Kalium silicatum. Homeopathy

(Potassium silicate)
1 - () Anxiety: the evening in bed, and night, after dinner, during menstruation, for their health; with fear. He scares easily. Great restlessness at night.
2 - () Difficulty concentrating, lose confidence in his abilities. School pupils can not learn their lessons. Confusion worse in the morning to
up and after mental exertion or sitting. Numbness, bulging, to read or write and the morning upon waking. Memory very weak, forgetful, is wrong to speak and write, misplaced words.
Imbecility. He wants to be sitting still.
3 - () The consolation aggravates their mental symptoms. Impatient. Extremely irritable worse after coition; of morning and evening, for consolation.
Easily irritated by little things. Stubborn.
4 Go pictures, dead people, ghosts and robbers, worse at night.
5 - () Indifferent to their friends, loved ones, the pleasures, finds no pleasure in anything. Very indecisive. Very lazy. Aversion to work eental, which makes it worse. She cries a lot, and even in dreams. Talking in sleep.
6 - () Amazing shyness. Do not want to talk. Very sad morning.
7 - () Very useful when these mental symptoms are caused by sexual excesses.
8 It startles easily: from fright if you play or sleep.
9 - () Worse, by taking cold (it is very sensitive to cold weather), in winter in a cold room, takes cold easily; by air (with aversion) and drafts, for bathing (and fears the bathroom), and at night, especially after midnight tomorrow, after dinner, for the least effort, for cold drinks and food, for milk and fat, by motion, for uncovering, for the pressure (it is very sensitive to touch); walking; removed by sweating.
10 - () Great weakness, especially in the morning upon waking, after eating and walking. Desire to be still in bed. Loose markedly worse after muscular effort. Fainting, with thinning.
ll induration of glands, glands and muscles. Stitching pain, tearing.
12 Increase of mucous secretions.
13 Waves of heat and blood to the head.
14 - () Vertigo: a tendency to fall backwards, almost constant circling objects, with nausea, when sitting, stooping, walking, getting up. Cold in the head, which is sensitive to cold air. Feeling that boils the brain. Eruptions on the edge of hair, eczema, hair loss. Headaches: tomorrow night, after midnight, worse cold air, after intercourse, by jerks, mental strain, during menstruation, stooping and straining sight, better local heat or by wrapping the head. Throbbing headache, periodic and paroxysmal.
Pressing headache out front on the eyes. Stitches.
15 - () Eyelids glued morning. It has cured cataract. Thick yellowish discharge, tearing, cold air. Eczema of eyelids. Opacity of cornea. Sore eyes, burning, stabbing, pressing, or like sand, worse on the right, better by heat. Photophobia. Corneal ulcer. Floaters.
Efforts visual disorders.
16 - () thick yellow discharge from the ear, fetida. Ears warm. Otitis media. Noise in the ears, dizziness. Earache worse right, better by heat retroauricular pain. Earache sticking, tearing. Sensation of plugged ear. It has cured deafness by catarrh of the Eustachian tube.
Nasal catarrh and 17 back in chilly weak. Fetida nasal secretion,
greenish, crusty, bloody. Frequent coryza, takes cold constantly. Epistaxis on blowing. Nasal obstruction. Pain in nasal bones. Frequent and violent sneezing. Smell acute or absent.
18 Face: yellow, blue, pale or red, red cheeks. Lips chapped and dry. Expression suffering. Eczema wet face.
Mumps. Facial itching.
19 Dry mouth without thirst. Bloody and swollen gums. Tongue white.
Foul breath. Sialorrhea. Bitter taste of tomorrow, or acid.
Dry throat 20. Foreign body sensation. Pain on swallowing. Swallowed hard. Neck lymphadenopathy.
21 - () Anxiety in the stomach, with aversion to food, especially meat. Ravenous hunger or absent. Cold in the stomach. Belching that improve gastric symptoms. Heartburn. Hiccups. Nausea after eating.
Gastralgias night, after dinner. Retching when coughing. Thirst for the chills and fever. Vomiting: food or bile or mucus, by coughing, after drinking cold water after eating and during headache.
22 - () distended abdomen after eating, fullness, hardness and heaviness in her belly, great heat. Stomach pains: at night, coughing, after eating, before and during menstruation, better by heat. Right upper quadrant pain, in the groin. Dolores pressing, cutting, stitching and tearing.
Rumbling, constriction in the belly.
23 - () Constipation with faecal matter is difficult, worse during menstruation.
Stool hard, knotty, large, dry. Pain during menstruation diarrhea with bloody stools, foul. Anal Fistula. Tingling anal itching after stool. Emerging and bleeding hemorrhoids. Cutting pains in the anus, with extreme tenderness.
24 Urine cloudy with mucous sediment. Pain in bladder with frequent urination, worse at night. Weak stream, dribbling. Takes to begin urination.
Enuresis. Burning in urethra during urination. Feeling of not having finished urinating.
25 - () erections, even violent, unwilling, painful. Nocturnal emissions.
Induration of testicles. Itching of the scrotum. Decreased or absent sexual desire.
26 - () Pruritus vulvae. Flow excoriating and yellowish, worse after menses. Menses frequent, intermittent, late, foul,
painful; suppressed. Metrorrhagia intermenstrual. Labor-like cramping. Uterine prolapse.
27 - () irritation and tingling laryngeal and trachea. Hoarse voice. Very useful in asthma. Dyspnea on effort, lying or cough, with rattling in the chest.
Shortness of breath, choking, wheezing. Severe and constant cough at night, worse lying down after eating, for laryngotracheal irritation or tingling; paroxysmal, as whooping cough. Expectoration: Morning: bloody, purulent, thick, yellow or greenish. Abscess in the armpit, axillary adenopathy.
Chronic bronchitis. Hydrothorax. Sensation of emptiness in the chest. Hemoptysis.
Pains in the chest when coughing or deep inspiration. Stitches in the breasts.
Palpitation from least exertion. Tuberculosis. Sensation of great weakness in chest (Stannum).
28 Backstroke cold, pruritus. Back pain during menstruation, sitting or stooping; lumbar coccygeus. Pain along the spine. Stitches in the shoulder blades. Tension in the back. Lumbar weakness.
O29 - () chapped hands. Cold hands and feet. Cramps in hands and legs.
Felon. Hot hands. Heaviness of lower limbs. Coxalgia. Itching of the members, to sleep; shaking. Dolores during the chills, rheumatic pains, sciatica. Burning plants. Sense of dislocated joints. Stitches in feet and heels. Lower limb paralysis.
Sweaty palms, and fetid, abundant and cold in the feet and between toes. Stiff joints. Knees, legs and feet swollen. Tremors in the limbs, twitching in the thighs. Ulcers on legs. Joint weakness.
30 Dreams: anxious, with dead people, with death facts of yesterday, with ghosts, with water. Restless sleep. Sleepiness afternoon.
Insomnia with sleep, thinking. You wake up frequently or earlier. He yawns a lot.
31 - () Chills after eating, worse move, with the sorrows of one side; better in a warm room or by external heat. Fever, hot flashes and night sweats. Sweating while eating and then, from the slightest exertion, motion, copious night. Disorders of sweat suppression in cold air.
32 - () Burning and moisture on the skin after scratching. Old scars that are painful. Skin cold; cracks. Neez "or red.
Yellow skin: dry. Eruptions: wet, dry, desquamative, painful, itchy. Eczema (cured cases very difficult). Urticaria. Vesicular eruptions, erysipelas. Induration of the skin. Intertrigo. Lupus. Must scratch until the skin is moist or bleeding. After scratching, the skin is swollen and hot, and edematous, with feelings of tension. Bleeding ulcers, burning, suppurating, indolent, with bloody discharge,
copious. The wounds are slow to heal and ooze. Painful warts, wrinkled.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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