Lack of calcium. Lack of appetite. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Medicine for the lack of calcium Juice: Juice of Barley most comprehensive col. Parsley, celery, nettles, carrots, turnip greens. Apple juice by malic acid allows better absorption of calcium is taken in tablets. The barley soaked offspring or liquefies and is served raw or cooked hot.

Medicine for the lack of calcium supplements:
Tip of knife crushed eggshell. Sesame seeds. Megaminerales.

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Medicine for the appetite with Juice: Carrots, celery and turnip greens.

Medicine for appetite and diet:
olives, celery, watercress, dandelion, soybean, parsley, soybeans, yogurt.

Medicine for the appetite with Medicinal Plants:
Centaurea, gentian, Causio.

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