Kalium Phosphoricum. Homeopathy

Kali Phosphoricum
(Potassium Phosphate)

1 - () The key feature of this medication is a physical state of psychological depression, often caused by mental overwork (especially the professionals and businessmen, exhausted), but also in problems of emotional origin (concerns, anticipation, fear, anger, disappointments, grief, fright, etc..), or after a serious illness that result a real drain of nervous energy, setting the table of the former neurasthenia or "burnout". There is a marked sadness especially on waking and when menstruation is late or does not appear. This indifference to joy, or sighs or cries. There is a marked disappointment in all that relates to their work or their activities and economic problems. His memory is very poor, omits letters or words in writing or use the wrong words or wrong in places or places, your senses are dulled, and concentrated with great difficulty, especially when studying or reading, so much so that the work mind is made impossible, and seems to go haywire by their inability to mentally try.
This absent, distracted, no will, and dislikes to talk to and answer, notwithstanding that the company prefers. The work seems less burdensome. All this mental picture is worse after intercourse, but even that wears him out. Imbecility.

2 - () It startles easy, especially from fright, through noise or when touched. There is a hypersensitivity, especially to light and noise. Very sensitive children or adolescents. Excitement, scares easily.

3 - () has a constant anxiety, apprehension without cause or bleak omens, always sees the bad side of everything, wringing her hands. He is afraid to die (although he's tired of life), disease, and being alone in public places or places (agoraphobia).
Nightly anxiety in children, night terrors.

4 - () is irritable, impatient, stubborn. Irritable when spoken to and when this or feel weak. Children yelling, especially at night, irritable, pierced, tearful. Suspicious. Breaking things, clothes or blankets. The child wants to be paraded in the arms of one room to another. Excessive nervousness due to excessive sexual excitement.

5 - () Hysteria by sudden emotions, with fits of laughter or crying, and yawning. Mental disorders; manic states. Religious Affections (think this convicted); religious melancholy. Insanity caused by mental overwork or fever. Puerperal mania. Delirium tremens, fear, insomnia, anxiety and mistrust, and speaks rapidly moving from one topic to another.

6 - () Shy, blushes. Indecisive, moody, lack of self confidence.

7 - () Nostalgia for places and time, reminisces about the past and the strange.

8 - () Sleeping: speech, sighs, walking (somnambulism). Carfalogia.

9 Cruelty: with her husband or children.

10 - () Statements of weakness or exhaustion caused by mental or physical shock, and continued by trying too hard ( "stress") or by increasing fluid drainage vital or after acute illnesses, worse by sexual intercourse or walking. Nervous debility. Atrophy, thinning, especially in the elderly. Progressive muscular atrophy. Paralysis that appear suddenly:
paraplegia, hemiplegia, etc.. Infantile paralysis.

11 - () Aggravation: after intercourse, for mental or physical exertion, cold air (especially pain), for a draft, for any excitation nervous early in the morning, at rest, after eating; to sleep, from 3 to 5 am, lying on painful side; by continuous movement, before menstruation, sitting and walking.
Better: the occurrence of menstruation, after lying down, for the heat while eating, for moderate exercise, leaning on something, belching.

12 - () The secretions have a characteristic orange color or yellow gold. Strong smell of fumes from the body. Exudates are corrosive and foul-smelling or putrid or corpses. Gangrene.

13 - () bleeding of dark blood, liquid and coagulability decreased.
Bleeding tanks. Leukemia.

14 - () Shooting pains, neuralgic, or worse if this still only better from strokes. Numbness in different places. Dolores sense of paralysis.

Desire and aversion OF KALI PHOSPHORICUM
15 Desire: candy, ice water, vinegar, acids. Aversion to meat.

16 - () Vertigo on rising from lying down, standing, sitting and looking up, outdoors and the sun, afternoon and after eating, for nervous exhaustion and weakness. Concussion. Cerebral anemia. Occipital headache
night, better get up. Pain through the eyes, better in open air; worse in the left upper eyelid with the fallen. Pain pierces the base of the skull from eye to occiput worse at night, better eating and a moderate movement. Headache before and during menstruation, from the right eye to occiput, better by heat, pressure, lying, eating and gentle motion, worse from noise hungry. Burning in front of the stool. Headaches emotions or physical or mental effort; in students. Sense of bandage on his forehead above the eyes. Headache with vomiting, gastric emptying or acid. Pain in the neck, as if the hair toss, worse pressure. Dry hair, baldness. Intense itching of the scalp, worse from 3 to 5 am and morning awakening. In the left mastoid neuralgia, worse in open air and movement.

17 conjunctivitis with watery or mucous secretion. Dry or sand or splinters in the eyes. Pain in the left eyeball, touch and pressure, the eyes are sore around the edges of the eyelids, and burning, as if they were full of smoke. Eyelid: swelling; glued to the morning, fallen on the left side, with the eye almost closed; stye on the left side. Sore eyes, as if he had cried a lot, waking with severe pain through his left eye, throbbing, worse by sunlight. Headache with photophobia. Shocks in the eyes. Weakness of vision or lack of accommodation after a diphtheria. Difficulty seeing close objects, the eyes get tired when reading. Vision cloudy. Floaters.

18 - () Itching and pimples in the ear canal. Earache deep, stinging, worse lying down, left otalgia extended to the left cheek. Noises in the ears, singing, humming, worse sleep. Hearing loss or deafness due to lack of central nervous perception. Hypersensitivity hearing, does not tolerate any noise. Purulent secretion and very fetida of hearing, smelling of rotting flesh.

19 - () Acute coryza with violent sneezing, watery nasal discharge and blockage. Nasal Obstruction clear mucus secretion and filament. Secretion Ozena with thick, yellowish or yellowish scabs and very offensive that blowing and being expelled, they produce a nosebleed. Thick mucus finish. Green or white nasal discharge, worse on the right. Tendency to epistaxis. Hyperosmia or anosmia. Coryza hay.

20 - () pale, sickly, and dirty, or red, hot, burning, or yellow, or sunken. Itching under the chin, in the right cheek and oozing itchy bumps on the forehead. Brown spot on his temple. Facial neuralgia, such as stitches, especially on the right, with great exhaustion after the attack, worse from cold air or outdoor heat better by hand or by cold applications. Pain in the lower jaw bones, better by eating, talking, walking or playing. Vesicles on lips, cold sores on the upper right corner. Lips feel swollen, itchy, painful, crusted, is peeled. Parotid swollen and sore. Heat in the left cheek. Facial paralysis by working in water. Twitching in facial muscles.

21 - () Toothache Severe, worse all night and morning, and arranged in decayed teeth in patients who are very nervous and emotional, pale, delicate, with easily bleeding gums, alternating with frontal headache, dizziness and nausea. Nervous chattering teeth. Grinds teeth sleeping. Gums swollen, spongy and retracted, which bleed easily; is a medicine to take into account in pyorrhea. Gums have a bright red line on the edge. Sordes brown in the mouth.

22 - () Language extremely dry tomorrow, feels as if glued to the palate, and covered with a brownish layer as mustard. Tongue white, greenish yellow, with red edges and tender, with transverse cracks; rigida.
Palate swollen feels like fat lines. Breath very offensive, to the morning is like rotten cheese. Taste ugly, bitter (for tomorrow), putrid or acid.
Sialorrhea, saliva thick and salty. Speak slowly and with difficulty.
Left submandibular gland swollen and tender.

23 Tonsils large and painful joints, especially the left, with pain that spreads to your ear, right worse when swallowing. Dry throat, with sensation of fullness and desire to constantly swallow. Tonsils with white deposits in the morning, as diphtheritic pseudomembrane. Diphtheria and its aftermath. Angina with gangrenous tendency.

24 intense thirst for cold drinks. Excessive hunger even after eating, or hunger is going to see the food, or no appetite. Nausea after eating, belching better. Burping with acid taste, bitter or blood.
Hematemesis with palpitations. Sensation of emptiness in the epigastrium, better eating. Indigestion with depression. Gastralgias from fright or excitement, constant epigastric pain at one point. Vomiting dark green or blue.
Gastritis. Gastric ulcer. Gnawing in stomach on waking at 5 am. Fullness and heartburn. The stomach makes noise during menstruation.

25 Liver sensitive to pressure. Stitches in spleen, worse by motion. Flank pain when sneezing, as if to burst.
Flatulence with abdominal distension and pain. Colic in the hypogastric, worse after breakfast, better bending. Rumbling in the afternoon. Sharp cutting pains in my right side. Bearing down pains, worse on the left and after drinking, the better sitting.

26 - () Diarrhea that appears after eating, with stools copious, painless,
watery, burning, bloody or pure blood, usually yellow-orange and very bad smell, putrid or corpses, with fetid flatus and urgency and noisy at 6 hours, urgent, or with undigested stools and dark, produced by shock or other emotional factors, followed by great prostration. Dysentery. Colera. Constipation with stool dark brown, streaked with yellow-green mucus. The rectum hurts, burns or prolapse after a bowel movement. Hemorrhoids that protrude. Paresis operate after rectal hemorrhoids.

27 - () Enuresis in adolescents or elderly people, by overwork, incontinence of urine bladder sphincter paralysis. Cystitis with prostration. Chronic nephritis. Diabetes, with polyuria and bulimia. Urine is saffron yellow, with red sandy sediment. The jet is weak and a few drops out after urination, getting wet clothing. Burning in the urethra after urination. Stitches in the bladder and urethra, urethral itching.
Gonorrhea with discharge of blood.

28 - () Intense sexual desires with priapism in the morning. Impotence, without desires, with painful nocturnal emissions without erection. Great prostration after coitus, with low vision. Cankers phagedenic. Balanitis.

29 - () Menses early, scanty, almost black, preceded by fatigue and bearing down pains, restlessness, feeling that
going to explode, tired and sleepy, with pains in left ovary, better lying on her back or bending, and pain in the groin and left leg.
Amenorrhea with great depression and exhaustion. Acid flow, burning, abundant,
yellow-orange or green, foul-smelling, putrid; in girls aalidas, anemia and nervous, with very short periods. Heavy feeling in the pelvis, pressing down and back. Increased sexual desire and intense in the four or five days following menstruation. Threatened abortion in nervous women. Mania puerperal puerperal fever. Bleeding or nighttime pain in pregnancy. Labor pains weak and ineffectual.
Mastitis with suppuration fetida, brown and dirty.

30 - () Cough tracheal irritation with noise or wheezing; from 2 to 2.30 hours, without expectoration, or expectoration thick salt fetida yellowish or greenish or sweet. Hoarseness, laryngeal pain. Afonia by vocal cord paralysis. Pertussis in individuals very nervous, with great exhaustion. Acute pulmonary edema. Asthma hardly eats a bite. Dyspnea when climbing stairs or any effort. Acute chest pain, cutting, they cut off breathing.

31 - () Violent palpitation with anxiety, for the slightest emotion or climbing stairs or any movement. Functional cardiac disorders.
Palpitations after rheumatic fever. Intermittent pulse, irregular.
He feels that the heart stops. Tendency to syncope and fainting heart.

Stiff neck 32 by lymphadenopathy, sore and tender. Pain between the shoulder blades. Stitches in the back, worse lying on his back, sitting or walking, better with his back against something. Back pain as a fall, better by motion.

33 - () pains in the limbs, heat better, worse start to move. Drawing pains in the upper limbs, shoulder and arms, better by motion and heat. Rheumatic pains in the arms and right leg, from 5 to 10 in the morning. Tender lymphadenopathy in the armpits.
Axillary sweat odor of garlic or onion. Pain in arms to lift.
Twitching in the muscles of arms and hands. Numbness of the right arm and hand of the fingertips. Fatigue painful rheumatic or paralyzed limbs, with stiffness after rest and improving soft or slow motion. Itching in the palms and soles, in the legs at night. Fidgety feet and burning. Acute and chronic rheumatism pains worse the morning after the night's rest or sitting up with stiffness, worse strain and fatigue better by slow movements. Trembling legs and hands. Pain in the hips twitching and paralyzing the sole. Muscle weakness in the limbs after a serious illness.
Legs swollen and numb. Chilblains on the toes. Pain
right big toe. Cold feet and sweaty, swollen. Punctures in plants. Cracks in the heels. Blue or brown spots in the calves.

34 Insomnia in the second half of the night, excessive mental exertion, business worries, nervous exhaustion.
Drowsy, with intense yawning, it is difficult to awaken. Sound: this partially nude in a public place, with fire, thieves, with ghosts, falls, erotic, and so on. He has no desire to rise to the Fanan. Night terrors, sleepwalking (see mental).

35 - () Chills go up in the back by nightfall. Hot all day,
heat at night, with intense hunger. High fever. Scarlet serious and putrid throat, stupor and exhaustion. Tify ways of febrile illnesses. Typhoid malignant. Intermittent fever, malaria, with copious sweat, debilitating and fetid. Suda while eating or when drinking at meals. Severe chickenpox.

36 Itching in the whole skin, tingly, soft friction better for worse by scratching. Eczema. Abscesses and paronychia. Anthrax, when the pus is foul. Malignant pemphigus. Blisters with water content. Skin wrinkled, faded, withered. Foul smelling greasy scales. Alopecia areata. Chilblains on hands, feet and ears.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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