Kanne Brottrunk. Properties

The product is a food Kanne lactic acid fermented bread lactobacterias.

Kanne products obtained by lactic fermentation of organic wheat bread, oats and rye with pure spring water.

Kanne Brottrunk drink-drink single-leavened bread is rich in lactic acid, lactobacterias live (5 million per ml.), Minerals, B vitamins, trace elements and enzymes.

Kanne drink fermented grain enzymes are enzymes leavened bread, cereal, obtained by dehydration at low temperature, below 30 th to keep all of its biological wealth intact. Contains less than lactobacterias live Brottrunk Kanne, but a high concentration of enzymes, lactic acid, minerals, B vitamins, trace elements and amino acids.

Indications for Kanne
* Improves digestion.
* Restores the intestinal flora.
* Stimulates the metabolism.
* Detoxifies and cleanses the body.
* Prevents deficiency states.
* For athletes and intellectual efforts.
* Improved quality of life of older people.
* Protects and cares for skin.
* To feel good and fit.

Kanne Product Content
The lactobacterias play an important role in various body parts and functions as the gut flora, digestion, protecting the skin and mucous membranes, and so on.

Lactic acid is a natural disinfectant, biological, both the body and outside it. It is also a source of energy for skeletal muscle and especially the heart. Likewise, the lactic acid is involved in various metabolic functions.

Enzymes are essential active substances involved in many metabolic processes (fat, sugar, circulation, elimination ...) and digestion.

The grain breads lactobacterias have shown in years of practice to be more beneficial for their compatibility with the man, than any other genre of lactobacterias (dairy products, fermented cabbage or vegetables ..).

How to take products Kanne
- The recommended daily allowance for Kanne Brottrunk is 250 ml (as needed can be increased to a bottle or more).

- 2 tablespoons Kanne Enzymes. You can mix with the Brottrunk Kanne unique fermented bread drink, fruit juice or yoghurt ...

- The body rub with bread drink Kanne are very beneficial for skin care and the entire body.

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