Lachnanthes. Homeopathy

(L. Tinctoria. Raiz Red)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis lachnantha
1 - () Great loquacity, followed by stupor and irritability. Loquacious delirium Brilant eyes and cheeks with circumscribed redness; with fever. Is excited by trifles. Great hilarity, worse at night. You can chew the plant produce loquacity (Hering).
2 Restless, especially when you sweat, going from one place to another, and feels weak.
SPECIFIC lachnantha
3 - () Dizziness with chest heat or cold ice on the forehead. Pressive tearing frontal headaches or outdoors, going from left to right. Wrinkles on forehead. Head heavy. Feeling that the vertex is enlarged and I stand; tearing pain in the vertex. Sense of enlarged head, as if he depart from outside to inside. Headache with sensation that stick out from the eyes. The head burns like fire.
Feeling of having hair standing, worse on the occiput. Scalp very painful to touch.
4 - () Vision obscured the evening; cloudy. White mucus secretion, but in the corners. Shocks in the upper eyelids, worse on closing.
Eyes feel heavy, can not keep them open. Feel the cold eyes.
Sjos wide open, with bright eyes and fixed (in delirium). Violent tearing and burning eyes, with sensation of dryness in the morning. Go yellow spots.
Hear 5 songs when walking outdoors. Earache tearing. Tingling, tingling and itching in the ears, made better by the finger in the ear, but returns immediately, and feels like minutes. Deafness during fever.
Epistaxis 6 pale copious blood. Feel like pinching the root of the nose.
7 - () Face red and swollen, blue with dark circles. Face pale, sickly, or cyanotic, cyanotic lips, yellowish circumscribed redness.
It has the feeling of something crawling on my face. Red lips.
8 - () Toothache worse from eating or drinking hot things. Teeth feel loose and very, long, worse in bed. Very thick saliva and mucous. Swelling and tension on the lips. Sore mouth sensation.
9 - () Great dryness of throat, especially on waking at night with a bad cough. Sore throat with short cough. Itching in the throat when swallowing.
One of the most important medicines of torticollis, with stiffness and pain in the neck that extends to the whole head, with sensation of twist when it turns its head or move backwards, and as if the two pinched nostrils; with twitching of the head to one side, especially the right, often with a sore throat and great uneasiness, sometimes after a diphtheria or scarlet fever, with swelling sensation in the throat.
10 Aversion to meat. Much thirst. Gagging sensation in the umbilicus,
when walking outdoors. Pulsation in pit; fullness.
11 Rumbling in the belly flatus. Sensation of heat in the belly.
12 Frequent ineffectual urging to stool. Frequent stools. Continuous stitch in the rectum.
13 Pressure in the bladder when urinating.
14 Violent burning in the left scrotum, with drawing to the right side. Itching and tingling in the scrotum. Sweats in the penis and scrotum.
15 Menses early, abundant, bright red blood, thick, mixed with mucus. During menstruation, there is distension in the stomach, with sensation of something boiling.
16 - () Burning on the right side of the larynx. Hoarseness. Dry cough with sore throat, blood-streaked expectoration and chest pain. Pneumonia.
Sensation of fullness in the chest, wanting to take a deep breath.
Stitches on the left side of the thorax, or stabbing under the right breast and below the clavicle. Cough worse in bed and sleep after. Oppression and heat in the chest. Pulmonary tuberculosis.
17 - () bubbling and boiling as if something in the precordial region, rising to the head, dizziness and sweating. Heat chest; stitches with anxiety.
Violent heartbeat doubles, one hard and full, a soft and small.
Tremor chest with great weakness.
18 - () sensation of a lump of ice in the back between the shoulder blades, followed by chills with goose bumps, worse when moving, better ocostandose, or as if there were wet with cold sweat, but the skin is dry and cold. Burning in his right shoulder blade, in the sacrum in the spine, in the left kidney area, extending to the right.
19 Tearing in the upper limb, in the right ischium, left knee. Thumb and index feel as dislocated. Burning in palms and soles. Granites in the left buttock, with watery discharge from scratching.
Burning stinging in the popliteal fossa. Tingling in the legs, worse from heat. Foot cramps at night.
Sleepiness with yawning 20, he closed his eyes. Insomnia or restless sleep. Soon asleep. Shock after waking up with chills and stretch.
21 - () Flashes of heat alternating with chills; or chills continued.
Icy body, skin cold, wet and sticky. Fever with red face on both cheeks, worse right side, with violent delirium (see 1) and bright eyes, worse for 1 to 2 am, with drowsiness. Sweating after midnight, ice cream, especially in the forehead.
Granites with aqueous liquid 22. Itching and burning skin all night, worse after scratching. Tingling limbs stabbing.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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