Joints. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for Joints

Articulation: Union of two or more bones.

Medicine for the joints with Jugos: Diet of turnip juice.

Medicine for the joints with Medicinal Plants: Drinking tea 280 ml daily of alfalfa seed. Sage, Arnica, Burdock, Watercress, Nettle, Pine, Oregano

Medicine for the joints with homotoxicology - Homeopathy.
Traumeel (g.c.a.p), Zeel T (c.a.p.), Kalmia
comp. (G.A.), Discus comp. (a)

Medicine for the joints with nutritional supplements: Omega 3

Stiff joints
Medicine for rigid joints with Jugos: green cabbage soup with parsley.

Medicine for rigid joints with nutritional supplements: yeast or wheat germ.
Vitamin D. (one teaspoon of cod liver oil three times a day).

Nutritional supplements for injuries of tendons, ligaments and joints:
Glucosamine sulfate: regenerative effect on the joints, tendons, ligaments and synovial fluid. Repair worn collagen, relieves pain and inflammation.

Turmeric: Relieves pain and inflammation.

Bromelain: anti-inflammatory effect.

Medicine for rigid joints with Hydrotherapy: warm compress carrot and thyme. Bath with Epsom salts and juniper oil.

Remedies for stiff joints with homotoxicology. (See above paragraphs. In particular, Petroleum-Injeel (forte a.) for stiffness and creaking joints.

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