Kalium mur. Homeopathy

Kali Muriaticum
(Potassium Chloride)
1 - () think or imagine that he must die of hunger, and refuses to eat.
2 - () is one of the drugs whose indication specifies Schussler is the inflammation of mucous and serous in their second or subacute stage, ie, once the acute stage. The secretions or mucous discharges are white, thick, fibrinous, viscous, and plastic of the serous exudates are white or grayish, as well as the membrane.
3 - () According to Schussler, is one of the most important medicines in lymphadenopathy and glandular hypertrophy in infiltration with fibrinous exudate in the intercellular tissue (hard or not); cellulite.
4 - () bleeding blood clots dark or black quickly, with clots very consistent, with a tendency to embolize.
5 - () Home medication for epilepsy, especially when it follows the suppression of eczema or other rashes.
6 - () Effects of blows, cuts, trauma, especially for the swelling. Important drug sprains, when the most critical moment has passed.
7 - () Aggravation: fat foods and pastries, by motion, for the warmth of the bed. Amelioration: for cold drinks.
8 - () Edema of renal or cardiac origin. Chronic edema. Hodgkin's disease.
Kali Muriaticum SPECIFIC
9 - () Headache with white tongue and vomiting white mucus like milk.
Meningitis (after Phosporicum Ferrum). Crust lactea. White dandruff.
Secretion of 10 eyes with white or yellow or greenish purulent crusts.
Blisters on the cornea. Feels like sand in the eyes. Parenchymatous keratitis. Falls. Retinitis with exudate. Hypopyon. Corneal ulcer.
11 - () chronic otitis media with obstruction of the eustachian tube (especially the right) and nose and throat problems (see 12). Hearing loss or deafness from congestion and swelling of the middle ear or the ear canal or adenoids or tonsils. Retraction of the eardrum.
Ringing in the ears, cracking on blowing or swallowing.
12 - () Acute or chronic coryza, nose full of mucus thick, whitish and covered with adherent crusts, with obstruction of the eustachian tube blowing. Epistaxis after noon.
13 facial pain and swelling of the face. Mumps.
14 - () thrush in babies. Buccal mucosa raw, and feels raw.
Neck lymphadenopathy. Tongue swollen. Grayish white tongue coating.
Mapped tongue. Gums inflamed. Toothache with swollen gums and cheeks. Bitter taste.
15 - () Diphtheria with membranous white or grayish white. Adenoids. White deposit on the tonsils, cheesy and very foul, which follow the hawk. Gray or whitish throat. Marked hypertrophy of tonsils, with gray or white boards. Throat very sore, full of white mucus, with swollen ankles. Small and superficial ulcerations in the throat.
16 - () Anorexia, or always hungry, and eat too. Indigestion by fat or very delicious food. Vomiting of thick white mucus, or clotted blood, black, thick. Gastralgias. Gastritis by hot food.
17 jaundice duodenal catarrh, with as putty colored stools.
Liver failure, with pain in the liver. Belly swollen and tender.
Flatulence. Second stage of peritonitis and appendicitis, with the formation of exudates plastrons by plastic.
18 - () with light stools Constipation or bleached like clay. Diarrhea from food or typhoid, or yellow with white stools, or white and mucous membranes, or frothy and watery. Oxyuriasis, anal itching. Dysentery with mucous stools. Bleeding piles, with thick black blood, clotted.
19 acute or chronic cystitis with thick white mucus in the urine.
Nephritis. Dark urine.
20 - () Gonorrhea with milky or whitish secretion. Orchitis from suppressed gonorrhea. Buboes with chancroid. Syphilis.
21 - () Menses early or late, but always abundant, thick blood, black as tar with clots, or wire embedded in tar. Amenorrhea. Thick, milky white, non-irritating, often with ulceration of the cervix. Uterine hypertrophy or chronic congestion.
Discomforts of pregnancy morning with vomiting white mucus. Puerperal fever. Mastitis.
22 - () aphonia or hoarseness from cold. Asthma with white expectoration. False croup.
Dry cough, spasmodic, violent, followed by expectoration of thick mucus, white, milky and viscous, with tears and feeling that your eyes will bulge, the child grasps throat when coughing in tuberculosis, pneumonia , bronchitis, whooping cough. Pleurisy with plastic exudate and adhesions.
Tendency to 23 strokes. Pericarditis in the second stage, with plastic exudate and adhesions. Cardiac hypertrophy. Palpitations.
24 - () Acute polyarticular rheumatism or rheumatic fever (to be taken once daily, the shredding 6AX, months or years, the symptoms disappear after negativization reactions) with periarticular swelling and serous exudation in articular pains that aggravated by movement, at night and from warmth of bed, get out of bed and sit, with white tongue. Hands Hard to write. Chronic rheumatism pains with the same procedures. Chronic swelling of legs and feet, painless itching. Coxalgia. Ulcers. Cracking in the tendons on the back of the hand.
Chilblains. Tabes. Ingrown toenails. Warts on the hands.
25 Starting in sleep by a sound. Drowsiness. Restless sleep.
26 - () is indicated mainly in the second stage or subacute febrile inflammatory processes of any organ. Escarlatilna (and as a preventative). Typhoid. Catarrhal fever with chills for the least intense cold air, you need the heat of the stove, or be too warm in bed.
27 - () abscess or carbuncle before forming pus. Acne or eczema or erysipelas, with white blisters. Eruptions after a vaccination (one of the main drugs of sycosis). Eczema dry, scaly and white flour. Obstinate eczema or cradle cap in face and head of small children. Burns of any degree. Herpes. Lupus. Measles and pecuelas. Smallpox (controls the formation of pustules). Ulcerations with whitish exudates or crusts.
SUPPLEMENTARY Kali Muriaticum:
Sulfur Iodatum Pulsatilla.