Juncus effusus. Homeopathy

Juncus effusus
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Juncus effusus
1 Anxiety morning, still half asleep, with orgasm Blood and palpitations, which cease to sit on the bed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Juncus effusus
2 Dolores: worse on the left side appear or worsen at night or morning and evening, bending the sides, bending sideways, stretching his arm better. Rheumatic pains worse from rest, better by motion.
3 bubbling sensation.
4 Vertigo, as if all went round at rest, with nausea when walking. Pressing headache front front back, stooping or sitting in bed in the morning, better lying down. Bubbling sensation in the right side of the occipital bone, extending to the right ear.
5 Itching on the edge of the eyelids, better rub.
6 Pain in the external ear. Sensation of swelling in the auditory meatus.
Dry coryza 7. Itching inside the nostril.
8 stinging pain and itching on the left corner as if he had stuck a thorn, of tomorrow. Burbugeo sensation in the right jaw joint, leaving a feeling of swelling.
9 Tongue white, yellowish, pasty taste.
Throat dark 10. Pressure in throat when swallowing, as if swollen tonsils. Hawks, and starts a lot of yellow mucus. Sore neck muscles.
11 Bloating and tight in the epigastrium.
Constant rumbling 12 forcing him to go to the bathroom, but only leave flatus, significantly relieving abdominal symptoms. Very sharp point on the iliac crest, which took her breath away. Rectal itching. Watery stools with little pieces.
13 - () Tension in the urethra, with the feeling that there was something alive in it. Itching and burning in the urethra. Urine with red sediment. "Great urinary calculi solvent" (Bryant, suffice dye 6a).
14 Itching of the penis and scrotum.
15 - () Asthma in people with hemorrhoids (Boericke.) Violent pressive pain in the lower chest, exhale and dobandose worst side. Stitches from the third false rib left to the right nipple. Anferior Pain in the sternum, as if it pressed inward.
16 Drawing pain in the cervical vertebrae, as if he directed the head to the right. Twitching in the dorsal vertebrae, as if bent back. Sacral pain that causes distress or dyspnea.
Cracking joints 17 painless. Stitching pain in left armpit, at night in bed. Jerking visible in the deltoid. Pressing pain in his right elbow, stretching the arm better, worse when flexed. Pain in the bones of the wrist. Stiffness in the right hip as if the tendons were too short. Shocks in the left buttock as if something alive. Drawing pain in the bones of the lower limbs at rest, better in motion. Bubbling and twitching in the calves. Pain and bubbling in the bones of the left leg. Itching and twitching in his knee. Tension in the Achilles tendon, as if swollen and too short. Itching in the thighs.
18 It wakes up early and can not sleep. Suenos: hunting jokes. He laughs strong sleeping.
19 Chills throughout the body to get out of bed in the morning, or uncover, even the feet, better removing flatus. Shivering repeated.
A raised 20 Old scars as if they were to open, with itching and tingling.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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