Kissingen. Homeopathy

(Source Rakoczy of breaks Kissingen in Bavaria)
(with a predominance of Natrum Muriaticum)
1 - () Moody, tired, tired of life. This very sensitive and cries just look at someone. She complains and cries of pains, with great concern.
For constantly thinking about unpleasant things and chews on them.
Tendency to be docile and compliant.
2 - () Been scared faciltnente; have thoughts that frighten the night waking. Premenstrual anxiety, with weakness.
3 - () Memory weakened. Mental incapacity for work, he has no ideas.
Constantly is wrong to speak, so that makes it very difficult to speak. Undecided.
4 unusually exhausted after a walk. Restlessness, can not sit still in any place. Pulsations in the body when it is perfectly still. Earthquakes. Stitches.
5 Worst: on waking before noon and night, when reading and writing.
6 - () Vertigo while eating. He feels intoxicated. Headache worse from reading.
Rush of blood to the chest and head with cold feet. Frontal pain spread to
nasal bone, or on the left eye with diplopia. Painful drawing from the root of the nose upward. Deep pressing pain in occiput. Itching magnum. Tension around the scalp. Hothead during the chills.
7 - () Eyes yellow. Stare. Acre Tearing pain in the corners.
Burning eyes in the evening; pressure and itching. Eyelids red, glued, jerks in the lower right. Floaters.
8 ears warm. Roaring and ringing in the ears.
9 Secretion nasal fluid or deleted. Nose dry. Tingling in the nostril
right, as if about to sneeze.
10 - () deadly pallor of her face. Intense sensation of pressure in both cheek bones and ears. Burning in the night upper lip.
11 Toothache during menses. Hurt the roots of the left lower teeth. Tongue coated with a pasty taste. IOrder stitches in the tongue. Drooling like water and soap. Food tastes sour. Salty taste.
Mucus in throat 12. Contraction. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
13 - () Appetite without hunger. Hunger pangs, but is satisfied immediately. Constant thirst. Frequent belching outdoors. Vomiting of mucus yellow brown. Excessive vomiting with melena. Heaviness and distention in the epigastrium.
14 - () Abdomen distended. Incarcerated flatus. Feeling of being squeezed into the hypogastric, forcing her to loosen her clothes. Colicos with violent cramps.
15 - () Hemorrhoids. Dryness, itching, stitching and tearing down the straight. Frequent ineffectual desire to defecate. Diarrhea with yellow brown stool, bilious, black-green, copious, sometimes with pieces as large pieces of slate, preceded by colic and rumbling; bloody.
Constipation with great difficulty moving the bowels, has to separate the buttocks, and the effort at the beginning is so large and painful, which is followed by a prolonged swoon. Sometimes gallstones out.
16 Feels moist urethral meatus. Itching and stinging in urethra when not urinating. Eliminates gravel.
17 wet dreams,
18 - () Menses profuse, with membranes.
Hoarseness 19. Frequent mucous expectoration. Sensation of the chest
tight; pressure in the left thorax. Stitches in the left breast.
20 chest fullness. Palpitation with anxiety. Skipping beats. Pulse very rapid.
21 - () Sensation of cramp, especially in the hands, as if the upper limbs fell asleep. Inflammation and pain in the extensor tendons of the fingers. Weakness and heaviness in the upper limbs, the right is asleep and paralyzed. Painful shoulders, as if hot water splashes. Sensation of lint in the fingertips. March hesitant stiffness. Shocks in the members in writing. Cramps in his right calf and toe at night. Heaviness in the feet. Stitches and pains in the calluses. Cold hands and feet. Itching.
22 - () yawning frequently. Daytime sleepiness. He wakes up several times at night, with restlessness. Jerking sleeping, or he starts to sleep, like an electric shock through the body. Have a dream after another, and wakes up frequently among them. Dreams that frighten him with murder and fire.
23 - () Chills while walking, followed by sweats easy. Febrile chills reappear every day at 10 hours. Shivering and goose bumps. Intense heat after drinking wine. Hot flashes with sweating. Sweats anxiety. Sweats widespread.
Jaundice 24. Warts on the fingers. Pruritic eruption on the belly and feet.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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