The labels of packaged food

Given the gradual deterioration of child health (diabetes, obesity, etc.). Because of a diet based on saturated fat, low fiber and increasing physical inactivity, some governments feel the need to take some steps to improve security in the suitable for food products.
The president of the Spanish Agency for Food Security and Nutrition (AESAN) announced in the House of Representatives, last September the launch of the draft Law on Food Security and Nutrition to attempt to regulate safety in products suitable for food, with special emphasis on the feeding of children.
This new law regulating measures to safeguard and seizure of products, as well as the sanctions regime, or the coordination between public administrations, among others. Also, will also give legal backing to the prevention of obesity and overweight, which already is present in 20% of all children.
The Law on Food Security and Nutrition profound effect on the vending industry, particularly Article 41.5 of its draft, which is particularly relevant to the automatic issue of products in schools and colleges, by limiting saturated fat in Articles sold through vending machines.
The exact wording of the apparatus of the rule states:

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