Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng): The strength of a root

Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is a plant native to China and cultivated mainly in Korea and whose root is haloed millennia a popular reputation and exceptional multiple virtues. It is known by the names of ginseng, Asian ginseng, Chinese ginseng or Korean ginseng.

Although there are other varieties, "Panax ginseng cultivated in Korea is the one with a constant wealth of active ingredients, due to special soil conditions and climate of the region in which it operates.

Properties of Korean ginseng

In studies conducted in experimental animals, some of the active ingredients have shown features a variety of actions, ranging from activation of the adrenal gland in stressed animals, increased resistance to radiation induced a regenerative power cellular aging tissues, brain stimulation, cardiotonic activity and some blood sugar lowering action, to an activation of the sex glands and a markedly antioxidant properties.

Active ingredients of Korean ginseng
Of his many active highlights a number of saponins, the ginsenosides, responsible for some of the actions listed, besides containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid , vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid and minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, zinc and copper.

We understand that this amount and variety of co-occurring substances in the human body effects as diverse and distinct, that under the generic term "adptógenos" can raise the tone of the organism to overcome a series of specific situations and improve overall conditions the body.

of Korean ginseng
Capsules of Korean ginseng (Korean ginseng) are recommended in situations where the body is subjected to intense physical activity or major mental or emotional stress, such as competitive athletes both in training and in practice, youth and adults under techniques housekeeping personnel. Also used to neutralize the stress, fatigue of spring support for impotence, fatigue, chronic fatigue, depression, and it seems that stimulates insulin production. Increases concentration, improves reflexes and sleep. For all these properties Korean ginseng (Korean ginseng) may be a good nutritional supplement to consider.

The beneficial effects of ginseng spectrum disorders cover a most interesting among them are:

Stress and Ginseng. Stress is a major threat in the modern world, causing more diseases than any other agent. Russian scientists have demonstrated a high interest in the use of ginseng to combat stress. A Russian astronauts in space mission as normal and are given regular ginseng. Professor SA Hong, Medical School, University of Seoul, informing the International Ginseng Symposium, Korea confirmed that ginseng acts as an excellent tonic, relieving and eliminating the stress and fatigue, in addition to optimize the welfare of the body normal human.

Ginseng and blood pressure. Russian Doctors Dr. M. Sapiro and Dr. Butulin have reported that patients with impaired blood flow response to ginseng with improved heart rate and a decrease of blood pressure problems.

Ginseng as a sexual rejuvenator. Chinese doctors are using ginseng as a sexual rejuvenator since time immemorial. We have seen that given to mice increased by 20% sexual activity.

The Ginsengy depression. Petkov Professor, Faculty of Pharmacology, Sofia afimra that ginseng is a stimulant cortical unquestionable value for the treatment of neurotic and depressive states.

Ginseng and rheumatism. In her book, Ginseng and other medicinal plants, "Dr. AT Harding of Columbus, Ohio, describes the effects of ginseng in some of their rheumatic patients. As he writes: "I attribute the healing properties of ginseng in rheumatism to stimulation that triggers the beneficial activity of gastric juice reflux activating a healthy digestive juices from the stomach, in addition to neutralize excess acids that, upon reaching nerve membranes and joints of the body, causing inflammatory states incidents in rheumatism.

Ginseng and its ability to adapt to our needs
Russian scientists describe ginseng as an "adaptogen", defining it as a nontoxic substance that increases the body's natural defenses against physical disorders, psychological and biological.

The components of ginseng complex act to regulate the biochemical processes and cell reactivations toning while under influence of all kinds. Indeed, when the body needs stimulation to defend themselves adequately stimulates. But if, by contrast, is overwrought by the action of drugs or other mental or nervous factors, adaptogens, such as ginseng, have their properties with a sedative and protective.

Research conducted in many universities around the world to study the secrets of ginseng have strengthened their identification as an "adaptogen" highly effective. An example of the meaning of this concept we have in the adrenal glands. They consume part of existing resources in the body. At one point, and while its activity is offsetting the physiological effects of stress, consume certain amounts of vitamin C, whose reserves are depleted. By taking ginseng vitamin C levels remain stable even during the adrenal hyperactivity.

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