Kalium Ferrocyanatum and pophosphorosum. Homeopathy

KALI Ferrocyanatum
(Potassium ferrocyanide)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis Ferrocyanatum
1 - () Sad, cries, thinks he will die soon.
2 Irritable, easily offended.
3 - () Worse on waking; on rising, to the morning, to move or walk, play it (it is very sensitive to touch). Best: after noon.
4 weak, trembling. Numbness in some areas. Hemorrhage.
Anemia. Neuralgia erratic.
5 Periodicity in the appearance of some symptoms.
6 Vertigo with cold and shivering. Periodic headache following the sun.
7 Sneezing with mucous secretion.
8 Sialorrhea with sensitive gums, red and swollen, and mouth sores.
Acid taste.
9 dry and sore throat on waking, better when you cough. Raw-throat on waking, with swollen tonsils. Ulcerations.
10 - () Sense of gastric empty or languor. Mild nausea wear.
Heartburn with belching acids. Pressure in stomach after eating, they accompanied uterine symptoms.
11 premature ejaculation with little orgasm. 1roticos nocturnal emissions with vague dreams.
12 - () sensation of drawing down the uterus. Menses too frequent and copious; or late. Metrorrhagia passive, painless, watery, followed by great weakness. Flow as pus, yellow, creamy, rich and non-irritating, just after menstruation and usually by day, with sacral pain. Hypogastrium sensitive during pregnancy.
13 Urine copious, watery, frequent, sometimes with traces of congealed blood.
14 - () Heart fatty with weak and irregular pulse. Hypertrophy with cardiac dilatation. Weak and slow heart action. Functional heart disease with anemia.