Kalmia latifolia. Homeopathy

(Mountain laurel or American)
1 Anxiety with palpitations. Traversed.
2 - () Especially useful in neuralgic pains, rheumatism, or gout, coming as a sequel of heart disease. The neuralgic pains are like lightning, lightning, and suddenly changing place, by the slightest movement, and are of great weakness flared and twitching; mxtienden neuralgia is up and down or from the root to the tip of the member, and are accompanied or followed by numbness of the affected part. Lightning pains of tabes. Neuralgia suppressed eruptions at the site of the eruption. Severe rheumatic pains, suddenly changing place, going from one joint to another with a tendency to go up and down, and the root to the tip of the member, with joint hot, red and swollen.
The pains are aggravated by motion and the cold, in the first half of the night, or wax and wane with the sun. Acute rheumatism. Blennorrhagica rheumatism and syphilitic.
3 - () Worse, from which rises until the sun goes, by motion (Bry), leaning forward, looking down, outdoors, during the flow. Better: lying on his back and rested.
4 fatigue in the muscles, avoid efforts, can hardly climb the stairs. Weakness (only symptom general) with neuralgia. Trembling, with weakness.
5 - () Vertigo on looking down or stooping, or any movement;
with headaches, nausea and blindness. Paroxysmal neuralgic pains in the head after noon and night. Headaches that increase and decrease over the course of the sun, worse in open air and in the evening, with feeling of something loose inside the head spin. Pressing pain at one point in the right side of the head. Headache in heart disease. Cracking in the head that scares you, ending in a ringing in the ear as if blowing a horn.
Sensation of heat in the head tomorrow.
6 - () has a blind, almost upright, or paroxysms of vomiting or look down. Retinitis albuminuria. Eselerocoroiditis previous flashes seen in the healthy eye when reading. Sharp stabbing pain in his right eye and orbit, extending to the forehead, which waxes and wanes with the sun (with worsening at noon). Eye pain, worse when turning, at dusk and outdoors. Stiffness of muscles of the eye and eyelids. Rheumatic iritis. Itching in the eyes. Zone ophthalmicus, with lightning pains.
7 points and behind the right ear. Acute inflammation of the ear hole. Meniere's syndrome.
8 coryza with hyperosmia, sneezing, hoarseness, and headache. Tearing at the root of the nose and nasal bones, with nausea.
9 - () Face red or pale, anxious expression. Right facial neuralgia caused by exposure to cold or concerns or mental exertion, eating better, the pains, which are very intense and deafening, lie down, even to the right arm, and are accompanied or followed by numbness in the parties concerned. Stitches in the jaw bone.
Feeling tired in the masseter. Cheeks rough summer. Lip swollen, dry, cracked, stiff. Facial itching at night.
10 Toothache with facial neuralgia. Bitter taste with nausea better after eating. Language: white, dry, sore in the left or the right dortante (Best slowly biting); hurts to talk, stitches. Submandibular salivary gland swollen, tingling after eating, drooling.
11 provides swollen throat, as if a ball go up, dry, dysphagia and pressure in the throat.
12 - () belching, nausea, regurgitation of food. Pressure or pain in the epigastrium, worse sitting, leaning forward, sitting upright better.
Rumbling and empty feeling in epigastrium.
13 Pains in higalo, or sudden and paroxysmal pain from the lower edge of the liver down and left, stopping on the right, worse by motion and lying on its side (it should lie on your back), best to sit upright. Nauseated incarcerated flatus. Sensation of weakness in the stomach, belching better.
14 Stool pulpy, bright, followed by pressure in the rectum. Diarrhea with nausea and stomach upsets.
15 Frequent urination of large amounts of yellow urine, which relieve the headache, or small quantities, it feels hot. Albuminuria cylinders, with edema.
16 frequent and prolonged erections, without desire. Pain in right testicle in the morning, goes to the left after noon.
17 Menses early and painful, with pain in limbs and back. Menses suppressed, with severe neuralgia. Yellow flux after menstruation, the symptoms worsen while you flow.
18 - () Pressure as if his throat with his fingers. Noise at the glottis spasm breathing. Tickling in trachea. Cough dry throat. Expectoration easy, gray, or putrid taste salty. Dyspnea with palpitations. Heat and pain in the chest, worse when breathing or the slightest movement, as if sprained. Stitches under the breasts. Rheumatism of muscles of the chest and back, worse with each movement. Herpes zoster.
19 - () The heart is the most important field of action of Kalmia. In cardiopathies that appear after an alternating with rheumatism or.
Rheumatic endocarditis (or not) with consequent cardiac hypertrophy and valvular disease, with blows, with paroxysms of anxiety chest.
Acute pericarditis, myocarditis. Aortic narrowness. Palpitations: worse tomorrow, with anxiety worse by efforts (even mentally), lying on the left side or sitting leaning forward, better sitting upright or lying on his back, are tumultuous and violent, with sensation of dyspnea and desmavo or during the right facial neuralgia: sometimes with pressure from the epigastrium to the heart, with violent throbbing as if his heart would burst, and feels up in the throat. Chest pain, particularly rheumatic and erratic, ranging from the left upper limb to the hand. Angina pectoris. Stabbing pain from the heart to the left shoulder blade, with pounding. Faint or weak pulse, irregular and slow, or too slow (35 to 40 beats per minute), with pale face and cold extremities, and sometimes the 3rd