Kalium arsenicosum. Homeopathy

KALI arsenicosum
(Potassium arsenite, Liquor KH2AsO3 Fowler)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis arsenicosum
1 - () Great restlessness with anxiety, takes many turns in bed. Marked anxiety, fear.
2 - () Crito, quarrelsome, discontented, not answer the questions or answers them aggressively. Indifferent to everything. Depressed.
Jealous 3.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis arsenicosum
4 - () Great weakness, can not sit up in bed, any loud noise or sudden she produces whole body tremors. Tendency to fainting. Anemia. Lack of vital heat.
5 - () Worse by cold (very chilly) or heat and summer for the outdoors (with aversion), eating, drinking cold things, at 2, or 1 to 3 am; at night, undressing.
6 - () Cancer: it is an important drug, especially those located in the skin, tongue, anus and uterus (see Individuals); with bloody discharge and very fetida.
7 Right side. Timescale through tomorrow night, every third day (mental symptoms).
Desire and aversion OF KALI arsenicosum
8 I: from acids, sweets, hot drinks. Aversion to meat.
9 - () Head feels very large. Headache in the parietal lobes. Feeling of constriction in the head. Crust lactea.
10 - () look frightened, her eyes bright and prominent, pale face and sunken. Heat and itching of the eyelids, followed by swelling and pain, photophobia, and periorbital dark. Protrusion of the eyeballs.
Conjunctiva thick, yellowish, or glassy; injected.
11 Face pale; look aged. Eruptions furfuraceous in his beard.
1odulos. Abscesses.
12 - () Gums swollen and sore. Tongue red as raw meat, furred mucosa at the edges. And denuded red patch near the tip of the tongue,
asleep and burning. Tongue swollen, feels great; white. Cancer of the tongue.
13 constriction in the throat with drooling. Throat dry and sore.
14 - () Anorexia. Intense thirst. Heaviness, gastralgia and nausea after eating;
often vomit after meals. Repeated feeling as if a ball go up from the epigastrium to the larynx, choking, belching better.
Anxiety that goes from the epigastrium to the column, with palpitation. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach, with faintness and fainting.
15 Belly distended, tense, with frequent burning pains or cramps, with a constant desire to move the bowels or diarrhea.
16 - () Diarrhea violent, white stools, watery, frothy and sometimes involuntary, with the feeling of having a red-hot iron into his anus.
Cancer of the anus, with bloody discharge and fetida.
Scanty urine with 17 movie.
Cauliflower excrescences as 18 in the orifice of the cervix, and flow with filamentous retropubic pain, irritating and highly offensive. Amenorrhea.
19 - () cough and cough with bloody mucopurulent secretion. Complete aphonia following a dermopathy. Asthma 2 to 3 in the morning or at night with breathlessness worse lying down, motion, or walking with cough.
20 Pain in the spine. Calluses on palms and soles. Pain in the shoulder and right elbow, followed by herpes. Veins in the legs. Cramps in the lower limbs, with partial loss of movement and sensation. Ulcers phagadenic deep base. Rheumatic pains and gout, gouty lumps that hurt by weather changes.
21 Skin cold or hot and dry. Fever. Rapid pulse, almost imperceptible.
22 - () The skin is the most important field of action of this drug. Erysipelas. Acne with pustules worse during menses. Chronic eruptions, dry, scaly, intensely itching, itching is worse at night, warmth of bed, undressing, walking and cold air, eruptions, fissures in the folds of the elbow and popliteal fossa; blisters , crusty, scaly, wet. Chronic Eczema and dry. Herpes zoster, especially on the right: common cold. Psoriasis intensely itchy (one of the most important drugs). Generalized urticaria. Vesicles oozing, crusty. Lichen. Skin Cancer, epitheliomas. Jaundice.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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