Lachesis Mutus. Homeopathy

Lachesis (L. Mutus. Trigonocephalus Lachesis. Surukuku Serpent of South America)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Lachesis

1 - () is a patient (because women almost always the person needing Lachesis) housing in the core of his personality, a strong distrust of the conduct of their fellows and of his own, which leads to emphasize that distrust when it comes to those he loves, even led to intense jealousy, the most marked of Materia Medica (on par with those of Hyoscyamus). Jealousy is as absurd as unbearable, and is often accompanied by cries, reproaches and quarrels, with verve, and he can say and do things that do not want, or pulled their hair or have hallucinations, a kind husband can become brutal by jealousy. May arise between men, or even get to be jealous of inanimate objects.
Disorders caused by jealousy. Delirium jealous. Adulterers.

2 - () is very prominent in this patient being too talkative, which manifests itself immediately to be in his presence, and that means a very clear and spontaneous contribution to the homeopath willing to take the case.
Most do not have to ask questions, because the former arises immediately uncontrollable verbosity, you need to talk constantly, especially in the evening and makes jumping from one idea to another, or one word has to start another story, so that changes rapidly from one topic to another, and only stop when the hoarse, but during fever and menstruation.
Excited and spoke in a hurry, and speaking aloud, as inconsistent and sometimes slow or murmurtindo. He talks a lot and says nothing, and sometimes does with words used. To sleep talking.

3 - () In response to a general pattern is very pronounced, also worst in mind this morning upon awakening, logically negative aspects or depressive anxiety, mental confusion, delirium, difficulty understanding, feeling of abandonment, scary, irritability, fatigue live, sadness, upsets and mental exhaustion. There is an accentuation the early evening of positive or exaltation: joy, optimism, laughter, excitement, mental clarity, diligence, working memory and ideas abound.

4 - () You can make a significant amount of delusions and hallucinations sometimes beautiful, and sees a splendid landscape, or sinking in the bed, his body disintegrates, that's how happy and can not break the spell, that have an incurable illness, which is dying or is dead or that her mother is dead, or see people killed, that is twofold, that is doomed, believes that floats in the air, as if no rest in his bed or was carried into space while lying; see people (who really are not) sees ghosts pleasant or terrifying, or see ghosts when you close your eyes (or has visions), believes that is dominated by a powerful influence or control that is under superhuman , which is pursued by enemies, or that he was poisoned, or that he hurt those around you, or you see thieves in the house and wants to jump out the window, that this is not predestined to be saved (in the hereafter), has terrible visions he sees behind him, believes hear sublime music. Delirium, especially from 12 to 24 hours or at night or during fever, after insomnia or sleepless nights, by loss of fluids or after sleeping, or mental strain or septicemia or closing the eyes, it's a violent delirium constant, talkative with a continuously changing themes, or snapped, or mumbling speech. Erotic delirium. Delirium tremens with hallucinations and loquacity, in drunkenness, cries and gets sloppy.
Insania talkative, especially in menopause, drinking, mental or sexual excesses, from anger or mortification. Megalomania. Religious mental disorders (melancholia, dementia) in children at puberty. Excitement of fantasies, fantasies lived, worse on waking. This like a dream. Sniggering; crawls across the floor.

5 - () Anxiety: worst morning awakening, or night, or by moving or traveling in a vehicle or on horseback or to go to sleep, anxiety about the future, or conscience (guilt) or their salvation (in the hereafter), with weariness of life. Despair of salvation of his soul, or doubt.
He complains about his illness, their pain or pettiness. Fears or fears at night, to bed cholera, disease (especially contagious or incurable), to infections or to have a cardiac disease, to die of poison, to thieves, to sleep, riding in a vehicle; to storms;
water. Excited to hear horrible things, in puerperal fever, premenstrual, to tears. He feels abandoned, or worse morning on waking. Things or horror stories affect him much.

6 - () active memory, especially in the evening; vivacity. Low on memory for what has happened or read or heard, for spelling and letters or the time. There is an aversion to mental work, which comes to be impossible, or you intend to do mental work in the evening. Aversion to read.
There may be both an easy understanding, as difficulty concentrating or mental confusion, particularly marked with respect to the timing and location over time, accentuating its confusion on waking in the morning or walking. It does not recognize relatives or well-known streets. Amused. Is forgetful, especially in menopause, especially of words while speaking (try to remember them), or everything that happened in 6 years. It is wrong to place the words when speaking, writing and on time, in hours and in the days of the week, feels that time passes very slowly. Your mind may feel numb, over morning on waking. Imbecility. Apoplectic stupor. Stupor in a warm room, better calentarsele feet.

7 - () Disorders of emotional origin: for anger or disappointments, bad news, from grief for the death of a child, disappointments or frustrations, from fright, from jealousy, unrequited love and mortification, for stories sad or horrible.

8 - () may have a behavior or adopt aggressive attitudes clearly: bite (or has a desire to do so); censure or criticism, is arrogant, and hard with his inferiors; spirit of contradiction, cruelty and inhumanity; feel hatred or resentment, desire revenge (even in dreams) is wicked, perfidious, harmful, mocks, is feisty (sometimes alternating with laughter and joy), anger or rage at dusk violence complains, gets angry, but on waking. There may be, attacking itself, thoughts of suicide, of jumping into the water.

9 - () are symptoms of order erotica: sensual, passionate, amorous, aversion to women (in men) lust; homosexuality, obscenity, nymphomania; not tolerate the idea of marriage.

10 - () Sadness, especially in children, in girls before puberty, during puberty and menopause; worse morning on waking, better during menstruation. This tired of life, with anxiety. There is aversion to the company. Desire to die, thoughts and premonitions of death. Refuses to take your medicine or any treatment. Sighs shock after a crash. Crying: involuntary sleeping, due to noise, and at night. But Lachesis joy prevails, good humor (especially at the beginning of the night or in bed), has a desire to have fun, is communicative, expansive, even eccentric, optimistic, good humored, lively; sings, whistles; positive affirmative ambitious joker.

11 - () In terms of activity, there are two possible poles. 0 hardworking, but prementrual; quick to act, even in a hurry (as taken), always busy, his restlessness makes it go from one place to another may also have concerns about the warmth of bed or during the headaches. On the contrary, it may be sluggish, quiet, undertakes various things and abideth not in anything. It is undecided and indifferent. Aversion to business. What compounded the mental effort or thought.

12 - () Unconsciousness, after an emotion, after a stroke, during and after menstruation, in childbirth, worse in a warm room; this as in a trance. Insensitive. Aphasia.

13 - () Starts: on the sounds, to sleep, sleeping and waking (by drowning). Are easily frightened by trifles and an awakening.
Hypersensitivity to noise and touch, not tolerate being touched.

14 - () Some negative aspects of Lachesis: Greed (sometimes alternating with a prodigality), swagger (she likes to be considered rich); falsehood skepticism, envy, selfishness, atheism (no religious feelings), lack of generosity ( people who do not gift to his wife and children); impatience easily offended.

15 - () You feel as if he had two wills within it.

16 - () You cross thoughts when writing. Thoughts: fast;
ridiculous; tormentors. Great rush of thoughts, worse at night. Thoughts vanish to read, speak or write. Theorizing.

17 - () The mental symptoms are worse, or are in menopause.
18 - () Hysteria at puberty or at menopause.

19 Other symptoms: Aversion to bed, avoid it. Dipsomania. Ridiculous gestures. Desire to go home. Hydrophobia. Irritability of seizures. Cries before seizures and in the postpartum period. Desire to be hypnotized.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Lachesis
20 - () There is a marked predominance of symptoms on the left side, but even more characteristic sequence of symptoms, ranging from left to right. Symptoms begin on the left, and stay there or go to the right.

21 - () is very sharp aggravation modality for sleep: Symptoms are worse from the time they are asleep; sleep with their symptoms worsen. Worse after sleep and waking, and also for a prolonged sleep.

22 - () Intolerance of constriction and less contact, tight clothing, better loose: especially in the neck (but still in the front), epigastrium, abdomen, chest, etc.., Gives him a big "upset and the nervous "(Allen).

23 - () Disorders that occur in menopause, or starting from it. Hot flashes with sweating. Disorders in septic wounds contaminated with dissections.

24 - () black or blue or purple in the skin and mucosal symptoms.

25 - () improvement in symptoms from the time a discharge is established, usually the mucous membranes, but especially during the denstruacion; is worse before and after menstruation.

26 - () Worse (or onset of symptoms): In autumn and spring, for the heat in all its forms: moist heat, warm air, warm bed for extreme temperatures and sun, before and during storms; of morning, evening and night, from alcoholic drinks, fasting, for hot or cold foods; by changes in time (from cold to hot), lying on the left. Better: open air (and desired), (see 25).

27 - () Bleeding from any orifice of the body, with dark blood does not clot. Ulcers or wounds bleed a lot and take time to heal. Spontaneous bruising.

28 - () Burning pain and constricting, throbbing, pressing, sometimes accompanied by voluptuous sensations, newspaper or intermittent, left worse at night and from warmth of bed (can not stay there) and always AGROVAS by sleep or waking up.

29 - () Fainting, worse at 11 hours in a closed room and hot,
by excitement, during and after menstruation, for a hot bath or during chest pain and palpitations. Tremors, twitching and muscle contractions. Epileptic seizures or access to children or in the postpartum period, for sexual excitement or after an effort, with aura in the arms and from the uterus to throat; sleeping seizures occur,
onanism, by jealousy or loss of vital fluids.

30 - () Great physical and mental exhaustion, trembling all over, worse morning: sinking into the bed. The weakness is worse in the morning on rising, little effort, by the summer heat, during menstruation, mental strain, after sleeping, or extremes of heat or cold.

31 - () "Women cholera, with freckles and red hair. People melancholic temperament, dark eyes and a tendency toward depression and indolence. Best adapted to the weak and emaciated that the tall, those who have been changed, mentally and physically, for his illness "(Allen).

32 - () Frequency every 14 days. Inner sense of knot.
Desire and aversion of Lachesis

33 - () Desire for alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, whiskey oyster
pickles, acids, milk, coffee, starchy.
34 Aversion: bread, hot food, wine.

35 - () Vertigo especially on waking in the morning or after lying down in the evening, when going outdoors, to lift her arms, closing his eyes, often accompanied by fainting, nausea, vomiting, congestion of the head or epistaxis. Seizures that occur during sleep, or at menopause, with left hemiplegia, waking with hemiplegia already installed, with cyanosis and, sometimes, seizures. Cerebral softening.
Heaviness occipital (as if he had lead) in the morning on waking, can not lift his head. Violent headaches, congestive deep, with Sparks in the vision and nausea, throbbing, pressing, cutting or by a blow or pop sensation lon; in vertex, temples, frontal (extended to the root of the nose) or occipital extended the eyes (as threads that jerk back and forth), worse in the morning on waking, the sun's heat, by pressure (sometimes best) to climb stairs or ascend by moving or bending, by changes of time, after dinner, during menopause, better for downloads or lying down after eating or burping. Cephalic pains extend from inside the head to the ears, nose and neck. Blood supply to the head after a mental work, with suppression or menstrual irregularities, menopausal, or after drinking alcohol or emotions. Head very hot with very cold feet. Heat in the vertex during menopause. Tension magnum. Cephalic fullness. Scalp sensitive and painful, itchy, flaky skin and hair loss. The hair falls out during pregnancy. Can not bear to touch her hair. Head symptoms related to cardiac symptoms.

36 - () Eseleroticas yellow. Stare. Intense mydriasis. Bruising and bleeding in the eye. Retinal hemorrhage. Dry eyes, and dusty, or tearing, with tears that sometimes seem cold. Photophobia. Itching and burning eyes, red and swollen. Violent pain in his eyes pressing outward, as if to bulge, by depressing the tongue with tongue depressors or throat tighten. Feeling that the eyes are pulled backward. Feeling that the eyes are very large or very small orbits. Eyelid, or edges, inflamed and swollen. Heaviness and paralysis of Arpad. The letters are confusing to read. Presbyopia. Blurred vision, like looking through a veil. Go fluttering black. He sees bright blue ring around the light, full of flashes of fire. Go zigzag shapes, flames and sparks. Lacrimal fistula old facial eruption.

37 - () Pain in the ears, on the right, better lying on. Earache with sore throat, worse when swallowing. Ears cold (during fever),
sensitive to wind. Dryness in the ear. Cerumen sparse, dry, or hard, pale, or white. Noises of all kinds (buzzes, squeaks, growls, sounds of drum). Obstruction of the Eustachian tube. The patient gets every time a finger in the ear; coughs from scratching the ear canal.
Hypersensitive to noise, it can affect teeth. Hearing loss. Bleeding out the ears. Excoriation and scaling behind the ears.

38 - () Tip of the cyanotic red nose, like a strawberry, worst of drunkards. Dry coryza, then watery, always preceded by headache, and nasal obstrticcion (worst morning), the headache disappears when you install the nasal discharge. Coryza hay with alternating paroxysmal sneezing and secretion. Nocturnal nasal pain at the root of the nose. Redness and swelling excoriation in the nostrils. Epistaxis thick black blood or bright red, blowing, especially tomorrow, in typhoid, in menopause, before menstruation, amenorrhea, or suppressed menses; vicariant epistaxis. Red pimples on the nose. The fluids exit through the nose while trying to swallow, by paralysis of the soft palate,
Diphtheria seneralmente post.

39 - () face purple, swollen, or cyanotic, with spasms of glottis. Face red, or heat and stench of sweat, at menopause. Pale face,
emaciated, cadaverous, with dark circles blue, or leaden, dusky or yellowish.
Manha cheeks red with yellow face. Dark bluish-red spot on the left that appears with the stench, especially at noon or drink wine. Cyanotic lips. Cyanotic spots following eruptions.
Divtendidas veins on the face; venous network, such as marble. Face swollen in the
left side, for toothache, jaw swollen, with sensitivity to touch.
Left-sided facial neuralgia and its three branches, worse touch, spread to the ears. Erysipelas facial itching, cracking, oozing corrosive and burning pains; gangrenous. Thick scales in the sideburns.
Rosacea. One side of the face is cold and one hot. Dry and swollen lips, trembling, with granite. Dropped jaw, mouth open, or difficulty opening the mouth. Paralysis of the lower jaw, with distorted features. Trismus, with teeth clenched. Parotid swelling.

40 - () grind their teeth, or chattering. Sensation of elongated teeth.
Teeth loose and fragile, they break. Throbbing toothache, tearing,
twitching worse every morning on waking, or after dinner, hot or cold drinks, during menstruation, when this diminishes, from getting wet; in Spring; extended to the ear. Teeth sensitive to heat and touch.

41 - () spongy gums, swollen and bleed easily. Swollen palate. Paralysis of the soft palate, post diphtheritic. Boca raw, painful, dry or sialorrhea; mucosal
mouth is purple. Language bright, polished, dry, red, cracked, or inflamed, swollen, blistered, brown or blackish. Rigidity, immobility, paresis or paralysis of the tongue moves with difficulty, and therefore speaks with difficulty or unintelligible or nasal voice, especially when saying certain letters or words. The patient speaks louder or faster than you'd like.
Ceceoso. Stuttering. Stick out your tongue with difficulty, and crashes or stops behind the teeth. Tremors in the language, worse draw. Language always to the left. Saliva stringy, barely able to spit it out. Taste harsh, astringent, metallic, sour or sweet.

42 - () throat and tonsils, purple, dark red, elongated uvula.
Foreign body sensation in the throat, not relieved by swallowing. Sensation of breadcrumbs on the throat, the better hawking. Feeling of lump in throat, painful, worse sleeping, with constant tendency to swallow.
Dryness in the throat, often extended to the ears, nose and chest, worse on awakening or at night. Swelling with redness, burning and excoriating pain, worse on swallowing; in the throat or in the left tonsil. The food is detained in the throat, pain in the root of the tongue. Choking, drowning, with feeling of constriction, as if you pinched and strangled him. Swallowing is impossible to swallow in a vacuum or liquids, especially hot, the best pass solids. Tendency to sleep afterwards hawk. Sore throat or tonsillitis or diphtheria, worse on the left or from left to right, radiating to the ear on swallowing, with dark purple throat, worse swallowing liquids in vacuum or hot (better tolerates solids) or after sleep or day, or lying, or by touching or heat in general, with prostration esproporcionada with the appearance of the throat. He swallowed hard, especially pungent foods, liquids, saliva and sweets. Accumulation of large amount of mucus in the throat, painful cough. Chronic sore throat and old, with very sticky mucus. Sore throat, alternating with nasal obstruction, when he speaks. Sore throat, foul smelling, very acute suppuration and pain on swallowing. Spasms of esophagus at night. It has a feeling of constriction in the neck outside. Can not bear the slightest touch on the neck, not even clothes, is drowned; always bare neck. Goiter left. Varicosities.

43 - () Lack of appetite, or alternating with bulimia, appetite increased with gastralgias. Hiccups by drinking alcohol. Sensation of ball in the stomach, rising to his throat. Belching during menstruation. Violent regurgitation, acid, food warmly, and suffocation, the better. Heartburn.
Nausea: the morning or after dinner, I closed my eyes, when you press the throat in pregnancy. Violent vomiting of food, bile or pure blood or bloody mucus. Epigastric there is an excessive sensitivity to the slightest touch; not tolerate tight clothing (must loosen)
or pressure, which is painful. Gastralgias mordants, improving eating
but the pain returns when the stomach is empty, worse at night. Sensation of a worm that moves in the stomach. Stomach cancer.

44 - () painful distention of the belly, with bloating, and cramps, high sensitivity, especially in the liver and caecum appendicular region, can not tolerate any constriction or contact your clothing. Burning pain, cutting, or drawing in the liver, worse shocks. Liver hard, painful jaundice. Liver abscess. Gallstones. Cholecystitis. Stitches in the liver while riding in a car or walking. Enlarged belly girls. Umbilical Pressing pain an hour after eating, belching better. Tearing or cutting in the right side of belly and swelling in the ileocecal region and need to lie to the lower limbs shrunken "is one of the most prominent remedies in appendicitis" (Clarke). Abdomen hard and distended, hot, hot.
Peritonitis. Hemoperitoneum. Painful inguinal hernia.

45 - () obstinate constipation, with hard and difficult evacuation, acceding and scanty stools, or ineffectual urging, with intense constriction anal painful (as if anything could happen), worse after stool. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, with sensation of pressure in the rectum.
Diarrhea with violent cramps, rectal pain, tenesmus and soreness, especially at night, after dinner, in hot and humid weather, eating fruits or acids, after sleeping, before menstruation or menopause. Urgency in the rectum all the time, but not for stool; sudden desire pineapple. Fecal incontinence; involuntary stools. Stools: soft, like tar, excessively fetid odor or corpses, blood and pus; mucosanguinolentas; of pure blood, undigested or watery and dark, a sudden medinoche, smell ammonia, or yellow. Feeling of lump in the rectum. Rectal prolapse after a bowel movement. Anal bleeding: after defecation, during menstruation. Hemorrhoids blue, protruding (worse at stool), bleeding, strangled, with stitches in the rectum up every time he laughs, coughs or sneezes, with pains in sacrum; with cutting, burning, pulsating or hammering in the rectum, worse sitting. Hemorrhoids menstuiaciones especially rare or menopause. Humidity anal during menstruation.

46 Pressure in the bladder, with frequent and urgent desire to urinate. Violent pains with the feeling that a ball is rolling in the bladder.
Oliguria with violent tenesmus. Paralysis of the bladder. Lumbar back pain and for the desire to urinate. Involuntary urination. Urine: black or dark brown cloudy, frothy, red or yellow and brown with sandy sediments, or red or brick color. Urethral burning urination, by the movement of a vehicle or to drink wine. Excoriating pain in urethra and glans. Hematuria.

47 pressure on the testicles when trying to urinate. Intense sexual desires with impotence, lack of erecrecciones and flaccidity of the penis or erections without desire. Pollutions day and night. Semen has a pungent odor. The ejaculation is delayed or not occur during intercourse. Sale or prostatic fluid after urination. Abundant smegma on the glans.
Pinpoint red spots on the glans. Hardening of the testicles. Thickening of the foreskin. Tencencia masturbation.

48 - () or violent sexual desire increased in women, especially during menstruation. Nymphomania. Tendency to masturbation.
Menses too "regular" in its repetition, little, short, weak; acres, excoriating, or poor and black, with clots; suppressed.
Premenstrual: desire for air, dizziness, gastralgias, pain in left ovary.
Any improvement during and after menstruation. Fluid metrorrhagia during menopause. Uterine cancer. Possibly the most useful and medicine used in the menopause and so troublesome symptoms thereof, of which, no doubt, hot flashes with sweats, day, and waves of cold chills or at bedtime, are the most important, also is indicated in disorders that have as their starting point the beginning or during menopause ( "I never felt well since"). Pain in left ovary, which passes to the right, before, during and after menstruation and after childbirth, and swelling, induration and swelling. Menstrual pain starting in left ovary, with pain as lumbar sacral delivery. Extended upwards uterine pain, worse from touch of clothing on the hypogastrium best to leave the menstrual blood (as well as improves ovarian pain). Uterine prolapse. Abortion. He feels as if the opening of the cervix were constantly open. Swollen breasts. Cinched nipples erect, painful when touched. Eruption in and around the nipples, very itchy.

49 - () Hoarseness continuous; voice weak, hollow, nasal. Contraction or laryngeal constriction falling asleep or during sleep, with dyspnea. Laryngeal irritation sleeping, or like something liquid outside astray. The food falls into the larynx. Fluttering sensation in the larynx. False croup after sleeping. Diphtheritic croup. Edema of glottis, vocal cords. Laryngeal excoriating pain with dryness and burning. Painful sensitiveness of the larynx to touch and less pressure, accentuated by bending the head backwards, with suffocation.

Sensation of pressure in the hollow sternal and swelling. Constant cough, irritating, dry, short, caused by tickling in larynx, chest and epigastrium, and appears or is exacerbated by pressure or touch only the larynx. 0 or talk or talk or anything that increases the dryness of the larynx, falling asleep while sleeping (cough choked him so soon fell into a deep sleep), after sleeping and waking or getting out of bed with laryngeal constriction in preparing to sleep in heart diseases, cough simpatica. Very chronic coughs. Cough with difficult expectoration and pain in throat, head and eyes. The cough can also be daytime, and produced by temperature changes and by drinking alcohol or acids. Mucous expectoration, sticky, sour or bloody, black blood hemoptysis. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Barely breathing stops during sleep or sleep. Shortness of breath, frequent, loud, rattling, or wheezing, plaintive and profound. Frequent need to breathe deeply. Dyspnea: at night, after dinner, for efforts with hands and arms during sleep, after sleep or when falling asleep, after speaking, by touching the larynx, when walking. Asthma attacks, with a desire to have the doors and windows open, better to be leaning forward, sometimes with vomiting and cold sweats. "The least thing that comes close to the mouth or nose interferes with your breathing (and will cause choking or suffocation)" needs to be shielded, but slowly and at a distance "(Allen). Emphysema and pulmonary edema. Contraction or constriction in the chest that wakes you up after midnight with heavy breathing and wheezing. Scalding and burning pain in the chest, as if raw. Stitches in the chest, worse when breathing, or on the left side of the chest, with dyspnoea.
Pneumonia with lung hepatization. Pulmonary gangrene. Swelling of the skin of the chest. Red patches and itching on the skin of the chest. Cyanosis in the chest; streaky spots. Axillary sweat odor, of garlic, red.

50 - () Palpitations in the morning upon awakening, anxiety, fainting, choking and vomiting; at menopause. Heart diseases: endocarditis (rheumatic), pericarditis, myocardial infarction. Feels as if heart hanging by a thread that would break with every pulse. Sensation of chest constriction.
Irregular heartbeat. Feels as if heart were too large for the cavity that contains it. Precordial stitches. Feeling faint chest.

51 - () Rheumatic stiffness in the neck and neck, sensitivity to minor * RESSURE; during coryza. Stitches in the back and between the shoulder blades.
Burning and spasms in his back. Night unbearable pain in his back. Back pain at the start of menstruation and during it.
Pain in the coccyx, while sitting on feels as if something sharp;
worse on rising from sitting. Lack of power on the back, forcing the patient to walk bent. Pain as lumbar displacement after a great effort. Cold in the back, rising, cold lower back.
Pulsations in the column.

52 - () Heaviness in the lower limbs after exertion and movements, or walking. Left hemiplegia cerebral hemorrhage. Heat in the palms of the hands, worse at night. Icy cold feet, especially walking in the sun. Pain in the limbs, first on the left, then right.
Right sciatica, worse after sleep or play. Cyanotic swelling: from the joints of the upper limbs, gangrenous forearm; dark and painful swelling of the hand. Mottled appearance in the States.
Bone pain, arthritic and rheumatic pains in the limbs. Contractures from elbow to fingers. Erysipelas; in the elbow. Paralysis of the hands. Hand tremors drinkers. Cold hands and dead. Felon with stabbing pains and boils. Contractions in the tendons of the thighs. Tibial cavities with terrible pains and burning. Sensation of hot air passing through the knees. Dislocated left knee. Fingertips numb. Heavy feet, asleep, cold and sweaty. Cracks between the toes. Abscesses in heels. Warts on hands and fingers.

53 Great sleepiness during the day, worse after eating. Sleeplessness before midnight. Drowsiness and insomnia alternating every two days. Suenos: poetic, voluptuous, with fights, with horrible things, ghosts, with death.

54 - () Chills going up the back, skin cold and shivering, in need of being near the fire. Malaria in any form clinics, worse at night, with great prostration. Fever that returns every year, with paroxysms that recur every spring. Typhoid fever with stupor or delirium, sunken features, quivering tongue can not get out of his mouth because his mouth runs into the teeth or the lower lip. Low fever. Sweat: on pain, mental strain, better after eating; color tint the bloody clothing, red or yellow. Red sweat in the armpits.

Abscesses. Pemphigus. Gangrene. Cancerous ulcers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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