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Juniper (Juniperus communis)

Juniper Properties

- One of the best disinfectant of the urinary tract. Useful in the treatment of cystitis, ureteritis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, oliguria, urolithiasis, etc..
- The berries have a high concentration of vitamin C, showing antiviral activity.
- It is diuretic so it is used in cases of edema, fluid retention, gout, high blood pressure.
- Acts as a cleanser in the treatment of acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc..
- Juniper also affects digestion.
- Externally friction is used against rheumatic pains and neuralgia (neuralgia, bone and joint inflammation, myalgia, muscle spasms).

Contraindications of juniper

- The essential oil of juniper is usually contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, in patients with neurological disorders (may be neurotoxic)
- Its use as a diuretic in the presence of hypertension, heart disease or moderate to severe renal insufficiency, should be done only by prescription and under medical supervision.
- No PLS USE dosage forms containing alcohol to children under two years or people with ethyl.

Side Effects of juniper
None known.

Toxicity: 0 - 1 - 2 -
- The essential oil can have an irritant action on the renal endothelium in prolonged treatments.
- As with any medicinal plants that can be taken in tincture or fluid extract should always be kept in mind the alcohol content.

(0 = none, 1 = something toxic, 2 = toxic, 3 = very toxic)

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