Lac caninum-Injeel

Lac caninum-Injeel forte
Product homotoxicology (homeopathy for 2nd Generation) main use in biological medicine for:
 Change of venue daily conditions, both in case of headache and migraine as pharyngitis. Colds with nasal con-gestion to switch sides. Errati-cos rheumatic pains in joints, muscles and limbs, including neu-ralgias. Mastopathy with marked mastodynia (pre-) menstrual. Menstruation too early or that occurs very intense. The puerperal agalactia, but also in galactorrhea (loss of breast milk) during lactation. Aftermath of diphtheria. Gastritis after nerve disorders of appetite, constipation with tenesmus rec-tal, gastric upset if allergic to milk. Coated tongue with red edges.
Aggravation with cold (shivering in general) and in the mornings during the periods.
Improvement when bending backward (thoracic and lumbar pain, abdominal pains and pains in the index finger).

*Automatic Translation