Kalium chloricum. Homeopathy

KALI chloricum
(Cl03K Potassium chlorate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Kali chloricum
1 apathy to dusk, with sadness, weariness of life and chills. You feel very confused and stupid. Mostly lost consciousness after a glass of wine.
2 Alegre; after grumpy, anxious, chest tension, improving after a nosebleed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Kali chloricum
3 seizure followed by delirium. Shocks in head and elsewhere.
4 weak. Collapse.
5 Best: shake by coughing and sneezing; by hot baths.
6 Vertigo on stooping and standing or by violent movements. Headache shear extended to the malar bones. Confusion walking outdoors.
Sensation of fullness with frontal pain. Pain in the temples. Pain
temporary. Occipital headache. Hemicrania left. Cradle cap in children.
7 - () irritation and redness in the eyes, stitches; pressure.
Pustular conjunctivitis and keratitis. Shocks in the internal angles. Pain in the upper eyelid in the evening. Go flames and sparks when coughing or sneezing. Diplopia.
8 Roaring in the ears during a bloody stools.
9 Tearing and irritation at the root of the nose. Violent coryza with much sneezing and copious mucous discharge, with front tension. Epistaxis: at night, only the right side; it better mentally.
10 - () Face swollen upon arising in the morning, almost can not see. Cara * alida, cyanotic, suffering expression. Shocks in the face and eyes in the masseter. Tension in the face. Pains in the zygomatic bone or the cheek, until she sneezes. Pains in the bones of the face. Neuralgic pains as lightning on the left side of the face, worse from talking, eating or the slightest contact, followed by numbness. Bluish lips, swollen. Pimples on face, forehead, lower lip and the right lip commissure.
11 - () Toothache, with pain in the jaw. The gums are very red, and bleed easily when brushing. Tongue white (middle) or yellow
dirty, with fur on the back, tongue cold, or hot, with prickling. Ulcerative or gangrenous stomatitis, oral mucosa with red and swollen, and tanned, with sores and ulcerations on the inner gray cheeks and lips, and sides of the tongue, with little pain. Thrush in children. Perforating ulcers in the mouth. Copious salivation and acid. Taste salty, sour or bitter taste or no. Foul breath.
12 - () Submaxillary glands swollen, red and swollen throat. Sore throat, that is rough, dry and raw. Dysphagia. Cold in the throat. White diphtheritic pseudomembrane.
13 - () Appetite increased, paroxysms of ravenous hunger, better for a sip of water. Appetite decreased or abolished. Sed. Belching of air or acids. Heat or cold sensation in the stomach. Gastralgias sharp, cutting. Nausea.
Sudden vomiting, incessant, food or dark green, fetid mucus.
Acute gastritis. Gastralgias with chest pain. Heartburn. Gastric heaviness with feeling of emptiness or languor. Fullness and distension epigastriea, better at night.
14 Flatulence, especially by day. Cramps with diarrhea and site changes flatulence. Weight and tension in the umbilical region, with intermittent pain. Enlarged spleen, with local sensation of pressure. Tension in the right upper quadrant, the better for flatus. Hypogastric pain, diarrhea.
15 - () Congestion and blockage of the portal system and liver, with hemorrhoids.
Constant diarrhea with urgency, violent, painful, with liquid or watery stools, green or clear, followed by weakness. Dysentery with blood and mucus. Constipation, with hard, dry stools and difficult, and in the last part, mixed with mucus and blood.
16 - () Itching in the urethra. Frequent and copious micturition, with irritation in the bladder and urethra. It can not empty the bladder. You can only urinate a few drops of bloody urine. Acute or subacute parenchymatous nephritis with urine containing albumin, blood and cylinders. Albuminuria after a scarlet fever and diphtheria, and in pregnancy (preeclampsia). Nephritis occurs with scanty, and little or no edema, and often coincides with an ulcerative stomatitis (see 11). Urine: increased at dusk and at night, scanty or suppressed, black or green with black albumin, turbid; hematuria.
17 - () Frequent and violent erections, painful, itching of the scrotum. Frequent nocturnal emissions with wet dreams. Eisminuidos desires, with chills and apathy.
18 - () Hoarseness. Larynx and trachea tender. Laryngeal irritation, with dryness in throat and chest, and coughing violently as from sulfur fumes, with coryza. Dyspnea. Painful pressure on the sides of the chest or left and up. Feeling of constriction and tightness in the chest as, for inhaling fumes of sulfur or lungs have tied on a string.
Rush of blood to the thorax; congestion. Sputum opaque.
19 - () Precordial anxiety with oppression and violent palpitations. Cold chest. Pulse: rapid, weak, slow, not synchronous with the heartbeat, or slower than them.
20 Low back pain with heaviness, with polyuria.
Stiffness in muscles 21 members, in their hands. Drawing and tearing pains in forearms and wrists. Intense cold in the arms. Cramps in the right index. Stepparents inflamed. Blisters or itching bumps on the backs of their hands. Twitching in the thigh. Violent pains in the knees, but on the right. Leg cramps. Constantly cold feet, palpitations worse.
22 Sleep restless or interrupted. He wakes at dawn, lying on his back, snoring and dyspnea. It sounds to events of yesterday, with prophecies of death or dying from typhoid eroticos.
23 Hot widespread lack of vital heat. Chills and thrills,
in back and neck, the evening outdoors. Heat with orgasms BLOOD (the thorax) and arterial pounding and palpitations. Intolerable heat in the head.
24 Skin cold, cyanosis, jaundice chocolate tint. Rashes, with painful and itchy pimples. Miliary eruptions. Pruritic pustules with red areola. Papulitas red. Itching all over, worse at night in bed.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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