Jonesi asoka. Homeopathy

Asoka jonesi
Desire and aversion of Asoka jonesi
1 I wish to sweet and acid.
Asoka jonesi SPECIFIC
2 unilateral headache, congestive best outdoor and menstrual flow.
3 pain in the eyeballs or supraorbital, with photophobia.
4 nasal catarrh, profuse watery secretion. Anosmia.
Thirsty 5. Excessive nausea.
6 obstinate constipation. Hemorrhoids.
7 - () delayed and irregular menstruation, painful, menorrhagia with frequency. Premenstrual pain in the ovaries. Flow.
Column 8 radiating pain to the belly and thighs.
Disturbed sleep 9. It sounds to travel.

*Automatic Translation