.
12 Feeling that the heart beats in the epigastrium. Sore spots in the heart, which seems to beat slowly, extended to the right.
13 very sore neck, can not turn his head to the right. Lumbar stiffness.
14 Rheumatic pains in my left arm tomorrow. Pain in elbow and forearm. Red spot on the wrist, with yellowish film.
Blennorrhagica Rheumatism, especially the right knee, with pain disappearing from motion. Ulcers on the legs.
15 restless sleep with dreams that frighten.
Chills 16 inmates. Dry heat throughout the body.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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