Kalium permanganicum. Homeopathy

KALI permanganatum
(Potassium permanganate)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Kali permanganatum

1 Terrible weakness and languor, especially in the lower limbs, ue force him to lie down.

KALI PARTICULAR permanganatum
2 Sensation of fullness in the head.

3 Abundant tearing.

4 Sharp pains that go from the throat to the left mastoid, the Eustachian tube.

5 - () Secretion ulcerated nasal, blood-streaked, irritating, burning, with nasal obstruction. Epistaxis every effort to unclog your nose.

6 - () Mouth and lips very dry, his lips burn when exposed to cold air.
Intense constantly drooling out the mouth, with burning pain or as if raw, extending to the throat, esophagus and stomach. Speaks haltingly, and causes pain to speak. Breath extremely offensive.

7 - () The throat is a major area of activity of this drug. Dry throat, swollen, red and very painful, with pain spread to the ears, with incessant attempts to swallow that it is almost impossible to stop, and tend to cough most often ineffective, but what always starts streak of blood, with feeling of constriction, burning and warmth that extends to the cardia, and as if the mucosa was thickened. Choanal painful. Soft palate and uvula swollen, edematous and dark red. Small ulcers in the walls of the throat, with burning pains. Painful lymphadenopathy in the neck, with soreness in the muscles. Diphtheria with membranous gray, thick and adherent with the symptoms described above and great prostration.

8 - () No appetite, thirsty, but can not drink. Nausea with a constant tendency to swallow. Nausea and vomiting, with removal of a liquid or thick and viscous mucus in large quantities and leaving without difficulty, worsening throat pain without relief from nausea.
Gastralgias hot and almost unbearable, which radiate throughout the epigastrium.
Feeling of constriction, heat and discomfort around the esophagus and cardia, better eating.

9 obstinate constipation.

10 Desire to urinate frequently, and the urine is copious and watery.

11 - () Pain in the region of the cricoid cartilage, worse each time she tried to swallow. Sensation of rawness in the larynx. Constant cough, short, painful, with a constant and painful swallowing, with nausea, sometimes vomiting, watery and copious expectoration and blood-streaked ulcerated.

12 legs feel like I can not move, you stop wanting to shake.

13 - Restless sleep or insomnia.

14 - Hot face. Profuse sweating.

Source: "Vijnovsky homeopathic Materia Medica"

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