Kreosotum, Lachesis, Lamium album, Lapathum acutum, Latrodectus mactans. Homeopathy

Kreosotum (creosote)
Catarrh of the mucosa with acrid secretions in bronchitis, leucorrhoea. Metrorrhagia. Menorrhagia. Hyperemesis. Dental caries. Hand eczema. Vulvar pruritus. Irritable bladder. Symptoms resulting from diabetes such as itching, cataract, gangrene, peripheral circulation disorders.

Lachesis (snake Surucucu)
Awakening from sleep disorders. Feeling of suffocation. Affections of the left epigastrium. Sense of knot. Tenesmus. Accumulation of mucus, for example, congestive bronchitis. Tonsillitis with tumefaction bluish red. Complacency with the aggravation of the symptomatology. The patient believes that they are poisoned. Hot flashes. Septic state. Climacteric disorders. On the left ovary and the beginning and end of menstruation. Palpitations. Pain when eating food. Sensitivity in the liver area, with sensation of wearing their clothes too tight. Swollen abdomen.

Lamium album (white nettle)
Headache. Hemoptysis. Ulcerations.

Lapathum acutum (dock)
Climacteric disorders. Hot flashes.

Latrodectus mactans (black widow)
Angina pectoris with fear of death. Disorders of peripheral circulation.

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