Jodum, Juglans regia, Juniperus, Kalium: asparaginicum, bichromicum bromatum. Homeopathy

Jodum (iodine)
Bulimia. Thinning despite a good appetite. Catarrh of the mucous. Pancreatopatias.

Juglans regia (walnut)
Lymphatism. Scrofulous. Blepharitis.

Juniperus communis (juniper)
Diuretic. Glomerulonephritis.

Asparaginicum Kalium (Potassium arpartato)
Harmonization stimulating the distribution of intracellular and extracellular electrolytes (sodium potassium pump)

Bichromicum Kalium (potassium dichromate)
Viscous and ropy secretions from all mucous membranes. Nassal chronic colds, middle ear and ear canal. Polisinusitis. Aphthous stomatitis and especially colitis. Gastric duodenal ulcer. Vertigo. Frontal headache.

Bromatum Kalium (potassium bromide)
Trembling hands. Amnesia. Language problems (forgetting words and syllables). Restlessness.

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