Lachesis (snake Surucucu). Abstract

Lachesis (snake Surucucu)
Substances that form part of the composition of some homeopathy medicines whose main indications are:

- Conditions that are awakening from the dream.
- The patient believes that they are poisoned.
- Disregard to the aggravation of the symptomatology.
- Sensation of suffocation.
- Affections of the left epigastrium.
- Sense of knot.
- Tenesmus.
- Accumulation of mucus, for example, congestive bronchitis.
- Tonsillitis bluish red with swelling.
- Hot flashes.
- Septic state.
- Climacteric disorders. On the left ovary and the beginning and end of menstruation.
- Palpitations.
- Pain when eating food.
- Sensitivity in the liver area, with sensation of wearing their clothes too tight.
- Swollen abdomen.

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