Kalium iodatum. Homeopathy

(Potassium iodide)

1 - () Sad very pronounced, with difficulty tolerating their children, who adores her. Sadness with fear, irritability or resentment.
Crying in a way after being anxious or anxious. Moaning. Cephalic cry.

2 - () It is cruel, inhumane, hard, inexorable hatred comes. Excitable, irritable, violent, does not want to be touched. Rough and irritable with his wife and children. Workaholic?

3 - () Disorders intellectual overwork.

4 - () Anxiety: with a red face while you sleep (especially after menstruation). Fear of dying, drowning, bad. Startled by noises.

5 - () syphilitic dementia, the progressive general paralysis. Delirious rage.

6 - () Talkative, joker, passionate.

7 intellectual weakness. Forgetfulness; not find the right words to speak or write, can not play music.

8 - () One of the most important drugs of syphilis at any stage.

9 - () your symptoms occur or become worse: heat in any form or in a warm room or warm clothing, for the cold by night, since the sun goes until dawn, especially from 2 to 5 am, on the seafront, for changes in weather and wet weather, to take cold milk, by walking; by touch and pressure, after coition; at rest. Better: open air (there is a strong desire for open air); by motion.

10 - () is very characteristic diffuse hypersensitivity, something painful, of the parties concerned, especially to touch and pressure (in inflamed organs, neuralgia, lymphadenopathy, lymph, glands (liver, thyroid, breasts, etc..) Leather hair, etc..

11 - () Thinning. in some cases quite marked. In rickets with big head, big teeth, small jaw and members thinned with lymphadenopathy.

12 after inflammatory processes to eliminate traces of inflammation (bronchitis, pneumonia, erysipelas, etc.). As Sulfur acts, "and also the 30th, it's magic" (Cooper). Effects of rheumatic fever.

13 Seizures that dominate the left side, tremors, spasms, muscle, tendon smoothly. Hyperesthesia. Paralysis.

14 - () Hemorrhage, purpura. Arteriosclerosis. HBP.

Desire and aversion OF KALI IODATUM
15 Aversion to the broth, soups.


16 - () Vertigo in the dark. Violent frontal headache, across the forehead or on one half, with tearing pain in the sinuses and in the root of the nose, worse tomorrow or 5 hours, with concern, Best Setter.
Shooting pains in the temples or biparietal and vertex. All the scalp is very sensitive, especially after scratching as an ulceration. Feeling of having plenty of water in the brain or head is relaxed. Cephalic Heaviness and numbness on stooping after eating or at night, with tenderness. Violent headaches and expansive, with local cold. Hard and painful nodules in the skull. The hair changes color and falls. Pneumococcal meningitis. Hydrocephalus.

17 - () Eyes: sunken, with dark circles, or outgoing, with edema of orbital cellulitis. Eyes swollen, burning and tearing abundant subacute or chronic inflammation, with red lids, conjunctival injection, and becoming edematous and ulcerative worse at night and warmth, better outdoors, with sharp pains in ceulares balloons, worse move, with mucopurulent conjunctival discharge, greenish and thick. Pustular or ulcerative keratitis. Syphilitic iritis. Chemosis. Stitches over his left eye.
Constant oscillation of the eyes. You can not fix them. Mydriasis. Swollen eyelids. Chalazion. Cutting in the outer corner of the eye. Vision cloudy. Diplopia. Bone tumors of the orbit.

Earache in 18 ears and back, piercing, tearing, terebrantes, with high sensitivity in the ear. Itching in the left ear. Cracking in the ear while trying to swallow. Hey buzz, ring tones, or noises of running water, or rainwater on the floor. Marked hipcacusia.

19 - () Acute coryza shown repeatedly by the least cold, with copious watery, irritating, burning hot, with nasal obstruction (worse in a warm room) and head dazed, with violent attacks of sneezing and lids with hot tearing swollen, with pain or an frontal sinuses or facial bones burning or throbbing pain in the nasal bones, the coryza is worse in open air and better in a warm room, and the state usually happens the other way around, with swollen nose red, especially at the tip. Feeling of constriction in the root of the nose. If it tends to chronicity, the secretion is thick, greenish, cold, fetid, black or green, with a tendency edematous and ulcerative mucosal excoriation and constant feeling of being raw, dry cough sometimes with violent, and hoarseness. Ozena, sometimes with removal of bone chips. Anosmia. Epistaxis. Nasal sensation of fullness.

20 Face yellowish. Expresion wild, excited, sad. Tearing or puncture in the left mejila, but in the morning in bed and slept on that side, and swelling. The malar bones are tender. Sudden shocks neuralgia in gleaming, covering the teeth.
Lips dry, cracked, full of glutinous mucus in the morning on waking. Painful drawing in the right half of upper lip. Sensation as if something heavy hanging jaw.

21 - () Burning blisters in the mouth at the tip of the tongue. Language bloated, tender, covered with nodules and deep cracks, white or brown. Severe pain at the root of the tongue, especially at night before bed, spread to the throat, fearing imminent death. Tongue dry and rigid morning. Burning in the left edge of the tongue, sore mouth as if she had been burned. He speaks with difficulty. Palate swollen, sore and excoriated. Mouth dry and bitter asleep to wake up the morning after. Sialorrhea with nausea, bloody saliva. Bad breath the morning after rising. Taste: bitter (better for breakfast) or sweet, or sour after eating or drinking. Mouth ulcers milky base and irregular borders; syphilitic. Toothache worse lying down to midnight and 4 to 5 hours or from cold, better by heat, like the tooth would break. Teeth feel too long at dusk. Gums swollen and painful.

22 - () goiter with tenderness and pressure. Lymph glands swollen and suppurating. Stitches in the left side of the throat just swallowing, worse in the evening, feeling that this scraping and raw.
Swallowing painful and difficult, with redness and swelling of the soft palate and tonsils, worse right. Syphilitic old and deep ulceration in the throat. Pressing pain in the throat while reading and swallowing.

23 Bulimia or lack of appetite. Sed. Belching of large quantities of air.
Hiccups in the evening. Nausea with pressure in the stomach. Simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. Violent vomiting with hypersalivation. Gastralgias intermittent, like a vacuum, languid and cold at night, not relieved by eating. Throbbing pain in the left side of the epigastrium. Better burping heartburn, but soon reappear. Rumbling and clucking in the stomach.
Gastric heaviness. Stomach food or cold drinks.

24 - () Stitches in the hypochondria, in English. Brusca distension of the stomach, as if about to burst, better flatus; of tomorrow.
vovimientos and rumbling in the belly, as if something alive (and also in the left groin). Pains appear in the morning upon waking and sleep better at night, or are better outdoors and reappear when you enter the house. Itching in the navel. Heat in the left groin.

25 Diarrhea with lumbar pain as broken or as if to appear menstruation, mucous stools. Constipation with stool scanty, hard and difficult to expel. Anal fissure in children.

26 - () Painful urging to urinate; premenstrual urgency to urinate.
Frequent and copious urination, clear as water, day and night, or worse at night. Diurnal and nocturnal enuresis in children. Chronic urethritis with thick yellow-green secretion, and with little or no pain.

27 Atrophy of testicles, especially the right. Penis swollen and inflamed, with constant semi-erection and desire; swelling of the glans with paraphimosis.
Condylomata in the glans. Cankers with raised edges, on the penis. Slow and prolonged erections, with dorole intercourse, prolonged without ejaculation.
Erections even after ejaculation. Crushing pain in the testicles. Decreased sexual desire.

28 flow-irritant vulvar itching, severe itching in the pubic bone. Pressure in the uterus with wrenching pain down, better sitting. Menses reappear every week, suppressed menses, scanty and irregular, with pains in the thighs. Pain in the English and sacrum during menstruation. Metrorrhagia between periods. Mucus, or greenish yellow, thick, fetid, corrosive with subacute metritis in newly married young women. Uterine fibroids or uterine hypertrophy or subinvolution.
Pain in right ovary.

29 - () False croup. Subacute or chronic laryngitis with dropsy (edema of glottis)
and ulceration, hoarseness, constant feeling of mucus or raw excoriated, waking drowned, worse from cold and changing weather and humid. Nasal voice, short, and their responses; weak, trembling, hoarse, worse at night.
Laryngeal tuberculosis. Acute bronchitis or pneumonia (when solidification begins), with dry cough, worse from 2 to 5 am and the heat (better for fresh air), by tracheal irritation, with copious frothy sputum, such as soapy water, green and salt. Dyspnea when climbing stairs, with chest pain. Asthma. Edema. Hydrothorax. Pleurisy with effusion, pleuritis left. Sharp or stabbing pains in the chest, or tenderness to the touch, in the middle of the chest or sternum when walking, on the right side or left at the top, worse sitting, leaning forward, sitting upright better. Down to chest colds (Dulcamara).
Breasts shrink or atrophy; insufficient milk.

30 - () point in the heart, when walking or night, with anguish and choking, forcing out of bed. Endocarditis with violent, tumultuous and irregular heart activity, oppression and feeling of faintness; pericarditis.
Enlarged heart. Palpitations. Pulse: fast, full, irregular, slow and weak, hard and tight, small and soft.

31 cervical lymph node. Stitch on the right side when lying.
3umor hard, painless neck. Cracking neck when moving head.
Beats between the shoulder blades. Stitches in the sacrum when sitting, or beaten, and do not know how to lie, worse sitting forward. Lumbar twitching as if something alive there. Tailbone pain sitting as if he had fallen.

32 - () Hand tremors. Severe bone pain, shin splints, with great sensitivity, particularly in the tibia. Rheumatic pains, worse at night and in wet weather. Syphilitic rheumatism. Tearing pains in the shoulders, to move or touch him or at rest, in cubits right wrist, fingers. Contracture of the fingers. Pain on the radio. Cramp in the forearm. Altered gait, unsteady. Punctures in the thigh with every step. Sciatica, worse at night and in the evening in bed, lying on painful side, by pressure, sitting or standing; better outdoors, flexing the leg, moving or walking, can not stay in bed. Hydrarthrosis chronic knee. Tearing: in the lap of night, in right tibia, in the calves when sitting or standing, better walking. Pain and weakness in the legs.
Tearing pains in the heels while sitting or standing, better walking, in the big toe and second.

Frequent and excessive yawning 33 without sleep. Most of the night insomnia,
or wake up every hour. Cries very strong sleeping. Restless sleep and no sleep. Suenos happy, dangerous, anxious; of fall, that wakes with a start, they're going to kill. Nightmares.

34 Chills in the evening or at night, with shaking all night, wake him, worse lying down. Shivering all over, with hot head, during menstruation, with cold hands up the back and spread throughout the body. Sometimes with chills, dry skin, others with copious sweat, do not improve with external heat. Afternoon heat, heat waves followed by sweat, from 13 to 15 hours.

35 Purpura, especially in the legs. Erysipelas or itchy rash or bumps on the face, acne rosacea. Erythema. Impetiginized eczema. Small boils on head, face, neck, back and chest. Confluent vesicles all sizes, which are opacified, shrivel and dry, without crust. Itching worse by scratching. Can not wash with cold water. Red spots on high, especially in the lower limbs. Erythema nodosum. Urticaria. Papular eruptions.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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