Kalium nit. Homeopathy

(Potassium nitrate saltpeter)
1 Tedium, boredom with a sad and cry easily. Discouraged, angry, humorless. Discouraged, afraid to die. Moody.
2 Excitation after a glass of wine as if he had drunk a lot.
Anxiety and agitation. 0 properties aversion to think or work. Semiestupor.
3 - () is a very prominent feature, a key symptom, the sensation of numbness on the affected areas or isolated places, which comes to feel as if they were of wood, especially the hand or lower limb when walking.
4 - () Aggravation (or onset of symptoms) from eating beef, for wine or beer by a slight current of air from cold damp morning, after noon, evening and after midnight or at 3, walking, breathing, for coffee. Best: from drinking small sips of water, lying down, especially the right side, the symptoms that appear during the day, gone to bed at night, better by moving slowly and calmly.
5 - () edema of sudden onset in the whole body.
6 - () fatigue, loosening, but still assumed that during movement.
General weakness, cold in the body and sensitivity to cold, especially wet. Anemia. Fainting.
7 Great external sensitivity, especially in the scalp, abdomen and testicles. The pain is usually in stitches.
8 - () Vertigo worse tomorrow when standing, sitting up better, with dimming of vision, great weakness, ringing in the ears, with ongoing ebb and tendency to fall to the right, or right and backwards after taking beer . Pressive headache in the forehead above the root of the nose or sides, or in the crown as if a stone on top, worse coffee, better for the movement of a vehicle. Pain in the right frontal sinus by nasal catarrh deleted. Headache on vertex as if hair toss. Headache from eating beef. Headache, alternating with tearing, such as cramps, joints of the fingers. Heaviness
cephalic morning, as if intoxicated. Hemicrania right by a slight draft. Cold and occipital stiffness. Cramps in the neck, head Tugback. Occipital headache, better to untie his head. Scalp sensitive and sore. Scaly patches on the head. Profuse hair loss.
9 Burning eyes, with tearing and photophobia, worse morning, after 9avarse with cold water. Transient blindness, blurred vision. Go colored circles, or the colors halo around lights.
Earache l0 worse in the evening and lying on the ear. Tearing auricular, especially on the right. Inflammation of the right ear lobe, with burning pain. Noises or ringing in the ears, often with vertigo, Meniere's syndrome. Deafness from auditory nerve paralysis.
11 - () Violent coryza, with nasal obstruction and anosmia. Pain as a contraction in the eyes, forehead and face, which focuses on the tip of the nose. Right frontal sinus cold deleted (see 8). Tip of nose swollen and sore. Nasal bones painful, worse when touched. Swollen nasal mucosa. Sensation of swelling in right nostril, with great tenderness and pain on pressure. Nasal polyps, especially on the right. Chronic nasal obstruction by polyps or mucus, worse in cold damp or 3 am. Ulceration of the nostrils, covered with scabs. Epistaxis bloody irritating. Tip of nose sore, red and itchy. Cold nose. Sneezing.
12 Face pale, sickly, sunken. Convulsions or twitching in facial muscles. Heat to face. Cheeks red and tense, with aggravation of headache. Tearing in the bones of the face.
13 Toothache, worse at night, cold drinks and to play; throbbing.
Gums swollen and bleed easily. Foul breath. Tongue white.
Burning blisters on the tip of the tongue. Tingling in the tongue. Nauseous taste, or acid in the morning on rising. He can not talk.
14 Sore throat, worse at night and swallowing, veiled and swollen uvula. Swallowing almost impossible by cutting and tension in the larynx. Sour taste in the throat.
15 Lack of appetite and thirst with burning continuously. Ravenous hunger from 10 to 11 hours
alternating with paraumbilical pain. Pain in the cardia. Nausea night.
Mucosanguinolentos retching and vomiting. Gastralgias spasmodic, pressing, gnawing, as if something were turning into the stomach. Languor in the epigastrium, as if about to faint. Violent stomach cramps after eating beef. Cold feeling in the stomach, or heartburn. Gastralgias intense after every meal.
16 - () violent stomach upsets, especially on the right, by eating beef. Excessive distension, with great sensitiveness to touch the belly.
Colicos periumbilical and left upper quadrant, even with normal stools, flatus better offensive. Cutting pains and stitches in his belly.
Incarcerated flatulence, worse of late. Rumbling very noisy.
17 - (), hard stool evacuated with great difficulty and great effort.
Diarrhea from eating beef, sometimes without pain. Dysentery with many sharp pains in his stomach. Watery and bloody stools, or hard as sheep feces. Colicos and urgency before defecation, tenesmus and sharp pains during and after, followed by burning and stinging in the anus.
18 - () Pollakiuria with polyuria, cloudy or clear urine reddish. Urethral burning urination with oliguria. Chronic nephritis, kidney pains deaf Uon hypersensitivity in the bladder and urethra, urethral heaviness and urgent desire to urinate, especially at 3 in the morning. Diabetes insipidus.
Nocturnal enuresis in children.
19 erections with increased sexual desire. Punctures and frequent itching of the glans. Burning in the orifice of the foreskin. Swelling of the left epididymis. Painful testicles after a sexual dissatisfaction.
Hypersensitivity of both testicles, which are pulled upward.
20 - () Menses too frequent and profuse menstrual blood black as ink. Late or suppressed menses. Abortions in the second month.
Violent pains in the abdomen and sacrum before and during menstruation. Serous flow target, which appears during sacral pain and enhances the clothes.
Frequent punctures under the left breast.
21 - () Hoarseness and sharply cutting pain in the larynx. Tingling with violent and sudden laryngeal irritation on the right side of the throat and bronchi, with a desire to cough may be nullified by a slow, deep breathing and an effort of will. Cough worse at 3 am or outdoors or cold or climbing stairs or hold your breath or tomorrow, which causes him pain retrosternal sharp or pressing, with local heat sensation of headache at 3. Chest pain and cough with expectoration of pure blood or purulent (with copious sweating). Intense with great oppression asthmatic dyspnoea, worse (or appear) at 3 in the morning (as Kali Carbonicum), low and mild cough, little or no expectoration, worse by movement, lying with his head down or up stairs, and better shielding or sitting motionless or coughing. Dyspnea is so intense that if you are very thirsty, drink a sip of one after another, as breathlessness prevents a sip longer. Lancinating pains in the chest when breathing deeply, lying, and coughing, with excessive fear and oppression. Stitches or tearing or cutting in the left thorax, particularly near the sternum. Pneumonia. Bronchitis. False croup.
Laryngeal diphtheria. Pulmonary tuberculosis.
22 - () Violent palpitations, especially lying on his back at night in bed, and wake him. Myocardial weakness and weak pulse slow, worse with walking and exertional dyspnea, with cold and precordial stitches, prone to fainting or syncope, and sudden edema. Slow pulse of morning, afternoon and fast at sunset.
23 - () Pain in the neck, as if thrown violently by the hair, spread to the shoulders. Violent back pain at night and waking in the morning worse by cold damp, with stiff like wood. Sacral pain. Backache stooping. Pain in the shoulder blades and between them, often with dyspnea, worse at night and lying on his back, lying on the right side better.
24 - () pains in the limbs during the chills. Rheumatic pains in the joints of the upper limb, especially at night, especially in hands and fingers (with stiffness and cramping) with the feeling that the hand is too long or sleep, or like timber, and swelling fingers. Paralytic weakness in the arms, hands and fingers, which hinders dlgo firmly. Rheumatic pains in the legs. Paralytic weakness in the legs after walking a bit. Twitching tearing. Numbness and tingling in the feet. Contraction of the toes. He feels as if the legs were made of wood, especially when walking.
Daytime Sleepiness 25. Nocturnal sleep disturbed by constant dreams,
especially dangerous situations. Nightmares.
26 Extraordinary thrills, not better shelter or hot beverages. Hot in the afternoon, thirsty, or preceded by headache and without thirst, followed by heat at night, without thirst or sweating. Ague daily, with pains in the limbs. Sensation of burning heat, internal and external cold.
Copious sweat; of tomorrow, but in the thorax.
27 pricking as from needles, followed by burning, especially in the face. Vesicles filled with a glowing yellowish serum, which break the scratching, fading burning.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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