Kalium bichromicum. Homeopathy

(Potassium dichromate)

1 Silent, misanthrope. Moody, depressed.

2 Do not pay attention. He thought vanish. Insufficient memory.
Aversion to mental and physical.
A chest Anxiety leaving.

4 - () The large indication is in affections of the mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth, throat, bronchi, gastrointestinal and genitourinary tract), usually subacute, with discharge of mucus or mucoptirulentas, usually yellow or greenish yellow, which are thick, stringy and very adherent to the affected mucosa and can be extracted into long strings or filaments that seem to never discard. This mucus, at a later stage leads to the formation of crusts or equally true of very sticky mucus plugs. Sometimes the mucus is gelatinous. You can observe the formation of pseudomembrane in certain mucous membranes (see Private).

5 - () Bichromicum Kali pains have very definite characteristics.
They appear in small sites that may be covered by the fingertip and sometimes painful points are true, is sharp and lancinating, appearing and disappearing abruptly and, finally, are erratic, changing places quickly from place to another body. Neuralgia everyday at the same time. Pains in small jerks, as if the nerve were abruptly pulled. Diagonal pains, of which there are many examples right armpit and left thigh, left forearm and right occiput, knee and right hip with breast and left shoulder, right thumb and left little finger, and so on. Cramp-like pain, pinching. Drawing pains in the morning on waking, better rising. There are also alternate rheumatic pains, especially with gastric (one in the fall, the other in the spring), with diarrhea or lung problems or toothache or alternating symptoms (headache with blindness, etc.)..

6 - () Ulceration punch perforating the skin (see 32), mernbranas mucosal and bone (vomer, palate).

7 - () Worse from cold, wind, cold, dry cold in winter, to undress or uncover; tendency to take cold outdoors, for the summer heat, in hot weather; by extremes of temperature; 2 to 3 in the morning and at night or early morning, for beer, to eat, if they touch one another, at rest, by bending or sitting. Better: heat, outdoors, by pressure, by motion.

8 - () Especially useful in fat people, heavy, light hair, suffering from catarrhal, syphilitic or psoric. In children fat, chubby, short neck, with a tendency to croupous conditions.

9 - () sensation of a hair: in the throat, tongue on the back and soft palate, and the left nostril. Pulsations over whole body. Stinging or burning sensation.

10 Great prostration and weakness, wanting to be lying. Anemia.
Chronic Effects prepared by many malted drink or beer. Epilepsy.

11 Syphilis: keratitis, iritis, ozena, bone pain, ulcers.

Desire and aversion of Kali bichromicum
12 - () I want to drink beer and sour. Aversion to meat.

13 Vertigo sudden, with the feeling that the room is spinning, rising from a chair or sit up in bed, when standing or walking, with nausea and retching. Frontal headache, often on an eye in the morning on waking, better lying down or pressing against something or outdoors, worse when bending over or moving, heavy and throbbing as if head would burst. Headache preceded by darkening of vision, with great aversion to light and noise. Frontal headache with sinusitis, which runs from the root of the nose, especially the left eyebrow. Headaches that start in the morning, noon and increase to disappear into the twilight, come and go in the sun. Periodic attacks of hemicrania in small places.
Headache suppression of nasal secretion. Stitches or aching in the bones of the skull. Pressure as a weight on vertex.

14 - () Heaviness of the upper eyelid to the morning on waking, it costs you open your eyes, or they stick with thick pus in the corners. Eyelids red, swollen, burning, itchy, swollen, with edema. Dryness, heat and burning eyes, wanting to rub and red conjunctivae or injected.
Large granules in the eyelids. Polyps. Sensation of sand in the eyes to move. Rheumatic iritis Sclero with excessive pain and photophobia. Syphilitic iritis. Sequelae of iritis, worse on the left. Chemosis. Pustules and ulcers on the cornea, with tendency to perforation. Dense opacities and old. Dirty yellow sclera, brown or yellow with brown spots.
Photophobia only with daylight, tearing. See objects colored yellow or miscellaneous sees bright sparks. Arcus.

15 - () violent stitches in the ears, especially the left, extended to the mouth and left parotid. Left ear meatus swollen and inflamed. Eczema of the ear canal, itching. Ear hot, red and itchy, itching in the right ear lobe.

16 - () pressing or stabbing pains in the root of the nose, better by pressure, worse after the suppression of nasal discharge, pain in the sinuses or violent pain from the occipital region to the front. The nasal secretion is thick, yellowish or greenish, stringy, sticky, very sticky, also falling backwards, very fetid and purulent secretion, has pronounced tendency to dry and harden, flaking, crusting or hard plugs and green fibroelastic consistency, which come easily and loudly, if you take them off prematurely, it costs much it hurts and leaves a raw surface and bleeding, and re-form. Nose dry, burning, blocked, worse heat, better outdoors. Fluent coryza, with blood-streaked mucus secretion or watery, excoriating the nostrils and upper lip, right side worse in the evening and the open or the wind, with violent sneezing and obstruction of tomorrow. Children or babies with a stuffy nose, especially plump. Ozena. Nasal mucosal ulcerations, round in the septum, perforation of the nasal septum ulcerations burning in right nostril. Anosmia. A foul odor from the nose. Chronic frontal sinusitis with obstruction sensation above. Violent stitches in the right side of nose blowing. Nasal polyps. Pains in bones LaSala and its junction with the cartilage.

17 Face pale yellowish with red spots, anxious expression. Pain in the bones of the face, as if beaten; in malar bones, especially the left, worse morning and coughing. Acne. Lupus, impetigo and pustules on the face, with intense itching. Sweats in the upper lip, the bottom is swollen and chapped. Mumps on the right. Parotid swollen, painful and hard. Neuralgia in the jaw, which reappears every day at the same time.

18 - () Dolores terebrantes at the root of the teeth, or stitches. Loose teeth can not chew. Gums swollen, dirty white, very sensitive.
Dry mouth, drinking cold water better. Sialorrhea, saliva bitter, thick, frothy, with a salty taste. Coppery taste, sweet, sour, bitter morning.
Tongue dry, clean and painted red, cracked, mapped, large, flaccid, jagged, often covered with thick furred, brown or yellow, but at the root; elevated papillae. Ulcers of hard edges on the inside of the lips, syphilitic ulcers, painful ulcer of the tongue, with stinging pains. Smarting at the base of the tongue to pull it. Sensation of hair on the back of the tongue and palate. Palate copper.

19 - () Edema of the uvula, like a bag filled with water, very little swelling and redness. Pharyngeal mucus adherent, stringy, gelatinous, requiring the patient to cough every morning, and are expelled with difficulty. Ulceration on the right side or base of the uvula, surrounded by a red ring and containing a yellowish, sticky secretion. Deep pharyngeal ulcers and regular edges, made as a punch, often syphilitic: phagadenic; in the tonsils. Veins in the throat.
Feel like having a hair on the pillars of the veil, which causes retching and vomiting. Throat color rojobrillante or dark red or russet. Uvula relaxed, the sensation of having a lump in throat that does not improve swallowing. Pain in the left tonsil, extending to the ear, better swallowing.
Pseudomembranous diphtheria plates white, gray or pearly, firm, throat, tonsils and uvula, with a tendency to spread downwards to larynx and trachea.

20 - () No appetite, increased thirst. Belching which relieve gastric discomfort. Nausea sudden heat in the body, dizziness and drooling, worse morning, moving, seeing the food, after eating or drinking, or moving the bowels or smoking or at sea and better while eating outdoors. Vomiting: large quantities of yellow water, mucus, undigested food, acid, bitter and bilious; of pink mucus, blood, with heartburn. Feel the food like a stone in the stomach, pressure and heaviness in the stomach. Can not bear tight clothing in the epigastrium. Peptic ulcer, is one of the most important drugs, especially in acute crises, with burning gastralgias appearing immediately after eating and 2 am, appear and disappear abruptly, and in limited areas, with heaviness and swelling especially if they ate meat, nausea and vomiting lruscas very acid, viscous and bloody, with great desire for beer, which causes vomiting and diarrhea. The ulcerous crisis interspersed with arthralgia. Stomach cancer.

21 Pressure, heaviness and stitches in the hepatic region. Gallstone (may dissolve load). Fatty degeneration of the liver. Stitches in region of spleen, extended to the lumbar region, worse from motion and pressure.
Colicos alternating with sharp pains in the navel, at night. Belly very sensitive to the slightest pressure. Cutting pains like knife, immediately after eating. Bloat, followed by belching. Stitches in her belly, spread to the spine.

22 - () Constipation with knotty stools, dry and poor in one mass or very hard stools or extremely hard, very difficult evacuation, followed by burning or painful constriction of anus. Constipation periodically, every 3 weeks. Chronic morning diarrhea that wakes you with great urgency, watery stools, gushing, followed by violent tenesmus, burning in the stomach, nausea and high arches. Dysentery with frequent bloody stools, pain and tenesmus cord, or watery, brown and frothy; dysentery periodically at the beginning of each summer. Stools watery, blackish or yellowish jelly-like odor free and without pain, bloody and very painful; pasty with many rumbling, sometimes unintentionally. Diarrhea: for beer; tuberculosis; in typhoid. Sensation of plug, can hardly sit. Anus pain, worse when walking. Hemorrhoids congested.

23 - () Heat and burning in the urethra, especially in the posterior fossa navicular, while urinating, and burning long after. Sensation, after urinating, as if it had been a drop of urine in the urethra, which can not drive for more efforts to do. Meatus stuck with viscous mucus filante. Kidney pain with scanty, albuminous. Stitches in the urethra after urination. Polyuria with frequency of watery urine, foul-smelling, that wakes you at night. Continued desire to urinate during the day. Painful drawing the perineum to the urethra. Urine sediment mucosal white film. Violent pain in the coccyx before urinating. Parenchymal acute nephritis with albuminuria and casts. Pyelitis.

24 - () Lack of sexual desire in people heavy. Stitches in the prostate, walking, should be stopped. Itching on the hairy parts of the genitalia, with small pustulitas. Constricting pain in the root of the penis, in morning on waking. Itching in the glans. Cankers deep in penis and foreskin. Gonorrhea with copious stringy, gelatinous secretion.

25 - () Menstruation well advanced. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Vulva swollen.
Vagina sore, as raw. Flow yellowish, stringy, viscous and irritant vulvar itching. Vomiting of pregnancy. Subinvolution uterus.
Uterine prolapse by hot weather. Hot flashes in menopause. Milk is stringy.

26 - () Shortness of breath or attacks of asthma to wake up at 2 hours, or after intercourse, or on waking, worse lying down. Sense of ulceration in the larynx. Hoarseness in the evening. Hoarse, harsh, nasal. Mucus in the larynx, with hawking. Diphtheritic croup spread to the trachea, with a hoarse cough, metallic, with expectoration of thick mucus or molds fibroelastic of morning awakening with dyspnea better lying down. Violent cough, with tickling laryngeal tearing, worse at night while undressing or 2 to 3 am, or after eating or drinking, better in bed and the warmth of the bed, followed by expectoration of yellow mucus, thick, viscous and stringy, hanging from his mouth into long filaments that sometimes come to the feet or stick to the throat, teeth and lips can be expectoration into pieces of blue. Pertussis. Cough with retrosternal pain in the bifurcation of the trachea, which radiates to the back between the shoulders. Sensation of dryness in the bronchi of tomorrow. Pain that runs through the left vertex, extending to the shoulder. Dull pain in right side of the chest, at one point, worse on inspiration. Pressure and heaviness in the chest, waking him at night, better after getting up and walking.
Rattling breathing in the elderly.

27 feeling cold and constriction in the heart, pressure after eating. Cold and acute pain at the tip. Cardialgia sharp. Palpitations.
Rapid pulse, irregular. Feel the pulse in the arteries.
Cardiac hypertrophy, especially if a renal lesion.

28 - () Stiffness in the neck to flex the head. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
Sore back like a knife, can not walk. Acute pain and throbbing in a small room in the sacrum, worse at night, better day, when you get up and walk, but can not lift anything or walk erect. Pain in the coccyx, worse morning, or walking, playing, bending or sitting, or before urinating, better later. Cutting pain in the left side of the sacrum, extending up and down. Stitches in the lower left shoulder blade.

29 - () Alternation of rheumatic pains with other symptoms (see 2). Abrupt and erratic pains in the bones of the extremities, which are sensitive to pressure and percussion. Rheumatic pains in the joints, erratic, and passing abruptly from one joint to another, better at rest and warmth of the bed, and almost always accompanied by creaking joints worse by movement. Rheumatic pain in both shoulders, worse at night.
Stiffness in the shoulder joint. Right arm asleep. Stiffness do! Orosa right arm. Stitches in the left elbow. Rheumatic pains in the wrist and fingers. Bones feel bruised hands. Weakness in hands, or jerks. Ulcers on the fingers, bony cavity. Psoriasis on the hands. Ulceration beneath the thumbnail.
Pustules on the root of some. Rheumatic pains in the hips and knees,
worse by movement and day. Left or right sciatica, especially in summer, worse weather changes, sitting, standing and by pressure-better flexing the member, by movement or walking. Tearing pains in tibia. Sensitivity painful heels when walking.
Pain in the tendons of the calf muscles, feel as stretched. Heaviness in the legs. Feel dislocated left ankle. Acute Gouty pains in the toes, first right.
iolor as embodied in a big toe. Small and irregular ulcerations in the legs. Heat in the feet and hands. Hands covered with sharp and deep scars.

30 Access of chills, in paroxysms frequently repeated, beginning at the feet upwards, or back pain, sleepiness, or alternating with hot flashes and sweats, generalized, or heat followed by dry mouth and lips, which hunedece to each time. In general, there is no fever. Sweats in the back during the effort to move your bowels.

31 Drowsiness and prostration. Sueno who do not rest, you feel very weak upon waking.

32 - () Hot, dry and red. Dry eruptions, morbilliform. Pustules around the body, such as chickenpox, and itchy, with a black costrita in the middle. Smallpox. Pustulitas at the root of the one, with axillary suppurative lymphangitis and lymphadenopathy, to break the pustules, secrete a fluid that thickens and forms a thick and yellowish. Eruptions that start in hot weather. Ecthyma. Brown spots, like freckles on the neck. Blister on the sole of the foot. Scabs on the toes or on the crown of the glans.
Eczema, with thick crusts and moist, especially in ears and fingers.
Papular eruptions. Ulceration: dry, and oval, usually irregular edges, indurated, elevated, with hard base and red areola, with a yellowish discharge, corrosive, which makes extended in depth and not in extension; painful (worse by cold); scabby; syphilitic, sometimes with a dark spot in the center, with sunken scars after curing. Acne. Itching Vesicles.

Arsenicum Album phosporus Psorinum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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