Kreosotum. Homeopathy

1 - () is very sensitive to music, which produces tears, but also moodiness and melancholy. It has a tendency to anger, with obstinacy. Irritability is accentuated before menstruation.
2 - () You want everything, and nothing satisfies him and when he gets, he throws (in children).
3 - () Deprirnido, melancholy, despair or doubt of being cured, or comes to have a death wish.
4 Restlessness while sitting, with chills and need to breathe deeply, making it impossible. Continuous excitation.
5 Memory weak. Absent, sometimes as stupid.
6 - () The mucosal secretions are offensive, putrid, very excoriating, burning, and the parties are in contact with them in the flesh, burn, burn, itch and they are aggravated by scratching.
7 - () profuse bleeding tendency, especially in mucous membranes, or even very small wounds or sores where not justified, or even by pressure (eg, the lower the tongue). The blood is blackish clots easily and smelly. In epistaxis, hemopisis, hematuria, and meno metrorrhagia, for extraction of a tooth, in typhoid, followed by great prostration.
8 - () Worse (or onset of symptoms) during or after menstruation, when you flow, when yawning, in fasting, the outdoors, cold weather, to get up or bathe with cold water, cold food; at rest, especially lying, by touch, during and after intercourse.
Amelioration: Heat, by motion and pressure, for hot food. Left sided.
9 - () Pulsation in the whole body, worse by a plaintive music, better by motion.
10 - () Especially suitable for children with aging appearance, wrinkled, rapid weight loss, in children morochos, skinny, malnourished, or have Areco much and are very high for his age. At menopause. Very low vitality.
11 - () Congenital syphilis and acquired. Epitheliomas. Gangrene. Cancer.
12 - () Dolores living, sharp, burning like fire, with agitation and irritability. Dolores: as from excoriation or ulcerated, drawing, stitching (especially joint), as from a bruise or contusion, worse at rest and at night.
13 - () Fainting waking early the morning, or in a warm room. Numbness or lack of sensation.
Desire and aversion of KREOSOTUM
14 - () I: alcoholic beverages; meat (especially smoked), smoked food, hot drinks, of acids. Aversion to meat.
15 - () Vertigo with drop of morning outdoors. Headaches emotions or early morning or before and during menstruation, sometimes extending to the jaws and teeth. Throbbing pain in the forehead. Pressive headache in vertex, temples and forehead to wake in the morning, with heat in the face.
Feeling of tension, heaviness and fullness in the head, worse when stooping. Weight occipital, as if head would fall backwards. The scalp hurts to touch. Hair loss. Granites front.
16 - (), red eyes wet, as if he'd mourn, always in tears, with itching, as if sand and burning heat. Frequent lacrimation, photophobia day, the tears are burning, corrosive as salt water. Eyelids red and swollen, night stick, with uncontrollable shaking, with scaly eruptions. Go as through a veil, or see things that float, forcing him to wipe her eyes constantly. Interstitial keratitis.
17 - () Ears hot and burning, or swollen, with burning pains,
neck stiffness and painful lymphadenopathy, rash worse if there is moisture in the ears. Noises in the ears (ringing, roaring, blowing) with deafness and vertigo, with signs of congenital syphilis. Hearing loss or deafness before and during menstruation. Itching in the ears. Otalgia.
18 - () very bad smell from the nose. Nose always wet. Epistaxis, but tomorrow, liquid blood and thick red or black. Coryza with frequent sneezing (most of tomorrow), secretion, and pain in the nostrils on inspiration. Chronic nasal catarrh in the elderly. Lups.
19 Redness and warmth in the face. Expression suffering, sickly. Face pale green, gray or chalky. Acne, scaly rash around the mouth and cheeks. Burning pain on the right side of the face, worse talking or effort, better lying on the side that does not hurt, going to temple.
Dry lips to peel. Pustules on the chin and cheeks covered with yellow crusts.
20 - () The mouth and teeth are one of the most important area of activity of Kreosotum. Toothache, over morning on awakening, made out to the ears and head, especially at the temples. Sensation of elongated teeth. Bad smell of decaying teeth. Premature caries in children, are just sprouting teeth turn black and fall to pieces. Wedge-shaped teeth.
Disorders of teething babies with great concern, need to be constantly moving and crying or screaming all night may have vomiting, diarrhea corrosive fetida, convulsions, cough and breathing very, fetid, with great irritability. The gums are swollen, spongy, soft, very painful, red, blue, and bleed easily or ulcerate. Black spots on teeth. Reabsorption of gums and alveoli. Putrid breath. Lower lip red, sore and cracked. Anesthesia and paralysis of the palate. Tongue pale and limp, with sialorrhea. Excessive salivation during pregnancy. Bitter taste prolonged after a sip of water.
21 continues dry throat, burning, roughness, hoarseness, painful swallowing excoriating. He splutters.
22 - () Intense thirst, with vomiting after drinking. Anorexia. Violent belching acid regurgitation. Nausea. Arcades in the morning before breakfast. Watery and sugary Vomiting in pregnancy, fasting. Vomiting: with the teething, cholera, endless, with feces corpses or stomach cancer. Vomiting of undigested food, two or three hours after eating, very acrid;
sparkling bloody. Stomach cancer. Hardness in the epigastrium, worse in the pylorus, with tenderness. Pulsation in epigastrium extending to the upper body, especially when moving.
Gastric fullness with eating quickly burning.
23 pains in the liver, bruised, or fullness. Spleen pain worse from pressure and after having to sit up in the morning. Ulcerative pain in the abdomen, worse on breathing and moving. Hot in the belly distended and tense. Feeling that they have a solid, hard in the umbilical region. Cramps like labor pains.
24 - () Diarrhea with faeces irritating, highly corrosive, watery, dark brown, gray, green or white, undigested, sometimes bloody, always very offensive or putrid, disgusting smell of a cadaver. Childhood diarrhea is discussed and the child cries while passing stool. Ineffectual urging and painful defecation. Constipation with hard, dry stools, difficult to move every three or four days. Rectal pain.
25 - () Incontinence of urine, with very sudden and urgent desires, especially at night, which gives you time to rise, if not hurry, be urine.
Nocturnal enuresis in children is difficult to awaken, and that sound you are urinating, especially in the first dream. She wets putting hands in cold water, or lying, or pregnancy, or coughing. You can only urinate when lying. Frequent urination at night, urine copious and pale.
Urine: brown, foul and colorless; hot, corrosive, or white with reddish sediment. Flow before urinating. Burning pain before and during urination, especially between the labia, itching.
26 Burning in the male genitalia during intercourse, and impotence.
Foreskin bleeding blue and black with gangrene.
27 - () The most important field of Kreosote action, besides the mouth and * dent is on the female genitalia. Before menstruation: irritability, restlessness, occipital headache, discharge, vomiting, swollen belly, zumidos the ears and hearing loss. During menstruation: hearing loss, constipation, foul flatus, buzzing and noises in the head, cutting colic, sacral pain, shivering and sweating on chest and back. After menstruation: flow and stomach upsets. Menses early, long or short, irritating, leaving only lying down (cease on sitting or walking), painful, foul, intermittent, during day-long stops and returns one or more times, are abundant black blood, sometimes appears in the third month of pregnancy. Reappear after menses have ceased. Metrorrhagia black or dark, intermittent,
fetid, abundant, fluid or blood clots, especially the next day or after intercourse (with burning during labor), worse lying down, getting up and walking, during childbirth or postpartum endometritis. Acid flow, fetid, putrid odor of green corn, excoriating, irritating, burning, worse before menses and after and between periods, or tomorrow, bloody, copious, white, milky or yellowish, staining clothes yellow and hardens as starch, with great exhaustion, especially fatigue in the legs. Salivation and nausea in pregnancy. Lochia acres, dark brown or bloody or after having been clear, with pieces, intermittent, disappear and reappear. Violent itching of vulva and vagina, voluptuous, especially between the lips, produced by the flow. Uterus and cervix hard, cancer of the uterus. Chafing between the lips and thighs, with burning or stinging pain while urinating and after.
Disorders of menopause. Cervix irritated, sensitive to pressure and bleeding from slight touch. Breasts that are shirking, with small nodules, hard and painful. Increased sexual desires of tomorrow. Uterine and vaginal prolapse.
28 - () hoarseness, sneezing better tomorrow, with pain in larynx. Dry cough, wheezing, hoarse, hollow, constant tickling in the bronchi, with arcades, worse morning or the evening in bed, with copious expectoration, easy, purulent, yellow or greenish or whitish, thick, sweetish taste, and fetida, with pains in chest and sternum that make tighten his hands, sometimes with incontinence of urine and stomach upsets. Dyspnoea, oppression and heaviness in the chest, wanting to take a deep breath, or chest pains, breathing. Tendency to hemoptysis, fever and sweating after noon tomorrow. Violent pains in the chest; stitches; terrible burning pain or burning, as if the red coals. Cough in elderly patients with sternal pressure, in Winter. Pulmonary gangrene.
29 Points precordial. Pulsations in all arteries at rest.
Neck lymphadenopathy 30. Back pain at night, worse lying down. Pain in the sacrum as if to break, worse at rest, better by motion.
He feels bruised shoulder blades, pain under left shoulder blade, best Sor strong pressure and the heat, worse traveling in a vehicle and for any movement. Ulcerative pain in the lumbar vertebrae. Continuous burning in the sacrum coccyx. Drawing pains in the coccyx, which go into the rectum and vagina.
31 - () Analgesia in the left arm and part of the left leg. Pains in shoulders and arms. Paralytic pains or cramps in your forearms and fingers.
Rigidity in hands, chapped skin. Granites in the hands, with violent itching, worse at night in bed. Eruptions on elbows, hands and fingers. Rigidity in hands, chapped skin. Granites in the hands, with violent itching, worse at night in bed. Eruptions on elbows, hands and fingers. Pain in left thumb, as if dislocated. Fingers dead, pale and unresponsive, in the early morning on rising, with tickling. Fingering asleep. Pain as gopeado in the iliac crest, with stitching, thigh, with blue spots, worse by motion. Pain in the hamstrings, as if he had contracted tendons. Heaviness in the legs. Pain as from dislocation in knees and feet. Cramps in calves. Ulcerative pain and burning in the soles. White edema in the feet. Cold feet and weighed. Sweating in the feet. Burning in the soles of the feet, which prevents him from sleeping.
32 - () Grand tendency to sleep, with frequent yawning. Yawning after coughing. Attacks yawning. Difficulty falling asleep, for anxiety, fatigue and pain sensation in limbs. Disturbed sleep, often wakes up and turns in bed. Sueno that rests not with sense of paralysis in the limbs on waking. Suddenly awakened. Sounds with snow falls, are persecuting him, poisoning, thinning, fire, erections, urination, etc..
33 Chills worse at rest, with shivering. Waves of heat with circumscribed redness on the cheeks, fever. Sweating only tomorrow.
34 - () Violent itching all over, at dusk or night, so intense that it goes haywire, with burning after scratching. Urticaria. Eruptions like bites, intense itching.
Large pustules and greasy-looking throughout the body. Dry or moist scabby eruptions with intense itching.
Senile gangrene. Eczema on the backs of hands and fingers. Ecchymosis. Epitheliomas.
Old ulcers that remain partially open again healed.
Sulfur. Tuberculin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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