Kalium CYANATUM. Homeopathy

(Potassium Cyanide)
1 Moodiness almost uncontrollable when entering a room, much better if you go outdoors and fresh. How to be Gentile.
2 Inability to recall certain words (aphasia). Profound stupor.
Tonic 3 intense, rigidly contracted sphincters.
Epilepsy. Apoplexy. Tetanus.
4 Worse 4 to 16 hours immediately after eating, in a room.
Better: moving outdoors.
5 - () Vertigo intense, with the feeling that all things move around. Head facing backward. Can not tolerate anything that covers her head, because it produces a strong headache. Headache across the forehead, occipital headache. Parietal region of the scalp sore. Temporal headache which makes each day at the same time, especially at 4 or 16 hours.
6 - () Eyes open and close quickly and alternately looking in different directions. Eyes closed, but the eyeballs are moved convulsively without interruption. Swollen upper eyelids. Intense mydriasis with pupillary areflexia light. Darkening or temporary loss of vision, followed by diplopia.
Ringing in the ears 7.
8 It sounds like pure blood at 10 hours, feels hot and dry nasal mucosa.
9 - () Face: pale and puffy, cyanotic, pale. Neuralgic pains in the orbit and maxilla, at the same time, with much congestion on that side of the face. Shocks in the face. Red foam covering mouth and nose. Lockjaw Tetanus with intense eyes backward, distorted face, sharp nose and pulse imperceptibly.
10 - () pale oral mucosa. Astringent taste. Cancerous ulcer on the right side of the tongue. You see a dark coloration of the tongue through the white furred. He has lost the ability to speak with intelligence intact.
And indurated painful swelling of the tongue, which tends to ulcerate. Cancer of the tongue.
11 Sensacion astringent in throat, with nausea. Feeling of constriction in the fauces, with muscle tremors in the throat or high rigidity. Every time you swallow has seizures and redness in the face. No sensation of the act of swallowing.
Copious vomiting 12. Gastralgias acute and intermittent. Epigastrium prominent and very sensitive. Severe burning.
13 Sensation as if by moving the bowels. Pains in English after noon.
14 The stools leave involuntarily. Obstinate constipation.
15 bladder greatly distended with urine, leaving only the catheter. The urine passes involuntarily.
16 - () Rales mucosal noisy. The breathing is very slow, up to seven respiratory movements per minute, with very long expiration, as well as the interval between inspiration and expiration. The breath is almost suspended, but the chest rises convulsively, at irregular intervals.
Anxiety and chest tightness.
17 Points precordial. Palpitations. Pulse very slow at times.
18 marked weakness in the lumbar region, with pain and weakness in the iliac region, when walking and after noon.
19 Members rigid and convulsive. Tetanic spasms in the muscles of legs and arms. Members flaccid, with mild seizures. Fingers in spasmodic extension. Unsteady. Members cold, ice cream, without strength.
Drowsiness by day 20. Restless sleep, a lot of position changes from one side to another, or may not be lying on your side. Horrible dreams.
21 The surface of the whole body is cold and wet. Shuddering.
Chills on waking, followed by mild sweat. At 6 am, feverish sweat widespread, except the legs, face snatched. Hands and face covered with cold sweat.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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