Juglans cinerea. Homeopathy

Juglans cinerea
(J. cathartica American white walnut)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Juglans cinerea
1 - () I want to be alone, not do nothing but eat and sleep. Can not concentrate or study; confusing. Absent, does not realize what it does. Can not remember what they read.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Juglans cinerea
2 - () Acute or chronic adenitis (mainly axillary) with tendency to suppuration in a patient with renal or hepatic congestion.
3 Down: walking, exercise or overheated. Best: from scratching and upon arising in the morning.
4 Feeling that all organs are enlarged in size,
especially on the left side.
5 weakness with faintness. Fainting, better get up and move.
Feeling like death, with chills and shivering. Weight loss.
SPECIFIC Juglans cinerea
6 - () Vertigo at 11 hours, with feeling of languor in the epigastrium and abdomen. Fullness front. Head feels very large. Headache: the morning on waking, with yellow tongue, deaf before noon, on the right side or right temple, front, with polyuria and burning so intense you can barely see. Very acute occipital headache tomorrow, with liver disorders, the better to rise. Intense itching of the scalp, must scratch constantly eruptions.
7 Ojos red and swollen, with burning in the afternoon. Pustules on the eyelids and around the eyes. Feels as if eyes were directed toward each other. Loss of vision to move sharply, feeling faint.
8 Numbness of the root of the nose, or on deck, better friction. Dry nose or watery discharge from the left. Epistaxis.
Ulcer nasal sneezing. Copious, thick and slimy.
U facial pallor. Erythema with dryness and burning.
10 Tongue white, yellowish morning. Burning and stinging in the mouth and throat. Copper or acrid taste. Dry the root of the tongue and throat.
Swollen glands, worse right.
Sore throat of 11 tomorrow, with roughness and bloating, swallowing. Throat dry, burning, pain in the right side.
12 - () ferocious appetite. Thirsty, need to drink constantly. Nausea in morning or evening. Burning in the stomach. Languor gastric extended to the belly, with headache.
13 - () Extended liver pain below the right shoulder or right shoulder blade, almost always with occipital headache, and sometimes nausea, and diarrhea subictericia greenish yellow. Gallstones. Pain in hypochondria, in the navel, in the inguinal rings, worse when rising from a lying position. Heaviness and pain in the navel. Burning in abdomen after stool. Flatulence.
14 - () Diarrhea yellowish or greenish yellow, frothy or bilious, copious, painless, or sharp pains in stomach and flatulence, burning anal before and after stool, with tenesmus; smelling onions or white stools, brown or dark and sticky. Constipation preceded by diarrhea.
Umbilical pain Constipation, hard stool, such as balls, dark brown, or the first part is hard and brown, the last diarrheal and greenish yellow.
15 Frequent and copious urination, with burning (with headache).
16 Hemoptysis dark with clots. Adherent mucous expectoration. Great oppression in the chest, with cutting pains, worse on the left. Pulmonary tuberculosis with great emaciation. Retrosternal pain on ascending stairs or lifting, or walking outdoors.
17 - () walking acute chest pain, angina pectoris, with suffocation retrosternal, forcing it to stop, which does not relieve pain.
Pulse accelerated.
18 - () stiff neck. Sticking up and down the column. Dolores between the shoulder blades, below the shoulder blades, worse on the right, especially when bending, deep breath (with difficulty breathing) or by motion. Back pain that spreads to the thoracic vertebrae, at night.
Pain in the sacro iliac, especially the right, worse sitting.
19 - () Acute pain, rheumatism, shoulder, elbows and wrists. Pain in right armpit arm extended along the nerves, with numbness.
Pain with numbness in arms and wrists, before noon, or feel as dislocated by heavy work. Pain with numbness in elbows and knees. Painful cramp in the hip at night. Pain in the thigh and left rodila morning. Right knee pain when climbing stairs in the ankle on his left foot when sitting still.
Constant yawning 20 even without sleep. Drowsiness. Insomnia after 3 hours. Restless sleep, which does not rest. Dreams: vivid, scary, or with the Indians, waking in a sweat.
Cold Chuchos 21: along the spine, or starting at the back, alternating with flushes.
22 - () The skin is one of the organs particularly affected. Scarlet rashes. Pustular eruptions, vesicular or Impetiginous with tendency to suppuration, and itching that is aggravated by the heat due to an exercise. Eczema itching especially in hands, sacrum and lower limbs. Itching with burning or stinging, plaques that switch location, better by scratching. Eruptions: crusty, moist, ecthyma, pruritus. Erysipelas.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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