Kalium Sulphuratum. Homeopathy

KALI Sulphuratum
(Trisulfide Potassium)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis Sulphuratum
1 stupor, unconsciousness, with irregular pulse, deathly pale and sunken face.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR KALI pathogenesis Sulphuratum
2 Great weakness with pallor.
3 - () Red face persistent, violent symptoms of gastritis.
4 Great heat in the mouth, which extends to the stomach. Sed.
5 Throat dry and reddish brown, with burning pain. Constriction in the throat. Esophagus pain.
6 - () Hiccups. Constant tendency to vomit and can not until he vomits food, followed by a froth streaked with blood, then blood clots and pieces of gastric mucosa. Convulsive vomiting. Fierce heat and burning pains in the stomach and periumbilical. Continuing efforts to evacuate from above and below.
7 stools copious.
8 It stifles can not expand the chest.
8 Irregular, very small, almost imperceptible and slow.
10 Piel extremely cold, then burning with high fever and red face, followed by profuse sweating widespread and strong pulse.