Juglans regia. Homeopathy

(Walnut, Bach Nux Juglans Walnut)
The type Walnut has clearly defined ideals and ambitions, and goals, which is always eager to reach, are so important, it ignores all the conventions that oppose their wishes. The drug can reverse this condition and free from habits or changes in your life, physical or mental, that interfere with their activities, and protect it from external influences. This is useful in major life decisions such as change of religion, occupation, state, country, is for those who have decided to take a big step in his life, breaking old conventions, limits or restrictions and associations. In the dentition, puberty and menopause.
1 Aversion to speak. Indolence. It pays no attention when reading.
2 - () Excited as intoxicated at night in bed with the feeling that the head floating in the air. Discontent and cranky in the evening.
3 - () Worse by motion, for fatty foods, the evening, at 21 hours and then, by undressing. Left sided.
4 adenopathy.
5 - () Confusion and vertigo: heaviness in the head. Burning heat in the head with cold extremities. Prevalent frontal pains, or on the left side of the forehead or the eyes (especially left), worse from motion, by moving his eyes or shake his head, with yawning and drowsiness, or dizziness. Painful throbbing in the temples, worse in a warm room, better outdoors. Redness and violent itching of the scalp at night. Crust lactea. Tina favosa.
6 - () Burning eyes. Styes.
7 - () fullness, burning and pain in right ear, then the left, with purulent discharge from both ears, but the left, with burning and redness of the ear and the feeling that something fell into the ear of each step, the pain keeps you from lying on left side.
8 Swelling of the left cheek and gums, red, hard and painful, corresponding to a dental abscess. Comedones and acne on the face.
9 Tearing in a decayed tooth, worse warmth of bed.
White tongue in the morning, with bitter, pasty mouth. Salivation. Dry mouth after eating. Hoarseness with mucus.
10 Great appetite, or not. No thirst while eating, with aversion to the wine, or increased thirst. Belching violent, frequent, noisy, happy as if he had eaten fats. Gasttica fullness and distention that prevents him from eating heartily even better by belching. Violent hiccup after eating. Nausea at 6 hours. He wakes up abruptly and throws food. Heartburn.
Epigastric pain.
11 - () Swelling and distention of the stomach with heavy and frequent and sudden desire to move the bowels after food, must loosen clothing, better belching and flatus. Hardening tympanic abdomen.
Rumbling in pain. Flatus lying down. Pains worse from motion, better by belching or the occurrence of menstruation; erratic.
Pains in the region of the spleen. Pinching and false pains under left ribs, worse by deep breathing or laughing or bending over or walking fast. Umbilical pain. Hypogastric pain, or prickling, moving or bending, with nausea, cutting in the right hypogastric.
12 Stool: liquid, preceded or stomach upsets, soft, large, or hard, scanty and difficult. Constipation. Burning pain and pressure in anus after stool remove large. Anal itching at night in bed with stitches, which make up and walk.
13 Polaquitiria and polyuria, day and night, very often and much time. Dark red urine.
Frequent erections 14, day and night. Burning in penis after intercourse.
Ulcer between glans and foreskin, lardaceous basic, hard edges, oozing and bleeding at the slightest pressure; crusty.
15 - () Menstruation well advanced and abundant, with tar-black clots, preceded by stomach pains and exhaustion aocmpanadas and anorexia.
16 Great hoarseness or aphonia. Chest tightness. Punctures in the lungs.
Itching in the sternum. Tachycardia.
17 points in the sacrum, which make it tremble.
18 - () suppurative axillary adenitis. Itching in the right armpit, with burning, chapped skin and moist, burning vesicles, worse after perspiring; the secretion hardens tine clothes and yellow-green, with great pain, sometimes forming an abscess, can move to the armpit left. Tearing Pain as if sprained, in the left thumb (worse on movement) and the right big toe (in bed). Paralyzed feeling in knees and legs, with failure of the knees when walking. Electric shocks in forearms and hands, waking him to sleep. Weakness in the right hand. Intermittent pain in his right index finger. Pains in the hips and knees, rheumatism, which prevented him walking. Itchy, burning rash in lower extremities, in winter, and when the itch is hardly the uncovered or undressing.
Yawning to 19 pm with stretching. Drowsiness. Restless sleep, with nightmares.
20 alternations of cold and heat in short fits of day, with heavy head, better after 15 hours. Frequent heat waves and sudden. Hot hands. Sweats that stiffen clothes and yellow-green stain.
21 - () Eruptions BTE in children. Itchy rashes.
Acne. Itching in various places, worse at night, restless sleep, or can not sleep. Pustules. Eczema. Impetigo. Syphilitic sores. Tina favosa auricular.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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