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Treatments and Remedies for Kidney

Medicine for the kidneys to Medicinal Plants
In heart patients, and on grounds of poor form which verifies the circulation, renal complications are common and the importance that these patients is the elimination of urine using medicinal plants as birch, cherry, grass , bearberry corn stigmas, arenaria, heather, plantain, horsetail, and so on. is helpful. It also is very useful the use of these medicinal plants for infectious diseases and in convalescence, to encourage and enable the elimination of all forms of toxins through the kidney filter. In albuminuria (albumin in urine, which indicates a sure sign of kidney inflammation) is also indicated these plants mainly birch (leaves and bark), cherries (stems), grass (root), corn stigmas and bearberry.

Medicine for kidney patients with the Diet
With regard to food, kidney patients must be some restrictions. The eggs, beans, peas, lentils, radishes should be removed because foods rich in sulfur and can produce sulfuric acid crystals. Spinach, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and rhubarb best to forget these foods by producing oxalic acid. Meats, cured meats, salted, etc., For many crystals that produce creatine. The salt should be used very sparingly, being less harmful Himalayan Salt for its lower sodium concentration and the presence of many more minerals. Be avoided heavy meals, heavy or indigestible and all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

We must also bear in mind that too much fruit if the kidneys are sick can be detrimental because these have the power to remove acids from the body, and remember that they have to pass through the kidneys so that can further irritate. So we can substitute citrus juices by vegetables.

In general, fresh fruits ripe and juicy (melon, watermelon, etc..) Plant and oat milk, rice, etc.. foods are useful in kidney impairment.

If you fear the presence of reddish sands (urate, uric acid) in urine or a vegetarian diet made compatible with the medicinal plants mentioned will be most useful. Furthermore, since a lack of vitamin A promotes the formation of sand and stones, regular consumption of carrot juice in a salad or can prevent formation of these calculations.

Medicine for kidney stones with nutritional supplements
Magnesium: It reduces the levels of oxalate in urine. The use of magnesium in the form of citrate.

Vitamin B-6: Taken with magnesium, reduces levels of oxalates.

Vitamin C
acidifies the urine to prevent stone formation. The use of
sustained-release vitamin C together with bioflavonoids.

Zinc inhibits crystallization.

Medicine for the kidneys to Hydrotherapy
Hammam impairment: Does the full steam, focusing on the steam to the kidneys. It ends with rubbing COLD WATER, sheltering without drying. Duration 20 minutes.

Full steam: It sits on a bench covered from neck to feet with a kind of plastic or similar layer to avoid escaping steam that rises from under the bench to influence the entire body with a hard rubber tube plugged into a pressure cooker blowing incessantly. Or, using a normal boiling pot placed under the sidewalk, which is renewed when it runs out of steam that regulate the pot lid. This application always ends with a quick rub COLD WATER, and houses without drying.

Hydrotherapy in case of renal colic

Warm, moist compresses on the affected area. It is absolutely necessary if obstruction occurs baths are made from the waist upward temperature until the water is very hot. Try to drive the stone of the ureter to the bladder by gentle massage and careful. After half an hour of bath enema is alternated with hot compresses.

Medicine for treatment of kidneys with water-based internal
Whenever there are kidney problems is essential to drink bottled water of low mineralization. Water Bezoya brand is excellent for cleansing of the kidneys have a low salt concentration, due to its low conductivity as a result of the above and having an optimum pH.

Using this weak mineralization water can do the following: Take on an empty stomach 2 or 3 glasses of hot water before breakfast the following way: The first glass-half hour before the second, 10 minutes after the first and the third, within 10 minutes. You can add some liquid chlorophyll in one of them. This treatment will produce a kind of washing of the kidneys and genitourinary tract helping the elimination of gas and stimulating bowel movements.

In all diseases of the kidneys recommend this type of water, or else the reverse osmosis water.

Medicine for renal colic with Homeopathy
Magnesium phos. D6 Atropinum sulf. D3. Eupatorium purpureum

Medicine for the kidneys to Homotoxicology

Atropinum comp. (a.sup.) Plantago-Homaccord (ga), Sabal-Homaccord (ga)

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