Laburnum. Homeopathy

(Cytisus Laburnum False Ebony)
1 - () markedly indifferent to everything happening around them. When we speak, seems stupid, but if you toss and asked a question, answer hacudiendo head.
2 - () complete collapse with great concern and are well aware. This callous, with very strange wave motions in the arms and legs are convulsively Brought up, first one, then another.
3 - () Convulsions. Extreme restlessness frantic movements ending in.
4 - () Vertigo constant, even lying, if you try to sit, quickly falls back. Feel that tour before and during vomiting. Can not walk by dizziness. Turn your head from side to side with eyes closed. Headache.
Hothead. Acute meningitis with neck stiffness, pain and it takes the head back, with prostration, stupor, cyanosis with anisocoria or mydriasis, and oliguria.
5 eyes sunken with dark circles, half-open or largely closed.
Mydriasis and anisocoria, sometimes sluggish pupil reaction.
6 Expression anxious or dizzy or suffering. Deathly pale face, cold, cyanotic lips. Shocks or jerks in the facial muscles.
7 Foam mouth. Dry mouth. Tongue dry, as if varnished, pale or red.
Chapped lips. He speaks with difficulty, is unintelligible.
8 Burning and dryness of throat, with great thirst.
9 - () Poor appetite. Excessive thirst, vehement, grabs the cup and greedily with both hands, and empty it. Constant belching and nausea. Gastralgias burning or cramping. Vomiting, there is nothing in the stomach, even water or ice are returned immediately.
10 Distension of] belly, flatulence, bloat. Colico worse by pressure.
11 - () Diarrhea followed by cessation of the seizures, watery stools, some bloody, dark, sometimes unintentionally. Urgency with erections.
Constipation row.
12 Greenish urine, with the color of the grass. Best after urination.
13 - () Respiration, rattling hurried and laborious, slow, with very long expiration.
14 Activity rapid heart and trembling. Pulse very weak.
15 - () Jerking and tremors in the limbs, which are weak and cold.
Pain and weakness in hands, with numbness and very difficult to move. Toss in the legs when walking.
16 Somnolence. Insomnia.
17 The whole body skin is pale and very cold as marble, but with an aversion to the veil. Clammy skin. Cold sweat, sticky, followed by high fever.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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