Kalium bromatum. Homeopathy

(Potassium Bromide)
1 - () There is an obvious intellectual deficits especially located in the area of memory. Memory loss. You forget how to speak, we should say the word before you can say it, has lost the mechanism of expression of the word, there is an inability to speak (aphasia with amnesia). Memory is limited to dates and words, his writing is unintelligible by omission of words or parts of words, or by repeating words or wrong in its location. He is wrong in places or talking use inappropriate words or the opposite (eg, cold-heat). Is absent, distracted, or domed, with difficulty in thinking and understanding (especially if you have wet dreams). Mental efforts and aggravate the mental work it is impossible. Feeling of having slept the brain. Their perceptions are slow speech and answers slowly. Is forgetful, especially in the morning on waking, and words to speak. There is a deficit of ideas imbecility. Sometimes his behavior is childish.
2 - () Restless, especially at night, can not be sitting still, you need eoverse continuously or be busy, and feel better being busy or entertainment, the hands and fingers are in constant motion (hands restless), pinch the blankets. Anxiety: when alone, after a fright, for his health (menopause) in pregnancy, as if he had or was committing a great crime or cruelty, and killing her children or spouse, as if chasing him. Anxiety at night in children, night terrors (that is the principal remedy), sometimes during teething: the child, with eyes open, but really asleep, crying, shaking, does not recognize anyone or can be calm, and not tomorrow remember anything. It's full of worries and fears to be alone, to stroke, to pass through some corners of the street to the imminent destruction of everything that surrounds it, the ghosts, to madness to be poisoned, that something going to happen while the piano; fear with sadness.
3 - () have paroxysmal bouts of crying, uncontrollable, involuntary or very easy accompanying a deep melancholic depression, often related to religious ideas or issues (religious melancholia) or a feeling of lack of moral (sexual aspects connected with Sadness: helplessly, for positions at night, in the menopatisia; with anxiety. Feel like going crazy. You can get a real tiredness of life, even suicidal. may, in contrast, have excitement, sometimes alternating with drowsiness.
4 - () Delusions and hallucinations: think is forgotten or abandoned, that there is an imminent destruction of everything that happens around him, that he is a devil, who is doomed, that has been chosen for divine Venaga, that is pursued and will be killed or poisoned, that his son is dead, sees ghosts at night or spectra, or visions horrible hears voices, hallucinations and religious melancholic, believes that by committing or has committed a crime. Insania melancholy religious: puerperal. Manic states. Wild delirium. Delirium tremens. Hysteria with insomnia.
5 - () Mental symptoms associated with the sexual sphere are important in Kali Bromatum. There are erotic or lewd fantasies, nymphomania or satyriasis, lack of moral sense. Frequent sexual thoughts.
6 - () Disorders by emotional factors (usually insomnia or anxiety) by business failures for the death of a child, from fright, of sadness, loss of materials or their reputation. Seizures anger.
7 - () Moans sleeping, teeth grinding. Cries sleeping (or awake);
screams before seizures; cry encephalique. It has surprises sleeping. Unconsciousness during the vertigo. Drunken stupor, Sleepwalking.
8 - () Inconstant. Desire to roam.
9 Irritability by penalties, with insomnia.
10 - () Epilepsy. Seizure after a fit of anger, for excitement, from fright, before and during menstruation, for onanism, during delivery; eor dentition, in new moon in whooping cough; in uremia. Headache after seizures. Epilepsy syphilitic or tuberculous origin.
Symptoms of stroke.
11 - () Lack of awareness or anesthesia in the mouth, throat, larynx, urethra (the urine) or the entire body surface of the skin. Sense of anesthesia on the brain. Hyporeflexia, staggering gait, unsteady, his legs felt as if he were on his side. Muscular inco-ordination, weakness or paralysis and numbness nerve at different sites or throughout the body.
12 - () Worse (or onset of symptoms): at night, at 2 o'clock and in hot weather in summer. Mejare: being busy. Right side.
13 - () Periodicity marked: paroxysms every 2, 3 or 24 hours, 2 times a week, every 15 days, at new moon.
14 - () Especially useful in individuals prone to obesity in children, in nervous women.
Confusion 15, heaviness or fullness in the head. Dizziness. Feeling of constriction in the brain, as if too tight, with sensation of anesthesia in the same. Headaches in forehead or right occiput (extended to the back), worse walking or moving his head. Throbbing in the carotids and temporary. Anemia cerebral fluid loss, constant sleepiness. Cerebral softening in the elderly. Hydrocephalus.
Head feels asleep. Violent headache due to concussions. His head falls, can not stand straight. Seborrhea. Pityriasis.
16 Mydriasis, with verv slow pupillary reaction. Eyelids heavy. Sunken eyes, opaque. Stare. Eye movements in all directions.
Miosis. Dilated retinal vessels. Conjunctiva injected. Strabismus.
17 ringtones or roaring in the ears, synchronous with the pulse. Sounds of bells in the ears. Hearing loss.
18 Smell decreased. Coryza with tendency to spread to the throat.
Mucus thick yellow crusts on the nostrils. Swelling and redness of the nose.
19 - () anxious expression; tired, as if drunk, bewildered, moron, or no expression. Flushed face; yellowish cachectic. Acne facial, especially in adolescents or young fat or corpulent; simple, indurated or rosacea, with bluish red pustules, "leaving hideous scars"
(Allen). It is one of the most important drugs in acne: "I know of a remedy so useful in acne as Kali bromatum 30th" (Clarke).
20 - () Difficult dentition in children with vomiting and diarrhea. Toothache in children. Grinds teeth sleeping.
21 - () Slurred speech, especially on waking, slowly, the tongue has uncoordinated movements. Stuttering. Dumbness. Tongue: red, dry and enlarged; dry and brown, white, pale and cold. Foul breath. Sialorrhea.
Suppression of saliva during teething. Taste ugly, or salt or absent.
22 - () pharyngeal anesthesia with absent or decreased gag reflex.
Dysphagia for liquids only (in children or babies), just gobbles of the hurt. Uvula and throat congested and edematous. Throat dry. Diphtheria in tonsils and throat.
23 - () Anorexia. Violent thirst with dry mouth. Pressure in pit of stomach after eating. Persistent hiccups. Hysterical women who vomit the food for any excitement. Vomiting: with intense thirst in alcoholics after a drinking binge, in the cough. Retching and vomiting.
24 - () Enlarged liver and spleen. Sensation as if his intestines fall out or come out worse during stool. Hot in the womb.
Sunken abdomen, with the walls retracted, as attached to the column, and hard, especially in childhood diarrhea, with frequent and terrible cramps. Colicos Newspapers in infants at 17 hours. Flatulent colic in children and women hysterical. Ascites.
25 - () Painless diarrhea, with severe chills. Stools: rice water;
Frequently, greenish and watery, with violent stomach pains. Mucopurulent and bloody diarrhea. Childhood diarrhea. Asiatic cholera in its first stage, with vomiting, cramps and diarrhea as rice water. Constipation with very dry and hard stools. Spasmodic stricture of the anus. Diarrhea with blood. Polyps of the rectum. Hemorrhoids are very painful with black stools. Anal fissure.
26 Pain in the kidney region, and neck of the bladder. Low sensitivity of the urethra. Urine copious, pale, phosphaturia, scanty or suppressed; leaking a bit at the start of each deposition. Urinary incontinence, nocturnal enuresis. Diabetes, glycosuria, polydipsia, polyphagia and polyuria.
27 - () Excessive sexual desires, violent, with constant erections at night. Progressive decrease in sexual desire to impotence, with melancholy and memory loss. Effects of sexual excesses (repeated intercourse or wet dreams): impotence, depression, intellectual lethargy, back pain and motor inco-ordination with a staggering gait and great weakness. Spermatorrhoea. Painful erection gonorrhea.
28 Infertility in women by excessive sexual desires. Aversion to intercourse, lack of orgasm. Uterine fibroid. Subinvolution puerperal.
Ovarian cysts, with pain, sometimes of great size. Ovary pain following a sexual dissatisfaction. Metrorrhagia of nervous origin.
Menorrhagia in girls, or by excessive sexual desires. During menstruation: nymphomania, itching, burning and excitement in clitoris, vulva and genitals, seizures. Menses scanty fat or corpulent women. Menopause with anxiety, insomnia, tremors, hot flashes, palpitations, and menorrhagia. Vaginismus. Genital itching with intense sexual excitement. Violent sexual desires. Nympho postpartum. Morning sickness and vomiting in pregnancy, nervous cough, dry, hard, relentless, which can cause abortion.
29 - () Voice whistling in the postpartum period. Laryngeal anesthesia or hyperesthesia.
Laryngismus stridulus. Spasm of glottis. False croup of reflex origin, from teething or parasites. Diphtheritic croup, paroxysmal, with exudates llanquecinos. Breathing hot and fast. Asthma spasmodic cough, spasmodic and severe dyspnea. Dry cough, paroxysmal, fatiguing, worse at night and lying down, followed by vomiting mucus and food, with dyspnea. Children nervous and weak, with dry cough, that scares them and makes them scream in terror. Dry cough, hysterical, in women during pregnancy.
Pertussis; with seizures. Pneumonia in alcoholics. Burning in the chest.
30 Action intermittent weak heart, weak heart sounds, distant. Rapid pulse, then slow. Cardiac neurosis.
31 Tabes dorsalis. Back pain caused by sexual excesses.
32 - () tremor, intended to move or carry something in their mouths or write, or as in delirium tremens. Hands and fingers in constant motion or occupation, with shaking. Legs weak, can not stand erect. Unsteady, they take forever by a drunk. Lack of sensation in the lower limbs insensitive pricks and burns (tabes). Cold limbs, hands and wrists frost and humidity. Internal tremor when something is done. Sciatica that comes and goes suddenly.
Drowsiness by day 33; to sleep sitting, and if you wake up, go back to sleep. Deep sleep may wake with a start, but it's hard to wake. Insomnia in nervous, exhausted and angry, in convalescence from acute diseases or sexual excitement. He wakes up without knowing the beginning or where this or that happened to him. Children who wake up with a severe headache.
34 Shivering with cold and cold skin, chills worse in the extremities. Hothead with chills. Copious sweat and sticky all over, long and exhausting (malaria or intermittent fevers).
35 - () Eczema wet legs. Wet eruptions. Urticaria. Erythema nodosum appears in winter, with intense itching at night in bed and high fever. Acne simple and indurated, with bluish red pustules on face, chest,
shoulders and back; necrotic, scarred marked. Pustulitas.
Psoriasis. Tubers.
Silica Sulfur.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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