Kalium oxalicum. Homeopathy

Kali oxalicum
(Potassium Oxalate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis oxalicum
1 Extreme depression. Insania.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis oxalicum
2 seizures with fall, loud cries and stomach upsets. Tendency to fainting. Great weakness.
3 - () Sensation of floating or sliding head. Heaviness. Throbbing headache with intense thirst.
4 Severe pain in eyes with cloudy vision. Conjunctiva injected; mydriasis.
5 pale, anxious, cold sweats deck. Pale face and lips,
with constant chills. Face flushed.
6 Mouth and throat red and irritated, with burning sensation. Acid taste.
7 violent vomiting and continuous, with fainting. Gastralgia intense burning and burning bowel, with a burning sensation around the belly, which is very sensitive to touch or pressure.
8 voids with a burning sensation.
9 severe back pain, especially lower back.
10 spasmodic contraction in the hands. Some fingers and cyanotic. Great weakness in the legs. Leg cramps.
11 Skin cold and clammy. Sensation of cold, followed by burning heat in chest and stomach, with weakness. Continuous tremors like dogs, throughout the body.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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