Lac caninum. Homeopathy

Lac caninum
(Milk of Dogs)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lac caninum
1 - () Hallucinations and illusions are quite pronounced, especially snakes * efer to: they are in and around them, they are getting into his bed (and is afraid to close my eyes), or that lying on a snake, worse after menses. Go insects or spiders. Watch faces, especially in the dark. Think or feel or anything that floats in the air and does not touch the bed. He believes everything he says is a lie, that your symptoms are unreal, and you think it is very difficult to tell the truth when he speaks, substitute the name of the object seen by the name I thought, when reading, quickly changes the meaning of that reads, omitting or adding things.
He thinks he is despised, and feels insulted. Think that is dirty, or feel that is an awful lot of illness and believed to be incurable and desperate cries all the time. Think you have the nose of one or more large eyes, heavy clouds that surround it.
2 - () Fears: being alone (it has a great desire for companionship), to die of disease (especially heart or incurable), the movement of descent down the stairs, falling, fainting; to failure because they will be unable to fulfill their duties (resulting from a lack of confidence in itself) that something will happen, to madness. Anxiety doubt its success, with an anxious expression.
3 - () His memory is tight you can not remember what you read, what to do. It is wrong to write, use too many words or not appropriate or omit letters. This absent, it difficult to concentrate, especially for reading or studying, he does a great mental effort to understand what you read, and leaves everything is just beginning. Shops or walks, and do not remember, very forgetful.
4 - () Rage, rage, especially if they contradict. Hate. It may be crude, rude, insolent, and comes to swear or blaspheme. Irritable during headache. Screams in children, over night. He flinches.
5 - () chronic sadness, but during menstruation. Sorrowful awakening.
Undertake various things and abideth not in anything. Indolent. Wish to die, there's nothing to live for, you can mourn all the time.
6 - () is a rare attitude in this Medicine can not tolerate a body part touches another, can not bear one finger to touch to another (and think that if you can rid your body in some way, it will to go crazy). Wash hands often (Syph.).
7 - () Other symptoms mental disorders advance. Talking in sleep.
Dipsomania. Restlessness at night. Hypersensitivity to noise.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Lac caninum
8 - () The great feature of Lac Caninurn that, in practice, almost always leads to their prescription, alternating sides, repeated and symmetric, their conditions or symptoms, whether inflammatory, painful, or of any order. The alternation is done quickly, within hours or days, and generally, the problem disappeared completely from one side and start immediately at the other.
9 - () Aggravation: day through; the morning of a day and evening of the following;
motion; by winds and cold air, by extending members; after sleep by touching it. Better: cold drinks, at rest and lying; by dlexion; outdoors.
10 - () post diphtheritic paralysis or other disorders that appear after a diphtheria alternating sides of the throat. Extreme prostration.
Desire and aversion of Lac caninum
11 - () Wishes: of salt and salt spicy food, pepper and mustard, milk, alcoholic drinks, whiskey, hot beverages.
SPECIFIC Lac caninum

12 - () Headaches passing alternately from side to side of the head.
Hemicraneas migraines or a day on one side, the other day on the other, worse from noise and talk, better to be quiet, for cold water applications and to go outdoors (but worse later). Headaches in female students. Pain over eyes, worse sewing and wearing eye upward. Lancinating pain, zig zag, from forehead to occiput right. Constant noises in the head, worse at night and during menstruation. By going to cold, terrible headache front as if to blow up, better to return to a warm room. Sensacion broadband and tight on the forehead from one temple to another. Occipital stiffness turning the head. Sensation as if brain were alternately contracted and relaxed several times quickly, especially in bed. Excessive dandruff. The head is very sensitive and itches almost constantly. Heaviness and numbness on the head, with nausea and vomiting.
Vertigo while walking, with the feeling that creeps into the air and feet do not touch the ground.
13 - () Heaviness of the upper eyelids, can hardly keep my eyes open, drowsy, with pain over left eye, and burning in the eye.
Pain in eyes when reading or looking at objects. The eyelids are glued. Copious lacrimation. Eyes sensitive to cold air. The retina retains the image printed by the objects, especially colored, or something of the object seen in the image is projected as follows. Watch floating discs with colored border. When reading a page, the cover is pale spots of red, green, yellow and others. Sometimes you see red dots on the objects he sees. When looking at something, go at the same time, off-axis of vision, a small object (rat, bird) in the air or soil. Vision cloudy.
14 - () Pain in right ear walking to cold, better covering up. Earache night on the side on which you are lying down, better to change the position. Greenish discharge with no odor. Reverberation of the voice, as if speaking in a large room and empty. Feel the sounds far away. Noises in ears, bells, ringing. Sensation of fullness in the ears. "Improving syphilis hereditary deafness more than any other remedy" (Clarke).
15 - () stuffed coryza alternately on either side, with secretion of thick white mucus, offensive, excoriating, bloody or purulent. Watery coryza with sensation of dryness. Septum sore, crusty, is constantly tweaking. Fullness at the top of the nose. Copious nasal discharge, night, staining the pillow of a greenish-yellow. Excoriation of nose and lips. Ozena. Bad odor from nose.
ao tolerate the smell of the flowers, gives him chills. All you swallow, especially liquids, out through the nose (in diphtheria), cracked nostrils. The nasal bones ache to the pressure.
16 right cheek red and burning. Cutting from below the malar to the crown. Pallor. Lips dry and peeling. Cracking in the temporomandibular joint to eat. Cracked corners of lips.
17 - () Toothache the left side. Teeth sensitive to cold water. Gums swollen, ulcerated, retracted, bleeding, loose teeth. Language brown or dirty, thick with fur except around the edges, which are very red.
Gladula left sublingual swelling. Ranula. Canker yellowish white, bleed easily. Blisters that break open in the root of the mouth. The inside of the mouth is sore and red. Very dry mouth. Saliva increased, sleeping out of the mouth. Mouth full of frothy mucus, worse in open air and after eating, with a tendency to swallow constantly. Breath very offensive. Speaks haltingly, with a tendency to nasal voice.
18 - () The throat is one of the most important fields of action of Lac
Caninum. Diphtheria (one of the drugs most commonly used) with pseudomembrane or pearly white or gray, dirty or clotted milk, loose, thin, migration, settling in ias tonsils, uvula and pharyngeal mucosa, and alternating on both sides of the throat, appearing in one when it goes in the other, with very painful lymphadenopathy on the affected side, and, of course, also alternating sides. The pseudomembrane have a shiny surface like polished or glazed, as well as the pharyngeal mucosa, with high fever, great restlessness and extreme prostration. Abscess of tonsils, alternating sides, with so much swelling that can not keep his mouth shut. Post diphtheritic paralysis of the soft palate, the liquid out through the nose. Acute angina (usually starting on the left) alternating with pain in one side, with redness and pain by external pressure, especially before and during menstruation, begins and ends with her constant tendency to swallow, resulting pain in the ear. Foreign body sensation in the throat, swallowing it down (especially saliva) and then rises, on the right, and moves to the left.
19 No appetite, or is increased and is never satisfied, has an intense hunger for large amounts of food, and often, even after eating. Nausea in morning, better burping. Vacuum epigastric sensation with weakness, waking in the morning. Burning in the stomach, with sensation of weight and pressure as from a stone.
20 - () Pain in the right side of the pelvis, while it lasts, no pain on the left. Tension in the left groin, worse from walking or standing, better flexing the thigh on the abdomen. Sharp pain in left groin, the better to defecate. Belly swollen and tender to deep pressure, make you nauseous and sensitive to the weight of clothes (better to loosen), worse during menstruation. Pressure in hypogastrium inside out, as if the entire contents of the abdomen were forced out. Feeling that his stomach would burst when walking. Rumbling.
d1 Great tenesmus when moving loose stools, as if rectum could not expel them because they adhere to their walls. Constipation, especially before and after menses (and loose stools during menstruation), with frequent and urgent desire to defecate, but only leave bits of flatus or stool as a sheep.
22 Intense pain in the urethra during urination. After urinating, has the feeling that the bladder is full, with constant desire to urinate, if not attended immediately cause pain in the bladder. Numb feeling in the bladder which, if not better with urination, stomach and extends to the left side of the fingertips. Copious and frequent urination. Sounds that urine and wakes up suddenly with an urgent desire to do so, and eventually by wetting. According to Clarke, is a specific for nocturnal enuresis.
23 - () accentuated sexual desire in men. Spermatic cord sore to the touch. Cankers on the prepuce and glans and penis, which is very swollen. Condyloma in the glans, red and shiny. Ulcer on the glans near the meatus, bright red, very painful and very fetida.
Gonorrhea, urethral pains.
24 - () Menses scanty, with great irritability on the first day, sometimes with paroxysmal pain that produce nausea, or pain in the left ovary or lumbar region; pains better bending backwards. Menses early, heavy, coming out in spurts, bright red, sticky or stringy, or until membranous. Flow only day, worse standing or walking, bloody, white or yellowish. Severe and constant pain in right ovary, better at menstrtiacion, pain in left ovary, which crosses the hypogastric, the pains extend to the thighs or alternate sides.
Dolores like childbirth, or sharp upward from the orifice of the cervix, or needles. Bearing down pains in the uterus, as if everything would go. Metrorrhagia. Salen flatus from the vagina. Pressure on the front of the vulva, better sitting. Flow vulvar itching acrid, excoriating. Swelling of the left lip, gonorrhea. Great soreness in the vulva, worse from walking, standing or sitting, better lying on her back and opened her thighs. Fetida and painful excoriation, covered with whitish exudate, between labia and thighs. Great excitement increased sexual desires, worse from slight touch, like putting your hand on the breast, or by pressure on the vulva while sitting or by the slight friction when walking. Entuertos bothersome, extended to the thighs, but the right.
Breasts swollen and painful, worse before and during menstruation, in the evening, at the slightest jolt or to touch and up and down stairs holding pains better from cold breasts and local. Filled breast sensation; sensitive to pressure, pain as if they were full of hard bodies. Constant pain in the nipples. Suppression of milk in puerperal women, or galactorrhea. His administration can dry milk when breastfeeding. Pain in the right breast at 16 hours.
25 - () hoarseness. Cough from tickling retrosternal laryngeal or worse * side or talking, with pain and oppression. Laryngeal diphtheria, croup, with intense pain when touching the larynx. Terrible dyspnea upon awakening, you should sit upright in bed, with acute chest pain. Clavicles that hurt when touched. Cutting in the right lung, below the nipple. Retrosternal feeling of tightness, with a desire to breathe deeply.
26 - () Violent palpitation, irregular, worse lying on left side, better on the right.
27 - () stiffness of neck. Neuralgic pains between the shoulder blades or under them, worse on turning over in bed. Back pain, worse when warm or bending, stretching backwards better. Pain in sacrum, extending to lower limbs. The spine is very sensitive to touch and pressure.
28 - () Rheumatic pains that begin in the soles of the feet, erratic, ranging from joint to joint and alternating sides, worse from motion, heat (even in bed) and feel better from cold applications. Burning heat in palms and soles. Abscess in the left axilla.
Violent pain in the right shoulder can not lift the arm on the right wrist and right thumb pad. Right hand tremors, and Parkinson's disease. Warts on the fingers. Painful rash on the arm, worse on washing. Axillary sweat stain the orange clothes (odorless) or brown (very offensive). Veins of hands swollen and blue. As in raw inner thighs, very painful to walk. Veins in the right outer thigh. Left leg asleep. Stiffness in the thighs, worse after sitting. Veins very swollen feet and ankles. Pain in right hip and leg when walking, in the left hip. Right sciatica. Pain with numbness, worse ankles and rested. Restlessness in the legs. Ecthyma leg.
29 - () Great drowsiness. Cries and talks sleep. Restless sleep. He sleeps on his face, or with the left leg flexed on the thigh, and this on the belly or back, hands over his head. Worse after sleep.
Chills 30 all day. Hot internal with external heat. The chills down the back with icy hands. Intense fever on waking in the morning, with sweat. Exhausting sweats. Sweating a lot all night, waking with cold sweats, rancid odor.
31 Sensation as if insects were crawling over the skin. Herpetic eruption in the armpits, crusty brown. Ichthyosis. Ulcers bright red and varnished. Crusts with greyish yellow pus underneath.